Archimedes ex Verditius:

Once again, create the character through apprenticeship, we will then discuss possibilities for being inducted into mystery cults.

Archimedes was born in Jerusalem, illegitimate son of a Teutonic Knight and a local smith’s daughter. During his childhood the spirit of Wayland Smith came to him every night to teach him crafting, and he became a skilled smith and jeweler, even after he had been taken by his father and prepared to become a squire. The experience warped him, so that when magic would change his body, it is influenced by the fae instead, and his very nature became slightly fae. During this time his gift also manifested, which caused increasing problems for him, to the point where he became isolated from all but his immediate family. He only left his home to make his nightly excursions to the smith's house, where his mother allowed him to learn Wayland's lessons in peace, and where most of his Turbulences occurred. (Despite not understanding what he was doing, and despite the effects of his gift, this was the only time she was able to see him, and she would often meet him in the morning, when the effects of Wayland's visitation were over, to make him breakfast and talk to him.)

He left Jerusalem with his father to head back to Germany, because his father was getting old and because he thought it was impossible for his sons to get a proper education in Jerusalem, and on the way back to Germany they passed through Venice. Here, Karl was chanced upon by an elder Verditius, who immediately felt the effects of his gift, and spoke to his father. Karl learned that the price of his life was a magic sword for his older, legitimate, brother, so he had few regrets when it came to going with this stranger.

He was taken to the Verdi covenant, attending the nearby University of Arezzo, and his gift for crafting served him well, as did his keen mind. He excelled in academics, and found many subtle clues of ancient magics that he intends to pursue as soon as he can. At his gauntlet, he created a magnificent water clock, made of solid gold and encrusted with all manner of gems, which was opened to enchantment and designed to allow all manner of effects to be imbued, triggered to the drips of water. The water itself was magically created by the clock, the composition changeable, the base of the clock destroying any excess liquid within

Intelligence 3
Perception 0
Strength 0
Stamina 2
Presence 0
Communication 0
Dexterity 1
Quickness -2

Early Childhood:

Native Language: German (Extensive Vocabulary): 5

Area Lore: Jerusalem (Geography): 1
Brawl (Grapples): 1
Charm (First Impressions): 1
Living Language: Arabic (Extensive Vocabulary): 3

Later Life (5 extra years):
Craft: Metalsmith (Iron): 4+2
Craft: Jeweler (Ruby): 4+2
Sympathy: Gold: 2
Sympathy: Diamonds: 2
Sympathy: Rings: 2
Sympathy: Vengeance: 1


Dead Language: Latin (Hermetic Uses) 4
Artes Liberales (Mathematics) 7
Philosophiae (Verditius Runes) 7

Magic Theory (Enchanting) 7+2 95
Parma Magica (Mentem) 1


Creo 7
Intellego 7
Muto 7
Perdo 7
Rego 7
Animal 0
Auram 0
Aquam 0
Corpus 0
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 0
Vim 0

The Gift
Verditius Magic
Magister in Arbitus
Affinity with Magic Theory
Puissant Magic Theory
Puissant Craft
Inventive Genius
Faerie Blood: Dwarf
Affinity with Artes Liberales
Affinity with Philosophiae

Loose Magic
Faerie Upbringing
Faerie Metamorphosis: Wayland the Smith

magister in artibus is a social virtue and thus incompatable with the magus virtue.
given how this will affect everything else, i'm going to stop there for a response.

It's compatible with Magus by RAW, are you changing that?

"This Virtue is only available to male characters,
and is compatible with the Hermetic
Magus, Mendicant Friar, and Priest Virtues."

The version I am looking at only says it is compatible with priest, nothing about magus or medicant friar.

… which is apparently covered in the errata... okay, I'll look this over again later

I checked the errata, it changed in the 2nd printing errata.

sympathy traits require virtues and flaws to acquire, I'm not sure where this character is supposed to have gotten them from- simply describing a background of having gone between the mundane and supernatural realm is not sufficient.
also you have 100 points (two craft abilities at 50 points for level 4+2 each- or should those be 3+3 for the combination of dwarf blood and puissant ability?) assigned to 5 years pre-apprenticeship, which would only provide 75 points of experience, even before the sympathies. Unless you are trying to spend your magister in artibus points here, but it does not make sense to spend points from a college education before you turn 10...

Faerie Blood and Faerie Upbringing each increase max sympathy by +1. (So from 0 max before warping to 2). He has 10 years pre-apprenticeship. I didn't add the dwarf blood to the skills, just the puissance.

they add +1 to the maximum for a sympathy, but they do not give you the sympathy to begin with.
your character sheet above says "5 extra years" for later life. in fact if you take a virtue to gain a sympathy trait or traits that will raise you to +3 pre-warping as the maximum, but it does not allow for virtue free sympathy traits.

Reread and I see that you are right, I was misinterpreting. I will give it some thought and make the appropriate changes.