Ars Magica Chronology (An in-progress, updated, really big fat Timeline of the Order)

UPDATE 7: v2.07
Yes, I'm still polishing and improving this from time to time (it's being used in my own campaign).
I just rereviewed, updated and expanded Grand Tribunal and Tribunal rulings up until 1179, mainly based on source material in ArM4e, specifically Hermetic Law and Politics. I felt there where interesting nuances that were lacking in the chronology previously. Many tribunal entries should be better and make more sense now but more can probably be done.
Page count is now 187. Also another reminder that anyone with a google account can comment directly in the document to suggest improvements and fixing errors.


Since I don't think anyone mentioned it.
Do you want some help in adding the many Iberian Tribunal data that was released in Finis Terrae? It mainly pertains to the fights between the Order and the Hedge Wizards from the region, Hedge Wizards being recruited by the Diedne, the peace treaty with the Sahirs and some rulings regarding North Africa that are haven't been ratified yet by the Grand Tribunal.

Asking because the PDF is finally something you can buy, the editorial took their sweet time between the release to the backers and the general release.


@Rhine_s_White_Mage I would really really love some help with that. I was interested in Finis Terrae, but I don't read spanish unfortunately :/. Feel free to dump the relevant suggested entries here, or you can edit as "comments" directly in the main document. I will see the commented changes and I can approve/deny/alter as needed.
I'd welcome summaries and discussion as well. It's an interesting part of the history.

Overall the Chronology is pretty near completeion and just minor additions, changes and fixes going on. I foresee no new major edits any longer - and I probably should remove the "work in progress" status soon.


UPDATE 8: v2.08
It's been a few months. I'm still polishing and improving this from time to time (it's being used in my own still running campaign) as well as sorting out the community suggestions for fixes and improvements. It's pretty much at the point where I don't foresee me doing more major changes really.

As mentioned, anyone with a google account can comment directly in the document to suggest improvements and fixing errors. I would like to ask the community's kind help with another pass of this this right now, as the there are discussions to sort out a release in nicer looking PDF format.

I would not mind contributions from Finis Terrae (I don't speak spanish), as well as the "TODO" list at the very end of the document.


First off, wanted to thank you for the effort put into this project. This is awesome!

I also wanted to ask about some info presented around the Spider War. Has Thrice-Told-Tales book been incorporated into this Chronology as of yet? The aforementioned book gives a detailed outline of the course of that event and the nature of Damhadh Allaidh.

Likewise, some information presented here does not seem to line up with what information we have on the Spider War in 5e (for example Diedne are credited for the destruction of the Pictish language, where as TTT specifies it as Pralix's work at the climax of the War, etc etc.)

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@Kodlak Thanks! This is great feedback and a good question!

Thrice Told Tales was certainly trawled and consulted. I did some things a little quicker than others (with not enough separate notes at times). The whole Spider war throughout the editions is a bit of a mess, and I had to make several editorial decisions. It's actually something I wanted to get back to and review again, because I do know I left more earlier editions in place when it comes to Damhadh Allaidh than I let new inconsistencies overrule things.

The spider war could definitely use another pass (which I'm pondering if I have time to do right now) - and regardless of that; I'm happy to take more specific suggestions and changes here or directly in the document.

Part of the problem in the 5th edition supplements, and the events as they are written and described have dropped a lot of "timeline-able" years and dates - in favor of looser story-telling. While it has good merit for the modules, I found it often made it much harder to incorporate - especially where inconsistent with earlier editions (this was an issue with a great many items).

Feel free to help out and dig in :wink: