Are there any 'witches' in Bulgaria?

In Against the Dark, there is the sidebar about how, due to a ruling from the Hungarian king many years ago, there are no witches in Hungary, and therefore magi can act more or less openly. I assume this ruling would cover Serbia mand other areas under Hungarian influence, but what about Bulgaria? Gigas, which is now clearly well into Bulgaria though still a Theban tribunal covenant, seems to be designed on the classic covert Hermetic model, but that could just be a leftover from the previous tribunal book; I just can't quite get a read on the other oppidia among the Bulgars.

Gigas is in Thebes tribunal, and so plays by their rules.
Specifically, their are not limited by or included in the ruling preventing the Transylvanian Tribunal from having more than 5 Covenants.

I believe at this period in time, the region of Bulgaria is not under the law of Andrew II, king of the Hungarians and as such the laws of Bulgaria would be preeminent. It would be a considerable task to figure out what the laws of Bulgaria were concerning sorcery, but I would think they would be similar to countries to the east of them, than to the west.

In my opinion I would think only those wizards within Hungary would benefit from the odd wording of the law, though as the poster Birbin has told me, that law is a little bit of artistic license on the part of Ars and does not quite say what the sidebar says. :laughing: Though I dig the use of that sidebar.

Gigas, IMO is one of the most unique covenants politically, geographically, and some other LEE. While I do think they keep their heads down somewhat, especially with all the crazy knights roaming about, they probably are somewhat autonomous of the region, but this is only my gut feeling on it. ((and since a surgeon was playing with my guts to get to my spine I would suggest my guts may be wrong))

I think rpg books are based on popular culture and not a deep research and only the first magic related law became part of it in which the king rules witches or actually strigas are not exist. It's not a well-known fact even in Hungary the king issued two laws in the subject. I translated these laws to English so you can read even some interesting laws on my site.

About the subject why would Bulgaria be an exeption? Anyway in many Balkan traditions and Hungary witches are often related to the fairie realm and not infernal. The church changed these myths in later centuries.

I wasn't sure if Bulgary fell under the laws of the Hungarian Kingdom, from what I could tell they were a separate country at that time. Of course this was why I was telling him to ask you. :smiley:

Yeah I would prefer most of the "infernal" stuff being attached to the fairie or magic realms. Though from what I read of strigas they kinda had the infernal coming for how they act.

I mean witches were everywhere.
Bulgaria had its own laws of course.

On a side note, I endlessly sing the praises of your site and my game mate and I are enthusiastically looking it over and discussing what to use and how to use it in future games!

Birbin your site has been a handful of story seeds all by itself. Thanks for the work! :smiley: