ArM5 and Medieval Price Lists Uploaded

I have uploaded two price list documents to my public ArM folder. ... khaeDNTX0U

One is a collection of example prices from various ArM sources, cleverly titled Price List ArM5. This spreadsheet list is necessarily incomplete, and only a basis for SGs who want to have a basis for a price quote, rather than simply plucking a price from thin air. Prices Will Vary! Readers are encouraged to check the source material. Prices not included in particular include taxes, fines, fees, and other administratia, and a wide variety of professional services; physician, chiurgeon, and apothecary service fees are very difficult to decrypt.

The second document, Medieval Prices, is a more general medieval price list by Kenneth Hodges, freely distributable. These two documents are inconsistent, but then again the ArM5 price list is probably inconsistent.

Anyone aware of a missing price that should be included should let me know.

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