As long as the effect isn't activated, the weapon is not magic. Enchanted maybe, but not magic.

That's why I made the effect so that it shrinks the blade, rather than making it out of thin air - so that it wouldn't be subject to parma... Is it OK by the rules?

IIRC, Rego is about natural changes, so I'd say Muto (unnatural changes). Maybe MuTe(Au)

Why Auram? I don't turn the blade into thin air, I make it really really really small, so it fits in the crossguard and grip...

Coin of exhaustion
PeCo (base 15 [no fatigue recovery during effect], touch, moon, +3 activated by saying « Shall this money end our transaction. And shall you go with peace, in the love of god », 70 penetration) , a dangerous special item which prevent who seize it after the triggering words are said to rest for the next moon. It’s a perfect anti spontaneous device and a "you're gonna die if you exhaust yourself" thing.

Level 73. Charged item, created by a magus who has energy magic AND quick charged item... a monster in battle ^^.

Catapult of Vilano

This magic staff said to copy an effect invested in Vilano’s own talisman can make one man the equivalent of a siege engine. The user merely touches the head of the staff to an appropriate projectile. Then whips the staff around as easily as if wielding a sling. Sending the stone hurling through the are like a catapult.

Hurl The Weighty Stone
Rego Terram 40
R: Touch D: Inst T: Inv size +1
Base: 20, +1 touch, +1 size, +10 unlimited uses.
This effect, hurls a large stone projectile with the speed and crushing power of a catapult. This is a indirect rego spell and must be targeted with a finesse roll it has a has a range increment of 20. Unlike lower powered versions of this effect larger projectiles can be used effectively. A small stone suitable for a sling does +20 while something sized for a catapult does +25.

For added fun have the staff also empowered as an item of virtue to give you up to a +3 for your finesse roll to hit.

I'd say Mu(Re)Te. Mu to get the blade smaller and to fit into the hilt (no way a sword blade will fit into its hilt otherwise), and Re for the movements, and to guarantee that the sword has the correct shape when back. You need to use the higher base with requisites, so Mu(Re)Te, base 5.

It's still a magical sword, even if the base sword blade isn't. All that shifting back and forth makes it a magical blade. The blade itself is enchanted, so Parma will block it.

You could try to enchant the hilt rather than the whole sword, making sure that the normal state of the blade is, well, blade. The hilt can then cast the spell on the blade (Range Touch), and when the spell is canceled/ended, the blade is back out and non-magical.

That could work, I think. It'll still be a Mu(Re)Te, then, but with one extra mag for R:Touch.

Arch of Mitigating Circumstances

Mu/He 43 (base 5, Sun +2m, Room +2m, Touch +1m, Unlimited +10, EnviTri +3)
Mu/Te 53 -II- (metal +2m)
Mu/An 43 -II-

A large wooden arch that is attached to deck of a cargo hold of a ship.
Any animal, animal product, plant, plant product, mineral, metal, mineral object or metal object that goes trough this arch is diminished by 4 in size.
This can make a horse to a size of a dog. They get bigger again if they are put trought the arch again or if they are removed from the deck.

This was made in mind of a covenant that is located in a ship or ships.

It does have the side effect that, since all clothes would also get miniaturized, those who use it are either very very carefull or ,to be on the safe side, naked.

(ps, does this need all 3 spells, or can they be compined to 1?)

Must be atleast range Touch

Can we assume you mean MuTe in place of MuAu? If so, also please remember the +2 magnitudes to affect metals.

The Mask of Seventy times Seventy Faces
(The Mask gives a +7 - Lesser Enchanted Item)
Muto Imaginem (Vim) Level 30
Rang: Touch, Duration: Concentration, Target: Individual
That object can change the owner appearence many times and with many appareances any time. The illusionary disguise is over all the appearence, except the "taste"; and by that a lover or other tru Partner taht kiss or similarly that "tastes" the owner could recognize him. The Vim requisite grants that owner could change the appeareance of the disguise; changing the effect like in Muto Vim Guidelines; to do during the activation, the user must say the description of the disguise, a Perception + Finesse or Guile + simple roll against 6, and taht make difficult to. To take the appeareance of somebody real, he needs a stress die roll + Perception + Finess against 12, and after of that act in a way to guile the relatives of the mimicked.
This object don't have Penetration, because is thought used only by spyes of one Covenant.
(Base 4, + 1 Touch, +1 Concentracion, + 1 Extra Vim and complexity effect; +10 Ilimitated, +5 the object maintain the Concentration)

The Everful Firewood Box

Whenever this box is opened, it is found full of firewood. The firewood is ordinary in nature, though if the wood is not used within a couple of weeks, it tends to go missing. There are stories about how the owner was gifted by angels or faeries with the box when he was generous to some passing strangers. The woodcutters have less work, but everyone else in the city is glad for this firewood, wood that leaves cleaner chimneys than any other.

CrHe Effect: Base effect 1, +1 for treated product, +1 for touch, +3 for Moon duration, +2 for group for Level 20 effect. The item has unlimited uses, for final level of effect of 30.

This item was built to both provide a small income to an agent of the covenant who lives in the city and to discourage woodcutters from harvesting the nearby forest. Before having the agent start selling wood, the covenant spread stories of someone being so rewarded for generosity, with the implication that disaster would befall anyone who was foolish enought to steal the item from one who was so gifted.

Only a doubt... firewood is a treated death vegetal product?

