Ars Magica Clearance Bundle - Limited Deal

Come early August, we're going to be receiving a whole lot of transparent cards in our warehouse -- a reprint of Gloom, and the new Cthulhu Gloom game. I really need to clear some space, and I'd rather avoid hauling books to the recycling center (or at least minimize it).

So here's a very special deal, for a limited time. Let's say through Friday, July 8th, for a start, though I may extend it. (Or shorten it, if we sell so many that we run out of one of the included titles.) I will offer a bundle of ten older Ars Magica softcover books (4th edition and before) for only $50 plus shipping. Shipping is $6 in the USA, $28 to Canada, and $46 to anywhere else. For the US, shipping is by media mail; for overseas, it's Priority Mail International medium flat-rate box. I picked a range of titles that fit snugly in that specific box to optimize shipping.

The titles are:

AG0252 Hedge Magic
AG0258 The Wizard's Grimoire Revised Edition
AG0261 Ultima Thule
AG0263 Ordo Nobilis
AG0266 The Medieval Bestiary Revised Edition
AG0268 The Bishop's Staff
AG0273 Cause & Cure
AG0750 Tribunals of Hermes: Iberia
AG1150 Lion of the North
AG1500 The Medieval Handbook

That's $50 plus shipping for $182.60 retail value in books! It's a crazy good deal, even if you already own some of them.

All these books are for Ars Magica 4th Edition or earlier, though you can still get value out of them for 5th edition (and of course the 4th Edition rules are free online from e23). But, to be honest, these titles are stocked by few to zero distributors these days, and we really could put the space they occupy to more productive use, and I'm curious as to whether a deal like this can move a bunch of copies quickly.

If you want a bundle, you can simply send payment to via PayPal. Send $56 total for a US delivery address, $78 for Canada, or $96 elsewhere. Please make sure that PayPal has your correct shipping address, since we'll be using the address that comes with your payment to generate the shipping label.

Please be patient and allow for up to a week of order processing time. We have a holiday weekend about to start, and we don't normally sell things direct to individuals, so this may gum up our workflow a little bit, especially if we get a lot of responses.

Aww... I have 8 of those!!

Come on people, it's a great offer!!

Aaargh... Same thing, I have all save maybe the bishop's staff :frowning:

Too bad, since, even living abroad, that's an awesome discount

I'm extending the deal. I've gotten some purchases, but not enough to overwhelm us, and we have plenty of copies left to make these sets. So until I post otherwise here, assume they're still available.

seconded! :frowning:

I have them all... I don't really need 2 copies!

Too bad shipping fees are so expensive for Europe. :frowning:

My bundle arrived yesterday and I must say I'm very pleased, I'd read a few of them before, but never had copies of my own. This doubles the size of my pre-5th edition Ars Magica materials! :smiley:

Jason, glad it arrived safely.

Imrryran, yes it's too bad the shipping overseas is costly, but the flat-rate box is actually a good deal considering that it's 9-10 pounds of books in there. They don't have cheap overseas slow-boat mailing options from the USA like they used to.

+1 to that. Especially when i already have half the books!


  1. I always see those things about 1 month after they are released, so I never get my hands on them if they are any good!
  2. Unfortunately I already have all those books. Will ask my gaming mates in case they want to get hold of them

Maybe it would be a good idea to post this also in the Ars Magica forum? I hardly ever check stuff outside of that forum myself, and I suspect that is the case for other posters as well.


The offer is still available as of today, if anyone more is interested. I haven't done a lot of pushing of it because there has been so much else to do.

I did post it in the Ars Magica forum. Stickied it, as well. 190 views so far.


That's funny, I noticed it here, but not there... :unamused:

Is this still open?


My thoughts exactly! I have all the books, but now many people who would LOVE this opportunity!

cj x

Does anyone know if this bundle is still going on?

A friend of mine wants me to play Ars Magica with her. She has 4th edition and neither of us can afford to buy new books.

I need at least the core book (I can't read the PDF easily and we can't always use it), Wizard's Grimoire, Mysteries, and Houses of Hermes. Any others of course would be great.

I've searched everywhere and can't find them and can't buy the new ones, so I'd be interested in this deal or any others like it.

I've not seen a cancellation, so you can ask. However, the ArM4 core book, Mysteries, and Houses of Hermes are out of print. That means that we don't have any, and obviously we aren't planning to reprint them. However, Amazon seems to have all of them available for under $10 each, so that's probably your best bet.

Yep, I still have bundles to sell at this price if you're interested. Just follow the original directions.

Just to close it out...this deal will expire on October 10th (the same day as the new board game bundle deal, see ... ecess.html). So if you've been debating whether to take advantage or not, make up your mind. :slight_smile: