ArM5 hardcover

Just ordered it from Amazon for $35. I'm an old DnD player from the late '70s but haven't actually sat down for a PnP session since the early 90s. I get my RPG fill these days playing computer games like Neverwinter Nights, Oblivion, etc. But I read the 3rd ed. White Wolf Ars book back in the early 90s and really thought it was a fantastic system, so I couldn't resist giving this new edition a try (though it's doubtful it'll ever be actually used).

Anyways, what I'm really wondering is whether or not there's a good vendor from which to buy some of the 5th ed. supplements from if I enjoy the core rules? Amazon lists them all at full MSRP.


P.S. First post, be gentle. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found good prices here:

Hi John,

Welcome - great to have you onboard. I know about the RPPGs and MMO, I do them too, mainly Guild Wars these days, but only as a vent for not playing - they are not a real substitute for me :smiley:

I don't know where you live - but for Europeans (especially within the EU) I'd recommend Leisure Games in London. That is where I order mine. If you live in the US I'd probably recommend Warehouse 23.

Warehouse 23 : $35

Comics Now: $24.50
(Shipping is about the same.)

What I'd do, is get online, and find the ISBN number for the book you want. Then, do another search for that (rather than wading thru reviews etc etc.) combined with keywords like "shipping" or "price".

There are also some great comparative websites, like froogle etc.

Thanks for the suggestions, all.

Was looking at what's been released for 5th ed. so far and they all look to be hardcovers except for the now out-of-print Broken Covenant of Calebais. Speaking of which, has Atlas hinted at doing a reprint of that book or are latecomers like me left with scouring eBay for a copy if I decide to go for a complete set of this new edition?

The Broken Covenant of Calebais
You can get a pdf , if nothing else.

Doing things in hardcover is Atlas' (new) policy. BCoC is available in pdf as Ravescroft said, I don't know of any announcement by Atlas hinting that they may reprint it in the future.

Fallen Fane wasn't a hardcover either. For now I think you'll probably have to do with PDFs - as it seems only the core book is regularly reprinted. This is just another motive for us to get more people to play the game - hopefully it'll become possible for Atlas to reprint more.