Archibaldus Ex Verditius 1180-1186

1180.5 part 8

You have a week until the trial, and can remember the house. You cannot hear what's going on inside from outside. But if you wait outside for a few hours, you see someone leave, and it is not the magistrate! First one man, then another, six men leave the house, going off in different directions. One of them is the magistrate. You can follow him, follow one of the other men, or do something else!

For the moment Archibaldus family is plotting against the other guilds (mostly weavers and bakers as they are the most powerful) for the election of the burgomaster. Archibaldus family wish that someone from the metalworkers guild take that position so that they can strengthen their position in the power play that surrounds the rule of the city. This is not something that he tells the man but assumes that he already knows about.

Archibaluds draws for breath and looks at the man. “Sounds intriguing… What do you have in mind? I could always use a few extra coins…”

Archibaldus follows one of the other men. He see too that he invisible while following the man. (Casting total +3 – aura +1 for gestures) = 4-a lot + dice vs. 10.) I assume that he finds a place to flail with his arms without being discovered.

1180.1 part 10

I'm moving the response (and eventually the original post) to Archibaldus' thread.

I notice that you're going with the Covenants lab rules rather than the option I offer, and this is fine. Please note that, as I've mentioned before, there are some rare circumstances in which these rules break utterly. They are rare in most sagas, so I will assume for now that we will not run into them.

You are going to need at least 3 magnitudes for Precision to achieve the mind-blowing orgasm the witch is looking for. This isn't simply 'losing control.' You can probably achieve the same thing with CrMe base 4 plus a level of Precision for a really good feeling. CrIm might also work, again with quite a bit of Precision.

ICly, all three women agree that most men think they know how to achieve this effect properly, but very few actually do--whether by magic or mundane means!

She needs something bigger... and that can work against something without Might. "Not all Supernatural threats have Might," she says darkly. But if she can take down a Magic Resistance of 40 (which probably needs an additional 40 levels of Penetration), even for a Diameter, she can handle the rest herself.

You have a feeling that she might want to use this against a magus who is threatening her rather than against a faerie or demon.

She likes that your effect will let her go fast, but she also wants to do acrobatics, dodge arrows and stuff like that: Total Precision of at least 15 (3 magnitudes).

In terms of costs and profit, the bargainer will insist that prices for devices that can be lesser devices be treated as lesser devices; he does not believe that they should have to pay extra because Archibaldus is not able to enchant the device efficiently. On the other hand, if Archibaldus can come up with a second effect that ought to go in the same device and that the Ex Misc likes, they might go for it.

1180.3 part 10

You get the sense that there is something much deeper going on. Perhaps your family is aware of it and are choosing not to tell you. Perhaps they don't know themselves.

Yet something here seems bigger than a guild war in a minor city (which Antwerp is; the big action is in Flanders). Here you are, talking with a man who seems unfazed by your Gift or even by your having performed magic in his presence!

Not in so many words, he suggests that you would be richly rewarded for killing them all, that Antwerp is only part of something much larger, and that a few extra coins are insignificant compared to the rewards you deserve. He also suggests that the people who employ him know how to appreciate people like you, that you should think it over and when you are tired of being treated like dirt to switch over. He urges you to take your time, and will know that you have made up your mind--when the bodies start falling!

He tosses you a pouch of coins, tells you that this is nothing, and asks to take his leave. (The coins are probably not an AC to very much of anything anymore.)

1180.5 part 10

The man returns to a house that is probably his; the door is not barred from the inside and the man uses a key to enter.

By light of day, you can return to this building and discover that it is the house of a guildsmaster. You can also return to the building where the men met. It is less clear whether this is a tavern or a house; either way, you are not granted entrance, even after you try a passable lie and PeMe.

Killing the magistrate would postpone the trial. Destroying the record of testimony and killing the witnesses would work even better. But your brother is probably going to be executed for murder unless you get him out of town. This would be a defeat for your family, yet not as bad as losing him. It's a shame that he is so obviously guilty!

