ArM Codes

I have noticed that several of the regular posters have an "ArM Code" scribbled under their messages. I am guessing it is a cryptographic code based on, what?, rule books and page numbers? Just curious.

List of abbreviations

The Ars Magica Code




Though I guess it could use an update...

Thanks you guys. Finally I can understand everyone.

Thank you

Yeah, nice to be "in the know"... :stuck_out_tongue:

Though some "classifications" in that system was a bit...erm... "oneyed"?

I´ve certainly gamemastered more than "once or twice", but the next step is "regular", which i wouldnt dream of doing...
And the "rpg experience", i didnt know much of anything mentioned there but i have played a bunch of the years...

On a related note, can someone point to the references for the different XXX's parmas that people quote often here? I vaguely remember that "Serf'S parma" meant that one was writing from workplace with books at home, but many more variations are used and they all baffle me.

It is in the list of abbreviations.



I invented Smurf's Parma as a joke, because it sounds like Serf's Parma. I am almost always at work when I am online here. And I like smurfs :smiley:

Basically, when someone invokes the Parma it always means the same, regardless of what the exact kind of parma is: it means that you do not have the reference handy, so you can't check to see the exact wording of the rule or other references.



The variation being the reason why you don't have the books (including being too lazy to get off your chair and look).

The FAQ ( only seems to list a few cases:

Noble's Parma
"I'm doing this from memory, because I'm too lazy to go and find the reference."

Pilgrim's Parma
"I'm doing this from memory, because I'm traveling and left my books at home." Rarely used.

Serf's Parma
"I'm doing this from memory because I'm at work and I left my books at home." Once used by the then-current ArM Line Developer...!

Incidentally, the new FAQ ( doesn't include that portion of the old FAQ yet. Don't you have a burning feeling in your fingertips, wanting to add it? Hint, hint...