Well, the pieces of firewood are cut to the same length and seasoned for proper burning. Doesn't seem to reach processed for +2 levels, which is the level for woven cotton cloth.

A processed plant product is a plank (rulebook example). I can easily see this apply to firewood as well.
So Moon duration firewood is:
B2, +1 Touch +3 moon +2 group = CrHe20. Or sdrop the group and you get a CrHe10 spell. Cast it over and over again. I guess that 200 castings of the spell would be enough, and take around 20 minutes to achieve. Quiite feasible for a morning's work for your magus.


But that would belong on the other thread! :slight_smile:

You know, if I wanted to practice finesse, a spell like this might be perfect. You could work at controling exactly how the piece of firewood looked and still have a useful product at the end of the morning.

I re-worked and converted "Horn of the Boon-Fellows" from "Deadly Legacy"

This spiral trumpet seems to be horn of a mighty ram. A mesh of golden wire covers its sides, mouthpiece is made of carved wood.

CrCo(Vi) 45
R:Voice D:Sun T:Group
Blowing a horn summons 10 faerie warriors. They consider themselves spirits summoned from Valhalla - that may be true, if stories about Faerie being spirits of pagan dead are true. They obey the blower for one day - until sunset or sundawn. Warriors speak Old Norse and do not understand other language. They expect a feast in return for their services. Meal must include mead, roasted meat and music. If any of the dies in battle, the rest demands compensation in form of "Freya's Breath" - vis, one pawn for every warrior slain. If somebody refuses to pay or treat them, they respond accordingly to the situation. Horn may be blown once per week, successive attempts produce only a weak, echoing sound, while summoning tone is nearly deafening.
(Base 15, +2 Voice, +2 Sun +2 Group)
Enchantment uses guidelines for "Animae Mystery" from Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults. For warriors - stats taken from "Return of the raiders" should work fine.

[Near to poorly Hermetic or no traditional Spells, i like that.
This is a Enchanted Device to help Faery Doctors and anothers with the Curse-Throwing Ability.]

Scapegoat of Clay Invested Enchantment
A not really big figurine (Medium giving a Size Multiplier fo 3) of a Scapegoat, this clay figurine (soft stone, Material multiplier of x3) can work to take the Curses, Diseases and Afflictions from the uses of Curse-throwing. The figurine is ever of "other different species" from the objective (With a -3 to the roll to the ability). The effects on the figurine are sadly limited by the same criteria: it can't take more the Size x Material, and in the case of Curses (Hex uses and similar effects from supernatural abilities or powers that don't make ill) they take use of Space of Spells if they aren't taken off both to the "ills" space, but the "afflictions", curses and diseases can disappear. Use the Quality of the figurine (-3 to shoddy figurine, -1 to standard figurines, 0 to superiors, +1 or more to excelents figurines) to see if the Disease is lost or not making a Recovery Roll like a human or animal, but without you couldn't use Medicine or any natural way to improve that. A mystical detrimental effect can end. A figurine of others differents Materials are possible and commons, but are more difficult to enchant.
Sometimes the Diseases and Afflictions inside the Figurine can be used for summon Airy Spirits (if the Aura and the Curse Throwing are Magical both), faeries (if both are Faeric), Demons (if one or both are Infernal) related to the ill inside the Figurine. Thats is common that the diseases and curses can "jump" to other victim by the Warping of the Figurine. Many times the enchantment expiry for the Warping, specially the Flesh of Clay effect, and thanks to that many figurine opens can be enchanted in a single season of work (since use the same Lab Total and it use very few Vis to invest that effect).
The pre-hermetic figurines sometimes contain Vis on side (Perdo, Rego, Corpus, Animal or Vim) and the news and olds can be mistaken with "Defixios" or "Fertility" Relics.

Flesh of clay MuTe(An)(Co) 7
R: Personal, D: Constant, R: Individual
That effect make possible a clay figurine be the object for the use of Curse-throwing ills (Afflictions and Diseases). The Clay can take nine ills that can be recovered or transfered by a new use Curse-throwing again. The wizard can try affect it casting a Creo Terram spell with Animal and Corpus requisites. Sometimes the caster uses the spell levels on the object to make it.
(Base 1 to change a dirt property, +2 Sun; +1 to two uses by day,+3 to enviromental trigger)

The Curse Eater ReVi 65
R: Touch, D: Special, R: Individual
You can use Curse-Throwing over the Figurine to transfer sobrenatural effects wih Duration. Those "Curse" that the figurine takes occupies a "Disease level", and a "Spell level" until the original of the "Curse" is over or it should be Dispelled. You must have in Mind that a Figurine of Clay of Medium Size only can have a simple Curse ever, before be expired or be Dispelled. Sometimes Figurines of Lead or other metal are created.
(General base effect 30, +1 by Touch, +5 by Duration Not-Hermetic, +1 Not-Hermetical effect)

After of that Enchantments if the wizard want can make this spell to make better the Recovery roll, but not is very important:

Resilience of the Clay Goat Cr(Mu)Te(An)(Co) 9
R: Personal, D: Constant, R: Individual.
The Figurine have a +6 to the Recovery rolls to the Diseases and Afflictions, adding to his own "Quality bonus". This spell make more difficult transfer a Curse, because ocupy a new effect level.
(Base 3, +2 Sun; +1 two uses in a day, +3 Enviromental triggering)

What do you think about this?

I am working in some magical objects, here some examples; sorry by the Languages, but on line translator can work well i think.

Charged Items:

Leser Enchanted Items:

Soon more.