Ars Magica: City of Ivory and Jade (1-2 new players)

Wanted: 1-2 players for an ongoing IRC campaign of Ars Magica, 5th Edition.

The game takes place in the City of Ivory and Jade, a mage-ruled, high-fantasy city that flies erratically over Europe sustained by as-yet unknown magic. The magi mostly try to mind their own business, but unruly citizens, dragons, and other pesky issues tend to interfere.

The game started as a promotion for Black Chicken Studios’ Ars Magica Kickstarter project, but has since taken on a life of its own. Black Chicken kindly still allows us to use their forum, here: ... owforum=24

Tons of information including logs, characters, covenant design, and more can be found on the forum, but new players aren’t expected to read it all. The existing player magi are between two and seven years post Gauntlet, but the covenant also houses four older NPC magi.

We usually play once a week, either on Saturday or Sunday, roughly from 13 to 16 GMT. It’s OK to miss a session if notice is given beforehand. We take turns to act as storyguide. Players are free to choose how much they wish to storyguide, or whether they want to just play.

If you want to jump in and/or have questions, post in this thread: ... topic=2431