Not necessarily. Knowing a formulaic spell gives you a bonus to enchant an item with that same (or similar) effect. It doesn't say that you have to be able to cast the spell. So I'd say that you might learn spells to improve the lab totals for enchanting similar items.

That's standard for the house of Verditius, neh?

That's standard for anyone according to the Similar Spell rules on p 101 of ArM5 core book.

Not standard rule - I'm familiar with tis.
I meant: This is the standard reason for learning spells, for members of house Verditius. My apologies for being unclear.

Popping in late:

If you're Ex Miscellanea, Planetary Magic and Periapts (TMRE) could go a long way - astrological magic is nice for enchantment and you have an excuse for a little Mystery. Puissant Magic Theory is also a possibility - you're a lab rat, embrace it. (This would make for a rather unique Bonisagus, actually...)

Eratosthenes of Ex Miscellanea
Age 43 (21yr after Gauntlet); Warp Score (Points) 2 (21)
Personality Traits Systematic +2, Curious +2, Cautious +2
Confidence Score 0 (3)
Reputation -2 Harper dynasty (Mundane)
Characteristics Int +2, Per +2, Str -2, Sta +2, Prs +1, Com +1, Dex +0, Qik +2
Virtues/Flaws The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Strong Faerie Blood (Sidhe), Blatant Gift; Flawless Magic; Quiet Magic x2, Subtle Magic, Fast Caster, Method Caster, Improved Characteristics; Weird Magic, Hedge Wizard, Temperate; Low Self-Esteem, Black Sheep
Abilities Arabic (math) 4, Artes Liberales (geometry) 5, Native German 5, Charm (gallantry) 1, Concentration (spells) 2, Etiquette (court) 1, Finesse (precision) 2, Folk Ken (authority figures) 3, Faerie Lore 1, Guile (lies of omission) 3, Latin (measurements) 6, Magic Theory (spell invention) 4, Order of Hermes Lore (mundane relations) 3, Parma Magica (mentem) 3, Penetration (mentem) 2, Philosophae (metaphysics) 5, Profession: Scribe 1, Second Sight 1, Slavic (measurements) 5, Stealth (shadowing) 1, Survival 1
Arts Cr 10, In 10, Mu 7, Pe 8, Re 9; An 6, Au 6, Aq 6, Co 10, He 6, Ig 7, Im 7, Me 10, Te 6, Vi 8
Familiar Bond lvl23; Gold 1, Silver 1, Bronze 2* Mental Communication to Familiar (CrMe 15)

  • Mental Communication from Familiar (CrMe 15)
    Formulaic Spells KnownLamp Without Flame
    Palm of Flame
    Touch of the Pearls
    Physician's Eye
    Probe Nature's Hidden Lore
    Prying Eyes
    Probe for Pure Silver
    Sense of Magical Power
    Sense the Nature of Vis
    Eyes of the Cat
    Pass the Unyielding Portal
    Hornet Fire
    Aura of Ennobled Presence
    Comfort of the Drenched Traveller
    Trust of Childlike Faith
    Ward against Rain
    Curse of the Unruly Tongue
    Wizard's Sidestep
    Unseen Porter
    Posing the Silent Question
    The Crystal Dart
    Maintaining the Demanding Spell (level 20)
    Seven-League Stride
    Arc of Fiery Ribbons
    Aura of Rightful Authority
    Circling Winds of Protection
    Scolarus’s Harvest of the Squared Circle (CrHe 3)

    Age 16 since bound
    Size -1
    Personality Traits Placid +2, Loyal +3
    Confidence Score 1 (3)
    Characteristics Int +1, Per -2, Pre -6, Com -6, Str +0, Sta +2, Dex +2, Qik +1
    Qualities Crafty, Grapple, Loathsome Appearance, Slippery
    Virtues/Flaws Lightning Reflexes; Infamous
    Abilities Artes Liberales (ritual) 1, Awareness (prey) 2, Brawl (fangs) 2, Chirugy (tourniquets) 1, Etiquette 1, Hunt (rodents) 4, Magic Theory (inventing spells) 9, Stealth (stalking) 4, Survival (grassy area) 3, Slavic 5, Latin 6, Arabic 4

Magus constructed at 36xp per year to not be far behind covenant.
Familiar constructed with 15xp per year.

