Cool. I really like that idea.

I've made it before, basically the same idea; I call it "Magic Tailor".

[size=150]Rain of Gray Death[/size]
This spell changes the rain falling from a cloud to dropping living and utterly scared elephants instead. Each elephant does +30 damage to the unfortunate sod who happens to be underneath it as it crashes into the ground.

Muto Auram (Animal)
Level: 35
Range: Sight (+4)
Duration: Momentary (+0)
Target: Group (+2)

Special: This spell is the result of my merenita who wanted to spend a few (7) seasons to make a spell that transform patches of air to a cloud of small butterflies that flew around the targets to confuse them and limit their field of vision. Unfortunately I had a laboratory with Warping 5 and I experimented with it quite a lot, so it became more and more bizzarre for each of the 6 or 7 seasons that I continued with it. It was a lot of Modiefied effects with +range/duration/power and at least three vesrions of "the actual effect is changed completely", but I got 15 xp to Magic Theory through Discovery, and yes... as part of my sigil being exaggerated many times to the normal: The elephants fall in precise gemotrical shapes and patterns and all the blood and intestines lies very orderly and there is almost no splatter as the blood follows the patterns...

...7 seasons for creating a mass elephant holocaust... :frowning:

If it's only Momentary then the elephants will probably turn back into rain before they hit the ground?
Definitely a Fae spell. :wink:

If it's only Momentary then the elephants will probably turn back into rain before they hit the ground?
Definitely a Fae spell. :wink:[/quote

Oh, I meant diameter. sorry

Two effects for making miscellaneous object unable to move, discussed here. Note that the strength ratios are from the Transforming Mythic Europe sourcebook, p 125.

For most purposes the first spell will be more than enough, as i thought the effect could be used to hold doors closed, block areas, create impromptu stairs, hold aloft torches, etc.

And then a longer duration version, with more resistance to movement.

Agreed. Not sure if it'd work, but I love the idea.

Not sure if something like this has been done already, but I like the idea.


Dressed by the Storm

Muto Corpus, level 55
R: Per, D: Conc, T: Ind
Req: Auram

Your body turns into lightning, while keeping a vaguely human form, for as long as you concentrate. While in this form, you're extremely hazardous. Anything that comes into contact with your body will be as if struck by lightning (+30 damage) and you're blindingly bright (Stamina stress roll of 9+ to avoid temporary blindness. Botching means permanent blindness). In fact, you're also blindingly fast, being able to relocate yourself instantly anywhere you can see in straight lines (Perception + Finesse stress roll of 9+ to "land" safely if trying to move further than about 50 paces. A botch means that you missed the intended destination, probably causing harm to yourself or your surroundings, and automatically failing to maintain the spell. A failed roll means disorientation - make a Concentration roll of 9+ to maintain the spell, with a botch meaning adverse effects like motion sickness). Any successful relocation will also produce a booming thunderclap (Same roll as for blindness, in this case to avoid deafness and/or being blown away by the shockwave).

While in this form, you aren't solid - actually, you aren't liquid, not even gaseous, however, lightning is too chaotic for delicate actions such as slithering through small openings (it would be like threading a needle in an earthquake). Of course, you can't really hold anything, being immaterial, immune to other sources of lightning, and there is the strange risk of conductivity. Coming into contact with enough metal or water will "discharge" your body, making it extremely difficult to keep your form (make a concentration roll of 15+ to maintain the spell. A botch means a very spectacular accident related to conductivity, like actually losing body mass, or finding parts of your body fused with metal objects or liquefied in a body of water). However, as long as you manage to maintain the spell while touching such things, you'll shock anything else in contact with them.

Finally, lightning is weightless (or so it seems), so you're not really bound by gravity, but the chaotic nature of this spell makes flight extremely dangerous... as extremely fast as it could be.

(Base 30, +1 Conc, +4 Auram effect wholly divorced from its normal context)


So basically it's a spell that turns you into a living Incantation of Lightning. I tried to make it as flashy and chaotic as it sounds, without being too annoying or meticulous with the effects. Basically you become immaterial, explosively noisy and shiny, zap the hell of anything stupid enough to directly touch you, and you can "quasi-teleport" around, but touching anything conductive will break havoc with the spell (or let you zap a whole beach full of people). You can also fly, if you're reckless enough to risk losing control of the spell while in the stratosphere, or if you really are in a hell of a hurry.

Basically, this spell has room for VERY spectacular effects... Both good and bad. I wanted it to be a very appealing eye candy full of traps, and let Darwin sort'em out, lol.

I used the Creo Auram guidelines for very unnatural weather effects since I felt that turning into human-shaped lightning should be way harder than turning into mist.

The level automatically makes this a ritual spell (see ArM5 p.114).

Oh crap. I'm too used to enchanting.

Well, I simply added lazily the guidelines for very unnatural weather events for Creo Auram to the Muto Corpus ones, but I could argue then that since MuCo spell guidelines already take the difficulty of turning into something made of air in account, lowering it to level 50 should be allowable.

