Arnar Bjornar

you have a lab total of 34, incantation of lightning is level 35.

I get Auram 15 + Creo 10 + Int 3 + MT 3 + Spec. spells 1 + constant 3 = 35. What do you count differently?

my excel didn't count the specialization

character approved

@silveroak I suddently started to wonder if I had done something silly (or undoable) with the custom spell of Arnar. It was copied from a previous saga, and I did not think it through again.

ReTe15 Porter's Gentle Touch [touch/sun/ind/size +1]
Similar to Unseen Porter [ArM5], but reduced range increased size,
and no height limit on the movement. Effectively the wizard can
move huge loads by the touch of his finger.

I know he cannot break the spell before the duration is up, so similar spells other than with conc durations are hard to find in canon. I think I have been assuming that he can break touch, and leave the load floating, possibly floating touching the ground, when he is done with it. Is that ok?

from what I recall- touch casts the spell, after which you can more the object whenever you concentrate on doing so, through the duration. The spell however is cast on the item touched, no your finger, so you would need to recast if you are moving multiple objects this way.

Of course. Tx.