Ars Magica Accessories Thread

Due to playing online (and mostly not bothering with much in the way of play aids when I have played in person) I probably would not purchase most of these ideas but I love the Theban Tribunal so would be likely to pick up a set of Shards and Tokens if those got produced.


Could help myself. Started sculpting two more vis token molds yesterday. One for Rego, one for Perdo, this time a smaller coin and with a portrait of Hermes on the reverse of the Art/Symbol. Needs more work; these are test impressions in polymer clay with metallic marker coloring them. Vim vis token shown for comparative size.


If you are considering miniatures/terrain, I'd really like to see Ars Magical lab equipment!

This might be peculiar to me, given the adventuring is likely to happen elsewhere, but a little set-up of a maga's particular lab equipment (eg. shelves of jars, brazier, retorts, desks, etc) and those to reflect specialisations from the Covenants book (eg. lectern, animal cage, summoning circle, astrolabe, etc) would be great.

How dare you make me think about making doll-house/diorama labs for my magi.


Little dolly magi in their labs! ADORABLE.


I am thinking about minis and terrain, but had not specifically thought about labs for magi. Great ideas!!


I think it was Terry Pratchett who embedded the idea in me that any wizard worth their salt needs a stuffed crocodile hanging in their sanctum.

I would call that an accessory. And it could work as a model for a small dragon/drake


What about robes in various colors, with the symbol of a House on the back and front? That way you can do for each House one of, say, 7 colors to choose from.

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If we're getting really far out, what about Ars Lego Mini Fig clothes?


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Pointless. Half the fun of live-action is to make your own costumes.

I don't see us getting into making clothes, honestly.

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I super <3 these and will eagerly await the Novgorod Tribunal version одна пешка, in Church Slavonic, I suspect :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Ooh, that would be cool. If someone gave me a picture of what the Cyrillic/Slavonic text would need to look like, I could totally inscribe that on a token mold.

Testing a new mold in progress, for Animal and Aquam with the other side showing the winged helm or winged boots of Hermes. Need to go back and deepen the images. Some other tweaks to the mold structure needed too to make it work better.


(Edited 18 Mar)

OK, so some major caveats:

  1. I haven't done anything with Church Slavonic in 27 years :expressionless:
  2. Don't think that I'm going to find chess pieces in OCS Biblical translations, so I worked from the modern Russian word for 'pawn.' I did order myself another copy of Lunt's Concise Dictionary of Old Russian to see if I can find something better! I think my choices are to go with keeping an adjectival form which I found on GORAZD: The Old Church Slavonic Digital Hub or the South Slavic nominal correlate. I think that gets you either ѥдина пѣшька or ѥдина пѣша for "one pawn." Hoping Slavicists might chime in, but here, in several old Cyrillic typefaces, maybe the last is most conducive to coinage?

Now to look up the Glagolitic rendering for Croatia... :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Welp. plastics recycling has led to some metal recycling too.

Anyone interested in Order of Hermes medallions? These ones are hand-cast from zinc; I still need to drill holes for the cord or chain for wearing it around the neck. (I made a mold for injection molding plastic, then used the plastic medallions as patterns for sand casting in metal.)