Ars Magica 5th Ed: Bad Apples (3-6 Players)

You would only have the Verditius Magic, also need the Cult Lore 1

What is the main draw to go up into the mountains, from the standpoint of an established Theban?

Are apprentices acceptable as characters?

It’s been ages since I’ve played, but have room for one more? I think some sort of magus focusing on Terram would be fun.

Yes, I can accommodate. With Solon, Ioke and T.Rex's friend that would be eight magi, and I will temporarily close recruitment. It is likely some people will drop before we start and it is more than likely others will drop for whatever RL reason during the campaign, so there might be openings. The players so far are:
-[tab][/tab] darkwing
-[tab][/tab] John Graham 52
-[tab][/tab] T Riffix Rex
-[tab][/tab] Ignes.Festivus
-[tab][/tab] Quite Possibly a Cat
-[tab][/tab] loke
-[tab][/tab] (Placeholder) T Riffix Rex's friend
-[tab][/tab] Solon

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No, not at this early point of the campaign. Anastaj is looking for young, able bodied magi to recruit. Remember, both founders (Anastaj and Christoforos) are elderly Criamon, they need dynamic people to shoulder responsibility, no time to focus on basic teaching. And one of them just died....

I have no idea (Correction: I have plenty ideas, you should wait and read more info about the area and the covenant itself. Being sent as a spy/plant/monitor of the Order is first thing that leaps in mind, so is trying to hide in the mountains because of some incident or being fed up with society (mundane or magical). Maybe you have a study requirement and are a Terran master. There are possibilities, please be patient)


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Is recruitment still closed?



Is recruitment still open?


[tab][/tab] Hello. Let me ask my players.

I'm guessing recruitment on this is closed, but the game theme appeals a lot to a character concept I had in mind, (fits with the Theban tribunal and 'bad apples' theme specifically, happy to message you with details) and was wondering if I could sneak in. Realize the game's been open for a bit, but I was away from checking the forums for a while. Understand if it'd be a bit unwieldy at this point, not sure which/any of the people initially interested have dropped out though, etc.


[tab][/tab]Oh, hi! Didn't notice you until today. Yes, I think we have a spot, I'll ask the players and contact you.

Player spots full. Closed till further notice...