Ars Magica is battling for Best RPG!

Ars Magica is battling for "Best RPG" over on RPG Geek. You can see the recent round here.

We cannot let this go down without a brawl. If you're over on RPGGeek, make sure you check out the subscription thread and let's get Ars into the final round! We know this is the best game, and we know we can punch above our weight when it comes to community organization and contribution-- let's show the RPG Geek community Ars Magica is the best RPG! :smiley:

Go sign up for RPGGeek, if you're not already.
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Be ready to vote! I'll make sure I post something here, too.

Let's rock this thing!

(Yes, I know it's for fun, but hey, I do think its the best RPG.)



The 3rd Round voting is up-- you can cast your votes here! (presuming you have an RPG Geek account.)

What? You don't have an account? Make one! Vote! We must take Ars Magica to victory! Currently, Ars Magica trails against Monster of the Week! We cannot have this, I'm declaring Wizards' War against the monsters-- they're an Enemy of the Order! Go, cast your sigil for my sodales!


Voting closes Thursday, July 3rd, so get in there and vote...


Ack! Ars is losing by 18 votes-- 66 to 84. We can beat them, we just have to get in there and vote!


Um... This is kind of embarrassing to say, but I just joined RPG Geek and I can't actually figure out how to cast my vote. I didn't see a poll on either of the threads and I'm pretty sure we aren't voting on Challonge, or if we were I wouldn't know how. Help?

Make sure you're logged in-- if you're not, you won't be able to see the voting.

The page should be here. However, the link should be in the post found here.


16 behind now, 70 to 86

Voting closes at 0000 CST on 7/3/2014, so in about 11 hours 45 minutes. If you were thinking of voting, now's the time!

Ars Magica trails Monster of the week by 20 votes!


Only a few hours to go, and Ars Magica is 24 votes behind. We're not beaten yet, though.