Unless the spell effect seems too hardcore for formulaic.

Harry Potter Fan spell!

Charged Item for Covenant defense.
If the covenant have been créated by a Rego Crafter Builder, asking him to make statue and gargoyle in the walls.

Piertotum Locomotor:
ReTe/Me 70, R :Touch, D:Sun, T: Structure
(Base5 +1touch +2 sun +4 struch +1stone +1req(Me) +4Complexity)

Turn the covenant wall into a charged item, it makes all the gargoyle and statue to answer the simple task of the one who pronounce the spell name. When the spell ends the Statues and Gargoyle goes back to their original places

Lab total needed for 1/2 charge,Re Te/Me 75

Hi guys, I don't know if you take request here, but I try :slight_smile:
I recently made a Flambeau Magus, with the impossibility to combine Creo + Ignem (at first i thunk it would be fun...), so he is mostly Rego Ignem but i have hard time to find an aggressive spell with this combination.
Have you a spell like this in mind or create ? Something that can replace ball of abyssal flames or pilum of fire. His second form is Corpus, so a ReIgCo is also possible. Hope i don't ask too much, and sorry for my english.

I believe that it will take as long time for a raindropp transmuted to an elephant to fall down on your head as it takes for me to hurl a ball of abyssmal flame 200 meters if using formlaic flexible magic and enhancing the range 1 step.

Curse of the solar retribution
MuCo Lvl 15
R: Touch D: Sun T: Ind

The curse of solar retribution makes the targets skin vulnerable to sunlight for the duration of the effect. The target receives for each beginning hour exposed to direct sunlight, +5 damage, when only face and hands are exposed, +10 damage for the whole naked body. The target receives no damage, if being in the shadow or during night or by protecting the skin with salt water.

I don't know whether this is still relevant, but a Perdo Ignem magus with Winter's Icy Touch and Winter's Icy Grip should be your solution. If your maga was good at throwing things at targets, she could prepare a stash of grenades with Trapping the Fire (MuIg/Te). For Rego Ignem a variation of Leap of the Fire while carrying a torch might be useful. Here's an attempt:

Launching the Firy Grenade
Muto Ignem 30
R:Voice D: Dia T: Part
Req.: Re, Co
The fire splits off a fist size chunk, which hits a specified target with a successful Targeting roll. The thrown fire is fueled by flesh and bone.

If you have several rounds, you can use multiple spells in conjunction:
Hell on Earth
Muto Ignem 20
R: Voice D: Dia T: Ind
Req.: Te
The targeted fire is fueled by earth.

Snake of Fire
Rego Ignem 10
R: Voice D: Conc T: Ind
While concentrating, the fire grows in the direction you want it to grow at roughly 10 paces per round. A Targeting roll is necessary if the fire has to follow a path precisely.

That's quite interesting because i had this idea but I didn't find a good way to put it into my charactere.

At the beginning i wanted to have a "preparation spell", to create "ammo". In that point of view the maga / magus could "throw" (or other) bullet, but in a limit number. I like the idea that you have to count or at least save your pool of aggressiv spell, because there is no unlimited action (a little bit like 1 bullet pirate's gun)

If you have other ideas in that way i take it. I think about maybe "fusion with fire" (ReIgCo) that you can "absorb" fire, (took like 5min in order to forbid that during a fight but way before), and maybe spit it after.

For trapping fire in ammo, any number of pebbles, chestnuts, hazelnuts, or other readily available small items should do just fine.

I'm devising a Imaginem spell to help my thief companion

[code]Level 10
Agony of the Incessant Pruritus
Creo Imáginem
Range: Voice
Duration: Diameter

Create a intense Itching feeling. The target must do a Concentration Roll difficult 12+.
Even if succeeded target got a -1 penalty for most actions and -3 for anything requiring concentration like giving a speech or casting a spell.
In case of failure multiply penalties to -3 and -9. In case of a botch target will drop anything and scratch insanely, if not constrained will bruise himself.[/code]

Maria of Merinita commonly uses this to distract guards, in her version the itching will be more intense just in the mostly intimacy places causing the target to scratch in the most grossly ways.
Her spells effects are likely to cause the most inconvenience possible

What does everyone think of this?

Orb of Earth’s Blood level 25
Creo Aquam (Igneam)
Creates an orb of lava that is launched at an individual, dealing +15 damage.

Few notes - creating lava is CrTe (see Hermetic Projects p12), Base 5 CrTe is 1 cubic foot of lava, which flows very slowly, and inflicts +15 damage (I think thats on p14). Creating the lava on somebody should be easy, but the spell is CrTe 20 (base 5, +3 sight). Note for the Ignem specialists too that CrIg base 5 fire inflicts +10, vs CrTe base 5 lava inflicts +15, so lava is "better" for damage than fire.