ArM4 - covenant advancement?

Are there rules in the core book or supplements for how to handle covenant advancement? We're kind of romping through the century, so it'd be good to have a concrete way of moving our covenant from Season to Season.

In ArM4? Sort of. I think about 15 years into the saga we recalculated our totals based on what the covenant had gained/lost since it's inception. Then compared our new totals to the Season guideline. We had gone from Spring to Summer.

So no concrete rules? Hm.

There were rules in issue #10 of mythic perspectives.

An article by David Chart with the title "The Legendary Second Half of the Covenant Rules"

Good to know. Seems to be pretty available... if you can afford £10 shipping on a £1 magazine. Bah. And of course it's not available on Amazon, where I normally shop.

You can order it from warehouse 23 pretty inexpensively. I just did!

Mmm, they do really attractive international shipping. MP10 and Sanctuary of Ice to go....