You follow the magistrate once again the next night, and discover that he has a lover. She is young, she is good-looking, she is recently widowed, she has two young sons that are not by him. It might be possible for someone else to blackmail him (you, of course, would fail)--but most important men have lovers. There isn't much here.

Your father is upset about the meeting. "We're losing," he says grimly. "We've been slowly losing over the years. And you've been away doing nothing. You need to be useful for a change and do something about it. Can't you just force some girl to believe that she was in a love triangle or something?"

Unless you come up with a better idea, your father agrees that for now, getting your brother out of the city is best.

New suggestion for the items that Archibaldus crafts for the Ex Misc magi

Sorry about the slow posting but there is much to do for now (had a big birthday party and are going away until Wednesday). I have made some calculations for the work that Archibaluds where offered. I will continue to write as soon as I can.

Before Archibaluds will get to work he will focus his lab around a forge, thus giving him items +7 and a general quality of -2. He will also spend two seasons removing equipment for familari enchanting, experimentation, teaching and longevity rituals. In the same process he installs a minor feature (running water that gives +1 on items specialisation) and lesser expansion (more items bonus). During the same process he stops keeping ingredients for animal and herbam work but order superior tools. I do all this explanations to give you a time frame when he can deliver the magical items.

Stats for the lab after all modifications

Virtues: Greater focus (forge, +3 items), lesser expansion (+1 items), lesser feature (running water +1 items), superior tools, dedicated building (sounded that way from the description)

Flaws: Missing equipment (familari enchanting, experimentation, teaching and longevity rituals), missing ingredients (animal and herbam)

Characteristics: Size: 0 (0) Refinement: 0 General quality: -1 Upkeep: +1 Safety: +1 Warping: 0 Health: 0 Aesthetics: +4

Specialisations: Rego: 1 Items: +10

Before this Archibaldus studies corpus for three seasons, new corpus score 8.

To the spidery fingers witch

Brooch of Eros blessing (greater enchanted device)

ReCo 43
Pen +0 2 uses/day
R: Sight D: Conc. T: Ind.
A sculptured vine surrounding the oval copper brooch, the centre is covered with black enamel and the image of a cat looks that sits, the cat image is facing forward. The metal shows through the enamel to create the image. The magical powers are activated when the brooch is taped in three times in rapid succession. For the magical powers to work the user of the brooch must be looking at the target. The target of the spell begins to orgasm for as long as the caster maintains concentration.

(Base 2 + 3 sight+ 1 concentration +3 precision + 10 levels for elder rego and corpus rune + 5 levels so that the item maintain concentration + 3 levels for six uses per day= 43)

(Archibaldus lab total: Int 3 + MT 4 + Aura 6 + Lab 10 (Items 10 + GQ -1 + Rego 1) + Philospophiae 2 + copper material bonus 2 + Metalworking 6 + Co 82 + Re 82 = 65)

Cost of crafting 3 vis, (5 for base metal – 6 in craft score = 1 +2 for the elder runes) + 5 for instilling the effect. Archibaluds charges 12 vis (5 for the raw material and 7 for the work leaving 4 vis as the profit.

To the woman with her head of fire:

Before Archibaldus craft this ring he studies Rego for a season and perhaps has a exposure point in it so that he has a score of 10.

Ring of the firebirds flight (greater enchanted item)

ReCo 54

Pen +0 7 uses/day

R: Touch D: Conc. T: Ind.

The ring is a faceted ring made out of silver with the shape of a firebird on top of the ring. If someone wears the ring and rotates the ring to that the firebird is facing towards the palm of the hand the spell starts to work. It can be turned of by rotating the ring back. The spell gives the target flight at the speed of the wind and it can carry a load of 50pounds.