Disrun von Hardenberg of Criamon fili Marcus
Age 46 (appears 35), Longevity +10, Aging Roll -7
Warp Score 2 (22)
Personality Traits Optimistic +4, Curious +2, Mischievous +3
CombatKnife: Initiative +0, Attack +0, Defense +3, Damage -2
Regular Spell: Initiative +0, Attack +8
Fast Cast Spell: Initiative +5, Casting Total -10 (+2 botch), Attack +8Soak +7
Characteristics Int +4, Per +3, Str -4, Sta +3, Com +0, Pre +0, Dex -3, Qui +0
Virtues/Flaws Hermetic Magus; Gentle Gift, Skilled Parens, Educated, Great Intellect, Affinity (Magic Theory), Inventive Genius, Minor Focus (Warp), Cautious Sorcerer; Twilight Prone, Optimistic (Major), Poor Memory (people), Low Strength, Magical Animal Companion, Weird Magic
Abilities Athletics (grace) 2, Artes Liberales (ceremonial) 3, Awareness (search) 2, Brawl (defense) 1, Charm (persuade) 4, Concentration (spells) 4, Dead Language: Latin (Hermetic) 4, Enigmatic Wisdom (Twilight) 4, Etiquette (parties) 4, Finesse (crafting) 5, Folk Ken (gather info) 2, Guile (magi) 3, Intrigue (influence) 2, Magic Theory (items) 8, Native: German 5, Order of Hermes Lore (twilight scars) 3, Parma Magica (Mentem) 4, Penetration (Mentem) 3, Philosophae (ceremonial) 3, Stealth (sneak) 2, Survival (woods) 1
Arts Cr 15, In 10, Mu 10, Pe 5, Re 10; An 5, Au 5, Aq 5, Co 5, He 5, Ig 5, Im 5, Me 10, Te 0, Vi 15
Formulaic Spells (Botch -1)Enigma's Gift, Lesser (Creo Vim 20; Cast +48), Piercing the Magic Veil (Intellego Vim 20; Cast +28), Opening the Intangible Tunnel (Rego Vim 25; Cast +28), Maintain the Demanding Spell Ring (Rego Vim 30; Cast +28, target level 25), Bind Wound (Creo Corpus 10; Cast +23), Purification of the Festering Wounds (Creo Corpus 20; Cast +23), Image Phantom (Muto Imaginem 20; Cast +18), Horse of a Different Colour (Muto Imaginem 5; Cast +18), Call to Slumber (Rego Mentem 10; Cast +18), Unseen Porter (Rego Terram 10; Cast +13), Personal Veil of Invisibility (Perdo Imaginem 15, Cast +17), Unbidden Task (Muto Mentem 20, Cast +18), Inspirited View (Creo Mentem 15, Cast +28), Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (Muto Animal 15, Cast +18)Talisman (Invisibility +4)An ivory amulet inscribed with the sigils of angels and set with an opal atop. Set into it is a pool of mercury, sealed in with clear glass to create a mirror.Familiar (Bonding Level 40; Bronze 1, Silver 1, Gold 3)
A kirin (technically qilin) refugee from the Mongols, it joined the family shortly before the birth of the player, becoming a significant friend of the family as a private tutor for all six of the children. Lynn approached the magus that would become the character's parens to ensure a healthy atmosphere for what she felt to be a great potential scholar. Shortly after the character's Gauntlet, it revealed its true nature and eventually became a familiar.
Might 10
Characteristics Int +0, Per +1, Pre +0, Com +1, Str +4, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik -1
Size +2
Season Autumn
Confidence Score 1 (3)
Virtues/Flaws Magic Animal; Educated, Good Teacher; Baneful Circumstance (touching the ground), Noncombatant
Qualities/Inferiorities Greater Power (Awe of the Qilin); Gift of Speech, Improved Defense, Improved Might x2, Improved Soak x2, Personal Power x3 (Human Shape, Flight of the Hummingbird, Sprint of the Zephyr), Second Sight; Monstrous Appearance
Personality Traits Loyal +2, Mean-Spirited -2, Direct -1
Reputations Good Tutor 3
CombatDodge Init -1, Defense +3Soak +6
Fatigue Levels OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (15-21), Incapacitated (22-28), Dead (29+)
Abilities Arabic 3, Artes Liberales 4, Athletics 4, Awareness (sight) 4, Bargain 3 (academia), Brawl 3 (dodge), Charm 3 (flattery), Chinese 5 (Mongolian), Folk Ken 3 (intentions), French 3, German 3, Guile 3 (disguise), Latin 5 (academic), Penetration 3 (Dominate), Philosophae 4, Magic Theory (lab aide) 5, Medicine 4, Second Sight 5 (disguises), Teaching 8 (one-on-one)
PowersAwe of the Qilin, 1 point, Init -3, Mentem
R: Voice, D: Diam, T: Group
This spell is similar to Aura of Rightful Authority
ReMe 30 (Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Diam, +2 Group): Greater Power (30 levels, -2 Might cost, 10xp Pen)

