Arcanowave Devices and Creature Powers

So I was thinking about this NPC Abomination (mixture of the Terminator 2 and 3 baddies), and came to the point where I had to ask myself: do Creature Powers affect attuned Arcanowave Devices? I'm specifically thinking about Insubstantial and Transformation - so if this chick had Robot Limbs, would her arms a.) still be recognizable as Arcanowave Device in her human form and b.) stay behind if she passed through a wall? That might turn out to be one major pain in the dumpster.

[color=darkblue]Well, as far as being recognizable as robot arms, the transformation schtick lets you choose your appearance. If she didn't want her arms to look mechanical, she could just specify that they look normal while in her preferred form.

And as insubstantial goes, it doesn't say anything in the description about being at odds with mechanical or arcanowave tech, to I don't see why the arms wouldn't dematerialize with the rest of the body.

In general, the rules don't say or give any indication (that I can recall offhand) about Creature and Arcano schticks being mutally exclusive. I don't see any reason not to mix them, but... should recall that creature schticks and arcano schticks do indeed have different Juncture Modifiers. So whatever time period you're boogieman is in, you'll need to track two different AV modifers for their two kinds of schticks.