Ars Magica Illustrations

Hi, this issue has nothing to do with artwork or upcoming Basic supplements. I am an amateur illustrator who for professional reasons I left the hobby, but recently I have been retaken it.

Right now I'm developing a series of illustrations with the founders of the Order and would like to give me your opinion. What image you have of the character, or just if you like.

Right now I've already posted on deviantart all the Founders and some characters of Calabais. You can see the pictures here:

Regards and thanks!

Very nice. I shall comment upon the individual pics later via my DA account...

Diedne finished. This has cost me more because of less referrals there. I opted to put it precisely backlit to highlight the mysterious figure.

See what you think. Now need group illustration. Just thought unite all the illustrations in one, but in the end there are different views and illuminations ... so surely do from the beginning now that I have the concept of all the characters.

I hope to have enough will to do it :mrgreen:

Just noticed this post.
Those are great, they kinda remind me of the art style of the french edition of Ars Magica.
Please keep it up :wink:

edit : that Tytalus nécromancer looks really cool, well done. :slight_smile:

These are beautiful pieces. I hope you're able to get all the work you can handle! If you've not yet communicated with the Sub Rosa editors, consider doing so. I'd love to see some of your work illustrating that magazine.

These pieces of art are quite beautiful. You have a lot of talent and should very much be proud of yourself for making these.

Wow - very cool. I really hope you keep up the illustrations! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your words!

I continue working in the final ilustration with all the founders, but it's a dificult work and require time. Anyway I'll submit some pieces of the founders.

Now I'm working with iluminations. Today I have submit another ilustration of flambeau using the ligth of "Palm of Fire" 8)

Respect to Sub Rosa, it's a good idea. I'll considere it very seriously.