Are you smarter than a 9 year old?

This topic has had me chuckling quite a bit. Glad to see my plot devices make others laugh as much as they make me laugh.

Just to clarify. The tree, potion and ritual were all Fae. No hermetic limits were broken since it wasn't anything to do with hermetic magic.

Santiago, feel free to age yourself up to 19. won't it be funny if the effect isn't permanent and you end up 82.

On the other hand, the time you could spend as a kid due to your longevity rituals could be a long time. maybe sme aging is worth it.

A world of no...

Heheheheh :laughing: :laughing: Funny stuff here!

make sure not to BOAF anyone when you get pissed off and the opponent scores a goal on you! :unamused:

If the effect is mental as well, maybe the magi are suddenly unable to use their arts properly as well? After all, they might have had no training in hermetic arts yet.... :smiling_imp:

Maybe you can create a MuCo spell to turn you into a "giant" of size 0, so you can use your body as a 19 year old without the drawback of "what if this is just cosmetic and a screw up with my life expectancies?" problem



Currently, and we've only been 9 for a very short in game amount of time, we are perfectly able to use our spells and have all our memories. However, we are as weak as we would be as 9 year olds, and tend to cry when we're upset and throw hissy fits (even more so than usual).

Unfortunately, Santiago, who had unfortunately lost a testicle in battle, did not get it back. This was a disappointment.
Also, he has lost his handlebar mustache that he has had or over 60 years, and this upset him greatly. He cried and threw a hissy fit... :wink:

I think I love you! :wink:

Actually, it might be a Creo Corpus spell instead of MuCo, since you are becoming a "better" specimen according to the RAW, right? But yeah, that will be the idea. Make sure you practice qwith your "new" transformed body so Gribble cannot screw you up (as if he needed any help here.... :smiling_imp: ) for not being used to perform combat manoeuvres in such a large body.

As a side effect, it solves the "kids throwing stuff at me" problem as well. A few boulders tossed at the bullying kids solve the problem as well, but it can get messy. And escalate into a full kid pitched battle. Cool for a slightly silly gaming session, methinks :slight_smile:

And your lost bollock... take in mind that it still has to fall ATM :wink:



Random thought #1:

I suddenly had a vision of Santiago and crew going on a juvenile prank rampage and tagging one another's sanctum doors or expressing their sudden disdain for their cook's insistence upon serving green veggies with a bombardment of spitballs a la Sling of Vilano.

And of course, one must ask if 9 year olds have either the mental discipline or the attention span necessary for completing an Aegis ritual?

Santiago: This sucks and its boring, lets go back to the armoury and make the armour dance around and fight again.

Others: Yeah! An hour of this chanting is too long and we're hungry, besides holding hands is for girls!

In addition, I'd imagine you'd have researchers banging down the gates, trying to find this tree and this faerie so they can potentially research the key to permitting eternal youth.

Or for doing the parma magica ritual day after day. Worse yet, actually having to wake up if you wanna do it at sunrise...

We killed the tree when we drained it's sap, after eating the goddess who was guarding it, so there's no more where this came from.

I'd like to say it was our new enforced childishness that caused us to be so careless.. but that hadn't happened yet :slight_smile:

And as for the faerie.. I ate that too.. I was hungry that day..

the faerie did reappear later tho, so we could make some profit in giving away his location maybe

I do like the idea of creo corpus to grow us to 16yr old size.. but am I right in thinking that with an active effect such as that on us, we'd bounce off the parma of any mage we tried to punch/claw/eat?

Ryce Mageslayer aka Godslayer, aged nine and a quarter

More importantly tho (for a nine year old):

I can't find a way of including MageSlayer & GodSlayer in my name that sounds cool to the other kids (and the cool is of course hugely important to us kids)

Ryce Mageslayer (now incorporating Gods)
Ryce Godslayer, formerly known as Mageslayer
Ryce, Slayer of Gods & Mages
Ryce Mage..Godslayer

What do you think about Ryce Godeater or Godchewer? :smiley:

Investigate the magic in the lab.

Ryce the mass murderer?

Ryce the kickass dude?

Do not mess with Ryce?

Ryce: Like God, but smallish?


Ryce. Period.

Ryce the nine year old giggles at Yan saying "Period"

Ryce the Mice?

Ryce the irritating braggard meanie?

Santiago the unmoustached

accurate and catchy, I like it! :slight_smile:

Ryce, aged nine and a quarter

aww, we grew up!

Ryce, aged fifty and a quarter

Oh well, I hope you enjoyed it.

Did Santiago age himself and is now eating his hat while plotting to kill the SG? :smiley:

Sadly no, we reverted to our natural ages within a month so he had no time to do anything stupid.

Altho, when I say 'natural age', that's not quite true. Several years ago at the Fae feast of St Trinnians, both Santiago and Tenebrous got involved in a high stakes game of Rock, Paper, Scissors with a powerful fae.

The stakes in this game were "three years of their life" per hand. They both played really badly and woke up the following morning prematurely aged by (I think) 9 & 12 years respectively.