Ars Magica Fiction

Is there any Ars Magica fiction? Novels, Short Stories, etc...
I wonder what it would take to get the rights to publish some....

I heard somewhere (back the very beginning of this month, iirc) that Peter Jackson was doing a movie based on AM- maybe you should ask him? :wink:

I belive that was Peter Jackson. Since it has been decided that he will not be doing The Hobbit, he suddenly finds that he has time on his hands...

Yep, defintitely at the beginning of April. BellaDonna, I think you were the first to seriously investigate this. Perhaps you could chime in...


Awwww... why you gotta be like that?!! :laughing:

Have you checked out the Judith Tarr books? I only read one (the one called "Ars Magica") but I liked it.

I have read a bunch of Judith Tarr, and enjoy them a great deal.

Historical Fantasy. She takes a major historical event or personage, and weaves a (usually romantic) fantasy around it/him. They all deal with lots of magic, and the characters are usually well-rounded and a lot of fun.

I recommend:

Ars Magica (Pope Sylvester II)

Pride of Kings (Richard the Lionheart (Actually it's more about his brother, John)

Kindom of the Grail (Song of Roland)

The Hound and the Falcoln Trilogy (great series, where the main character is a Fae that has been raised in a monastery, and gone on to write a book of great theological value. The books deal with his personal quest to rid himself of self-hatred due to the fact that, theologically, he doesn't have a soul. It's beautifully written.)

A Wind in Cairo (great little page turner about a Saracen girl and her horse. Can't say too much more without spoilers)

I don't recommend:
Alamut (same world as the Hound and the Falcon, but boring....)


There have been Ars Magica stories written and published in the past. Both Mythic Perspectives and Hermes Portal included such things on occasion (Damelon Kimbrough, the editor of MP, even published a fiction issue at one point). You'll also find Ars fiction here and there on web sites.

I also strongly recommend "Name of the Rose" and "Baudolino" by Umberto Eco. Most especially the latter.


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