Victor Reinhardt Krueger of Merinita
Age 48 (born 1196), Longevity +10
Warp Score 3 (46)
Personality Traits Optimistic +2, Nocturnal +1, Overconfident +4
Size +2
CombatLongsword Init -1, Attack +12, Defense +11, Damage +8Soak +15 (Heater Shield, Chain)
Characteristics Int +2, Per +1, Str +2, Sta +3, Pre -1, Com +2, Dex +1, Qik -1
Virtues/Flaws The Gift, Merinita Magic, Glamour; Major Magical Focus (Illusion), Giant-Blooded; Skilled Parens, Deft Imaginem, Tough, Improved Characteristics; Vulnerable Magic (Silver); Overconfidence, Lycanthrope (Eurasian Black Vulture); Fairy Friend, Weird Magic, Fairy Upbringing, Nocturnal
Abilities Single Weapon (Shield) 6, Magic Theory (Lab Texts) 4, Finesse (Imaginem) 4, Penetration (Imaginem) 4, Parma Magica (Mentem) 4, Fairy Lore (Forests) 4, Latin (Hermetic) 4, Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 4, Philosophae (Ritual Magic) 4, Concentration (Spells) 4, Awareness (Alertness) 4, Folk Ken (Fairies) 4, Athletics (Running) 1, Native: German (Poetry) 5, Stealth (Hide) 1, Survival (Rhine) 2, Area Lore: Rhine (Geography) 2
Arts Cr 15, In 7, Mu 15, Pe 7, Re 7; An 5, Au 5, Aq 5, Co 5, He 7, Ig 7, Im 15, Me 7, Te 7, Vi 7
Familiar (Bonding Level 40; Bronze 3, Silver 1, Gold 1)
Black Vulture, Familiar
Characteristics Sta +1, Str +0, Dex +2, Qik +2, Cun -1, Per +2, Pre -6 (+3 intimidate), Com -2
Size 0
Confidence Score 1 (3)
Virtues/Flaws Keen Vision; Reclusive
Qualities Extra Natural Weapons, Hardy, Loathsome Appearance
Personality Traits Vulture +3, Gluttonous +2, Curious +2
CombatClaws Init +1, Attack +6, Defense +8, Damage +2
Talons Init +2, Attack +7, Defense +6, Damage +1
Soak +1Abilities Brawl 4 (dodging), Survival 5 (warm climates), Awareness 5 (food, 2), Athletics 4 (flying); Lore 3 (Magic, Dominion, Infernal; 16), Magic Theory 6 (assist)

Here's my first proper character design. Did I get all the math right? Is this fellow playable?

