ArM5: The Heir of Laimunt Valley (FULL)

Considering I raised the question of whether to use the 4th ed tribunal book 35 posts ago and the subject was ignored until now, it feels a bit more pointed than simply having made a decision. Like I'm wondering what else he has decided and is withholding.

Maybe I am reading between the lines - I understand it as Rhine/Normandy 5th ed, Alps 4th - any stats needed to be ajusted for 5th?

I don't have 4th ed Alps, was not planning to get it, and right now am paying off a $10,000 custody hearing and for my $4000 lawnmower which was stolen (robot lawnmower), so putting out money for a book I am at best apprehensive about reading is not what I consider a selling point for this game.

I don't believe I ignored your question. Right after the post you mention, I answered this:

Then, I stated that decisions like that would only be made when we had a full roster of players:

Then, after a question about troupe-style play and the location being pre-selected by me:

Finally, when discussing preferences of the players, the question of the Greater Alps 4th edition sourcebook was raised again:

To which I answered with several possibilities for running stories even if someone does not have (and cannot buy) the 4th edition sourcebook for the Alps.

I can understand if someone doesn't want to sped $15 on an older sourcebook.* That's why I offered several options to play and run stories without having to do so.

The details of what's in the Santuary of Ice aren't very important. What matters is the nature of the Greater Alps Tribunal and its rules regarding covenants, vis, magi, etc. These can be conveyed easily through stories or a few out-of-character explanations.

I will not be hurt if you decide to withdraw from the game, silveroak. I'm not trying to "sell" this game to you. What I am trying to do is offer a group of people who love Ars the chance to play and guide stories in an additional game here on these boards, at a time when few are still active and people regularly ask for one.

I've specified very few parameters for this game, leaving most up to the troupe. The location (at the border of these 3 Tribunals) is one of those, while the in-game explanation for that location is another. The final one is that everyone at least try to run a story once in a while. Everything else is up to the troupe.

Yet, right from the start you've been repeatedly questionning and objecting to the first two. I call that being disruptive. And I've seen too many games brought down because of such disruptions to let this slide.

You, silveroak, are now barred from this game.

My apologies to everyone else for this. But I feel it is the duty of the Alpha SG to address a situation like this before it kills this game too.

* I didn't own a copy of Santuary of Ice until a few weeks ago. I purchased it from the Atlas site so I could at least have a passing knowledge of its content and be able to tell if using it would benefit this saga or not.

  1. I thought we had resolved the issues with the location
  2. Yes, I have questioned because raising questions is the only way to get them answered. I am asking questions in an attempt to contribute, not trying to be disruptive. If I see a problem I try to identify it and address it.

On a positive note, looking forward to getting the forum and start discussions. Much love, light and peace <3

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Thanks Ronni! I also wish everyone good things. That includes you, silveroak!

This is a game. It should be fun for all those involved. :slight_smile:

I am interested and wanted to get my name in there. Heading to work so only had time to browse the comments...will absorb post-grind and get back with any questions/comments.

I have a good bit of experience and would be happy to do my SG part.

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I would be interested as well if you'll have me. Looks like there is room since it wasn't full and two dropped. It sounds like an interesting premise, and I've rarely gotten to do something where we're a sort of chapter house rather than just out on our own.

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I also don't mind picking up adventures every so often as well. I'll think up some more of the stuff I'd like to see and/or contribute today.

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Looked over everything and am still interested. I guess my only concern is about the play by post style...which I have never participated in and wonder how it will all stay organized. Given the popularity of the form, I suppose I should be more curious and less concerned. The way has been paved.

Let me know what's expected and I'll deliver.

It works really well for some things, and not nearly so well for others. Consider casting a few spontaneous spells in a scene. You can look up the bases and double-check things while posting without holding up a table of players for 10 minutes. On the flip side, it takes that table of players a lot longer to respond to your character's actions because they'll each have to have read it, rather than everyone at the table hearing it at the same time and being able to reply right away. Threading keeps things organized well; you just need to make sure activity is maintained.

The biggest challenge to the PbP format is the pace. Some things, like combat or a council meeting, can take a very long time to conduct because they require multiple interactions.

There are ways to mitigate that, but overall posting rate and discipline are crucial to the success of the saga.

On the other hand, it is a great format for lab work. What callen says about spontaneous spells is also true for spell development and enchantments. You can look up the guidelines, calculate your lab totals, adjust parameters, determine how much further study you need, check the library, etc. All without taking play time for the others. The flip side of it is that it becomes easy to overwhelm the SG and other players with too much information at the same time.

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