(Base 5 + 1 touch + 1 concentration + 1 for extra speed + 3 precision + 5 levels the item maintains concentration for the caster + 10 verditius elder corpus and rego rune + 4 for seven uses per day = 54)

(Archibaldus lab total: Int 3 + MT 4 + Aura 6 + Lab 10 (Items 10 + GQ -1 + Rego 1) + Philospophiae 2 + Metalworking 7 + Co 82 + Re 102 = 68)

Cost for crafting: Preparing the item for enchanting 6 silver – 7 craft score + 2 veditius runes = 3 + 6 for enchanting the item; total 9 vis. Archibaluds charges 15 vis (6 for the raw material and 9 for the work) leaving 6 vis as the profit.

To the nose witch

Before crafting this item Archibaldus has to study Vim (new score 9) for three seasons and Perdo (new score 8) for three seasons and philosophiae for one season for a new score of 2.

Ring of vanquishing the protection of the mystical foe (Charged item)

PeVi 50
Pen + 40

R: Voice D: Diam. T: Ind.

A smooth red gold ring polished so that it has a mirror like finish with a natural amethyst imbedded into the surface. The effect of the ring reduces a targets magical protection by 40 for the duration. The spell is activated if the ring is worn and the words “Vanquish shield” is spoken.

(Base 20 + 2 voice + 1 diameter duration + 20 levels for penetration 40 = 50)

(Archibaldus lab total: Int 3 + MT 4 + Aura 6 + Lab 9 (Items 10 + GQ -1) + Philospophiae 3 + red gold material bonus 1 + Metalworking 7 + Pe 8 + Vi 9= 50)

Price: As Archibaluds could extract 3vis in the same season he charges 3*1,5 vis and as he gives a fair price he charges 4vis.

If these deal are acceptable then Archibaldus will plan his seasons accordingly.

Season 1&2: Focus the lab around a forge
S 3-4: More improvement on the lab.
S 5-8: Study corpus
S 9: Prepare Brooch of Eros blessing for enchantment
S 10-11: Enchant Brooch of Eros
S 12: Study Rego
S 13: Prepare Ring of the firebirds flight for enchantment
S 14-17: Instil spells into Ring of the firebirds flight
S 18-20: Study Vim
S 21-23: Study Perdo
S 24: Study Philopsophiae
S 25: Craft Ring of vanquishing the protection of the mystical foe

Total profit for Archibaldus: 14 vis


smile Apology accepted, yet it's all fine. It's getting to be a lot like summer outside. Real life happens. Please play at your own pace; this game is explicitly structured so that you can do this without anyone else having to wait on you. (Except for me, and I'm good with it.)



Digression from Story (we can move this to a development thread for the cycle if you like)

This is more a development thread, and I'm going to talk OOC.

BTW, 1 point of Confidence and 5xps in Hubris if all of Archibaldus' Development seasons focus on preparations and execution of these commissions. Such fervent devotion deserves recognition. I also belatedly notice that these commissions do not help him leverage his Elemental Magic virtue. I'll try to do better next time.

Rereading, I notice that I blabbed about the number of seasons, but you account for it at the end (though may recalculate as you actually spend xps and optimize). :slight_smile: I should have known you would, but it's my job to track this.


Dedicated building he gets for free, yes. Lesser expansion is easy enough to achieve. This needs to be done in a different season from installing the running water, however. Also, you need a way to obtain the running water; how to achieve this isn't obvious. Finally, the forge requires two seasons of work to install correctly. Configuring lab virtues: Four seasons, plus possible extra time and resources to figure out how to make running water possible.

Ordering the superior tools is completely fine. It doesn't happen immediately but requires no time or effort from Archibaldus, and the only thing Eirik happily notices is that you remain easily within budget.

Archibaldus quickly realizes (no time is wasted flailing) that it is impossible for him to lose Herbam in this fashion, that due to the intrinsic nature of where he is, in a wooden building in the forests of Russia, in a lab that has a forge and charcoal and a fire, and so on, that Herbam is a fact of life. Ingredients for Herbam abound. Please choose another Form.

I feel very tempted to rule that a lab that isn't able to use a Form cannot use Material bonuses associated with that Form.

Ok. (deep breath This is part of why I watch the lab rules very carefully. I find this quite powerful but not quite broken... yet.)

To the spidery fingers witch

Brooch of Eros blessing (greater enchanted device)

ReCo 43
Pen +0 2 uses/day
R: Sight D: Conc. T: Ind.
A sculptured vine surrounding the oval copper brooch, the centre is covered with black enamel and the image of a cat looks that sits, the cat image is facing forward. The metal shows through the enamel to create the image. The magical powers are activated when the brooch is taped in three times in rapid succession. For the magical powers to work the user of the brooch must be looking at the target. The target of the spell begins to orgasm for as long as the caster maintains concentration.

(Base 2 + 3 sight+ 1 concentration +3 precision + 10 levels for elder rego and corpus rune + 5 levels so that the item maintain concentration + 3 levels for six uses per day= 43)
Is it 2 uses or 6?

Yes, so Archibaldus cannot yet make this as a lesser enchantment; he needs an 86 to achieve twice the level. (BTW, he comes closer if he removes the elder runes. His lab total goes down to 49, but the effect total goes down to 33.)

OTOH, I see that you're doing this as a greater enchantment:

I'm missing something. Isn't the cost of crafting 6 vis? Craft score reduces the cost of opening to 1, the minimum. An effect of 43 (the elder runes are probably a mistake) costs 5 (it would be 4 without them). That's a total of 6 pawns.

He also has an excess of 22 over the base effect, so he can enchant this in 2 seasons, for a total of 3 seasons of work. He can also bump the frequency to 12/day.

Without Elder Runes, the vis cost goes down to 5 (1 to open, 4 to instill) and the effect goes down to 3/day.

The Ex Misc are basing price on a cost of 4, which is the cost as a lesser enchantment. That is, they will pay Archibaldus 10 pawns, or a profit of 5 (without Elder Runes). That's nice for one season of work, but not very good for three.

On the other hand:

Archibaldus seems happy with 4 pawns of profit for 3 seasons of work, and this might be worth it for him to demonstrate to the Order that he is a Verditius to be reckoned with!

You might find yourself adjusting effects per day upward once you get to development and allocate xps for real, but it's clear that Archibaldus can do this. She'll be ok with 3/day, very happy with 12/day, and life around her will never be the same again with more than 12/day. :slight_smile:


Note that he can study Rego for that extra season before both projects, and yes, any Exposure from the previous project or from configuring his lab this cycle does add to Arts scores, just as he gets to apply all story xps before working in the lab.

She will want a different trigger, but so far so good.

(As you and the Ex Misc talk shop, the Spindly Fingers witch points out that her effect is also ReCo, and that Miss Fieryhair can have that invested too. But the girl grins and says that flying around fast is enough to achieve the same effect. More conversation ensues. And, if you have the chops for it, you can easily convince her to add Endurance of the Berserkers while she is flying onto the effect.

+4 yields 12/day. +6 is 50/day.

(Archibaldus lab total: Int 3 + MT 4 + Aura 6 + Lab 10 (Items 10 + GQ -1 + Rego 1) + Philospophiae 2 + Metalworking 7 + Co 82 + Re 102 = 68)
Eek! I'm not sure he is ready for this yet. Four seasons to invest the effect.... not so good. Even if he finds a way to include something to get another +2 S&M bonus (and he ought to be able to do this; the ring itself works for constant effects), that brings his Lab Total to 70, which isn't sufficient to reduce the time. But you can increase the frequency of use.

Without Elder Runes, the effect is 44 and the Lab Total is 52 (54 with S&M). So this is clearly not as good as using Elder Runes.

As before, the Ex Misc consider this to be a lesser item. They think it should cost 5 pawns, and are willing to give you 13, rounding in your favor. Your cost is 7 (1 to open, 6 to enchant), so the profit is still 6.

Rule of thumb, so you can calculate profit and stuff without my help (or interference :slight_smile: ):

  1. When calculating costs, magi do not account for Verditius Secrets, which they do not fully understand and which the House sees no reason to explain fully to the un-Initiated. This means that Verditius Magi charge vis according to the costs for a normal magus:
    1a) The cost for Elder Runes is not accounted for. Verditius Magi have to eat this if they need to use it.
    1b) The benefit of Verditius Magic is not accounted for. Verditius Magi charge for opening a device as though they were regular magi, and pocket the benefits.
    1c) The costs and benefits of other Mysteries are not communicated and therefore not accounted for.

  2. Although magi do not fully appreciate the workings of Verditius Mysteries, they know that Verditius Magi are very good at what they do, especially since Hubris-filled Verditius magi make a point of showing their genius. Thus, they will treat any device whose effect they expect to be 55 or less as properly belonging in a lesser enchantment. Senior Verditius Magi encourage this. (Story Seed: A Verditius archmagus starts convincing magi that 60 is more appropriate...)

  3. None of this applies when dealing with mundanes, or for enchantments that only Verditius magi know how to accomplish (Automata, perhaps other secrets.) In these cases, prices are based on what other Verditius magi believe is correct, not the expectations of other magi.

  4. xps for Hubris are calculated for the lesser of what it takes to achieve an effect and what everyone expects it to.

All of this completely benefits senior Verditius Magi, who can readily achieve this, especially within their Focus. Indeed, although Verditius Magi are always able to charge for a >55 enchantment as a greater enchantment, many senior magi don't. Of course, the difference tends to be only a single pawn, since these magi often also have very high Craft Totals...

Note that he can sneak other S&M bonuses in, rather than increase Phil, although that's never a bad thing! A wand, for example, lets him destroy at a distance, and embedding a bit of basalt in the ring adds a +3.

This one is trickier. Base 20 doesn't work against any kind of MR; working against anything requires a 40. But it does work against Parma, at least until the caster takes a round to raise it again. The new duration (in the game-specific rules) might be appropriate here, but that raises the effect.

As I look at this, I realize that I have not properly considered the standard "should Penetration be doubled for charged items" conundrum, which has been discussed ad nauseam in the forums. After all the work I put into making Parma appropriate, useful and not easily circumvented, I want to have this right. The effects are more expensive than 50 in any case.

A conversation indicates that she is concerned about both. But Parma is not so easily circumvented: If it were, these items would be common throughout the Order... and perhaps elsewhere. You and the Ex Misc all talk more shop, and this commission is deferred... for now. (Archibaldus has quite enough to keep him busy!)

Ah, I see you have the 4 seasons.

Yes, very busy, especially since there are 6 Exposure seasons for writing and downtime and such. I encourage you to do all the studying up front and the enchantment at the end. You don't have to be more efficient about it if you really don't want to, but are welcome to it. These efficiencies make up for difficulties elsewhere and at the end of each Cycle, a kind of fairness and internal realism is achieved. He also will have xps from his stories.



I will look into it father. I’ll try my best. The harsh words of his father feels like daggers to his heart. If you now excuse me. Archibaldus will leave under magical disguise trough the servant’s entrance and scout the area near the prison so see how guarded and how many obstacles there are between him and his brother. If it would help and be possible he uses his invisibility spell.

Improved disguise the Wizard’s Appearance, level 5, Casting total +3-aura+dice

Invisibility of the traversing wizard, level 10, Casting total +3-aura+dice-whatever voice and gesture he can get away with.

Regarding the Ex Misc deal I think we can leave that until the character development for these 7 years. Have I understood correctly if I believe that it is just the difficult story left to conclude? I have a few doubt on whether Archibaluds will be able to do anything other than to craft items for commission and story so that he can craft them but we will see what happens…

Perhaps the Ex Misc magi can live with a limited duration of 70years? That would make the items much easier to craft.