[size=150]Confectus of House Tremere[/size]

Birth Name: Jacob MacPherson
Date of Birth: February 28th Year Born: 1195 Gender: Male Race/Nationality: Scottish Religion: Orthodox Catholic Title/Profession: Hermetic Magus, Exorcist
Height: 5’9 Weight: 131 lbs. Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel Handedness: Right
Age: 25 Size: +-0 Confidence: 1 (3)
Decrepitude: none yet
Effects of Aging:
Warping: none yet
Effects of Warping:

Characteristics: Intelligence: +2 Perception: -1 Strength: +2 Stamina: +2 Presence: +2 Communication: +-0 Dexterity: -1 Quickness: +-0

Social Status: Hermetic Magus, The Gift
Minor Magical Focus: Certamen, Cautious Sorcerer, Secondary Insight, Puissant Great Weapon, Improved Characteristics, Cautious with Brawl

Lost Love, Susceptibility to Divine Power, Warped Magic, Enemies (a supposedly immortal Grugatchan priest), Wrathful (Minor)

Native English 5 (Scottish Vernacular), Dead Language: Latin 4 (Hermetic Usage), Brawl 3 (Dodge), Great Weapon 3 (Greatsword), Athletics 2 (Running), Awareness 2 (Keeping Watch), Concentration 2 (Spell Casting), Charm 2 (First Impressions), Leadership 3 (Intimidation), Area Lore 2 (Scottish History), Code of Hermes 2 (Tremere Chain of Command), Artes Liberales 2 (Logic) (Literate in English and Latin), Magic Lore 1 (Pagan Traditions), Magic Theory 3 (Vim), Parma Magica 1 (Vs. Corpus)

Personality Traits:
Vengeful +3, Stoic +2, Humble +1
Reputations: None Yet


Fist (Brawl, Initiative 0, Attack +0, Defense +0, Damage +0)
Kick (Brawl, Initiative -1, Attack +0, Defense +0, Damage +3)
Dagger (Brawl, Initiative 0, Attack +2, Defense 0, Damage +3, Min. Strength -3, Load 0, Inexpensive)
Great Sword (Great Weapon, Initiative +2, Attack +5, Defense +2, Damage +9, Min. Strength +1, Load 2, Expensive)

Armor Worn: Full Chain Mail (Soak: 9)
Combat Modifiers: Armor Load: 6

Weapons: Dagger, Scottish Claymore Equipment: Black Tremere robes, Iron Chainmail Hauberk


House: TremereCovenant Name: TBD Wizard’s Sigil: Chill air Domus Magna: Crintera Primus: TBD Parens: TBD Covenant of Apprenticeship: TBD

Magical Arts:
Creo: 0 Intellego: 5 Muto: 0 Perdo: 5 Rego: 0
Animal: 0 Aquam: 0 Auram: Corpus: 5 Herbam: 0 Ignem: 0 Imaginem: 0 Mentem: 5 Terram: 0 Vim: 5

Base Casting Totals:

Fast Casting Speed: Quickness + Finesse (0) Determining Effect: Perception + Awareness (1) Base Targeting: Perception + Finesse (-1) Concentration: Stamina + Concentration Ability (4) Magic Resistance: Parma Magica Skill x5 (5) Multiple Casting: Intelligence + Finesse Ability (2)




I haven't checked all of the spells, but generally looks good - a lot fewer errors than I often see even from experienced players. Only things I'd question are "Orthodox Catholic" for a scot's religion (do you mean Catholic, or one of the eastern Orthodox churches?), and the speciality in the Tremere Chain of Command for Code of Hermes - that seems more like an Order of Hermes Lore thing. English and Latin also use the same alphabet, so there's no point in taking them as separate Artes Liberales literacies. Coeris rather than Crintera is the Domus Magna of the Tremere (Crintera is Bjornaer).

In terms of playability, you don't have any way to perceive invisible ghosts and fetches, which could be an issue. Second Sight is useful for this, as it doesn't need to penetrate, but Intellego spells can work as well. If you do go the Second Sight route, I'd consider taking xp from Great Weapon if you don't want to age him - your arts and the rest of the apparent concept doesn't particular match being a melee fighter (for which I'd suggest looking at the School of Ramius in the Flambeau section of HoH:S if you have it). You've also got only weak offensive spells verses anything mundane, and no defensive or escape spells - even if you don't start with them, they're probably something a Tremere is going to want to develop fairly soon. Consider Shriek of the Wooden Shafts/ a terram variant to make use of your Intellego, and a minor Rego Corpus leap to make use of the Corpus.

The virtues and flaws seem a bit random, but that could just be because you haven't posted the concept. What I'm getting of the concept from the stats and spells is "has had some major trouble with the Gruagachan in the past which possibly led to his love being killed, now has it in for them". It's not entirely clear what role the Tremere intend him to fill - I'd guess at necromancer from the Forms, but that usually has more Creo and Rego. It could also possibly be a Master of Auxileries (which fits with the Great Weapon and Leadership score). Then again, a lot of Tremere characters even in the books only loosely fit into the roles defined in HoH: True Lineages, so it's not something I'd worry about too much.

Confectus seems odd to me; it seems like a magus thought for combat (Puissant Great Weapon and Great Weapon score of 3) but he have the problem most magi face when one wants to put them into the fight: any grog with combat virtues (let's say Puissant Single Weapon, Warrior and Tough), characteristics scores focused for combat (Str, Dex and Sta around 2) and XPs spent in combat abilities (let's say a Single Weapon score of around 5) would cut this magus to pieces without too much trouble. As mundane steel is the best tool to pierce Parma Magica, serious combat should be left for Grogs (it's their job, after all, and if they die you don't regret time spent picking arts and spells) his combat skills would be useful only when fighting magically resistant enemies not very focused in physical combat (and those will be mainly rival magi), but for these just these you can beat only by focusing a bit in Brawl and having a good quality dagger and some fine ability scores (and then befriend a Verditius and ask him for a Dagger turn into an Item of Quality): that Dex -1 it's a burden that he's going to regret the first time he unleash his greatsword.

So I would consider giving away the greatsword and moving to the lighter long sword, trading the Cautious with Brawl to Improved Chars to get some Dex, or lowering Str to +1 and getting another useful combat virtue or virtues like Tough or Warrior, to get the XPs for your weapon without needing to spend XPs you'll need for magical stuff anyway.

And complete the combat numbers! You put only the weapon's modifiers.

Sorry for the delay, I had some side projects I was working on. I think this is a back to the drawing board kind of concept- I went in thinking I wanted a combat magus, ended up evolving the concept into a grog drill sergeant, then started adding spells he would logically take based on his Virtues and Flaws, then tried to make him fit the Tremere archetype of being an exorcist, then remembered that the Tremere are also generalists because of the Certamen... Lost focus somewhere along the way.

deleted cause

I can imagine the Bonisagus who comes up with the Hermetic audiobook, maybe some CrIm effect.

Universal access. Is it over-zealous compliance with the code of Bonisagus, genuine altruism, or is he just insane?

I hate when I'm two tractatus into a three part series and for some reason a different Verditius made the third tablet, I just can't get used to a different voice. Also a pet peeve, when they can't be bothered to use a woman's voice for Merinita. That's just laziness.

Eyes of the bat is InAu 25 and actually affects hearing, a level 30 version would do Sight. Then to read one could lightly fan the book, if it's vellum... but it will mean reading the impressions which includes mistakes not fully scraped off.

If the inks are made with metals, which a lot are, she could InAu[Te] and the ink will show up. Ink of Hermes though I think is all organic.

Yes, I suppose you can replace eyes with magic, but remember that you cannot learn to read until you have learnt the required magic, which is probably at the very end of apprenticeship as best.

I don't see anything wrong in a blind magus, but I could not play it. There is a risk of making it comic, destructive, or misfitting. It helps if you have RL experience working with blind people.

I don't. It makes me think it's an interesting character I'd like to read about in a book, but logistically I don't know. I blame Netflix and Daredevil. Swapping out the problematic two flaws, Blind and Fury, how does the rest of the character look ?

Eyes of the Elementalist InAu[Te][Aq][Ig] 30
Base 4 : 4 : 4 : 4, per,+2 sun, +4 Sight

Should be good. Also can make one for hearing and touch.

It looks like a magus who can take up a lot of space in the party. Elementalists tend to do this, with many flamboyant effects. Personally, I think that is fine in ArM, if the character is not played too often on adventure.

What you write sounds reasonable, but I am left with the impression that I should know the «flame dancer« concept at the «magic blood» virtue from the books, and I could not find either.