In the early days of what eventually became the schism war two Flambeau magi created items to help one another in a wizard’s war that they each intended to simultaneously declare on a Diedne magus who they knew possessed some considerable skill in Parma magica. The two magi Helios, an ignem master with considerable skill in both penetration and mentem, and MacTir, a Magus of Aprimor’s school, hoped to be able to create enchanted rings that let the other use a bit of their own strength. The Flambeau were successful in their wizard’s war. The two used their lab texts to create a duplicate set of the rings and these four items were used by many Flambeau during the schism war and in the years since to great effect.

MacTir’s Ring of Parma Splitting

An unadorned golden ring enchanted with two effects

Moment of Striking
Intellego Mentem 30
This effect is similar to the description of linked trigger on page 99 of the rule book. The ring senses when the wearer is intending to cast an offensive spell at a target.

Splitting the Hermetic Sheild
Perdo Vim 30
R Sight D Mom T Ind.
The target’s Parma magica is dispelled if this effect penetrates and the target’s parma magica skill times five is less than 35 + a stress die (no botch).

Base level 15 + 3 magnitudes for sight range
Modifications +21 for +42 penetration, +3 for linked trigger, +2 for 3 activations per day
Total level of the effect is +56

The user of this ring is often obliged to delay the casting of their offensive spell slightly to ensure that splitting the hermetic shield goes off before their attack spell. (There are no rules for the initiative of enchanted devices. As a SG I’d have the device go off on the character’s rolled initiative and force the character to wait 2 ticks or so.)

Applying the general level perdo vim guidline for dispelling a specific type of magic to the parma magica is controvercial (just try it, you'll create a controversy).

Helios’s ring of the mind splinter

A simple steel ring enchanted with a single muto mentem effect.

Splitner of the Aggressive Mind
Muto Mentem 35
R Touch D Sun T Part
The Target of this spell has the part of their mind that understands how spells penetrate changed into part of a mind very much like Helios’. During the duration of the spell, the target is treated as if they had a penetration score of seven with a specialization in ignem. The effects of the spell masteries that Helios had are also reflected in the mind of the target. If the target chooses to cast panic of the trembling heart they receive an additional level of penetration skill, if they choose to cast Pillum of fire, they receive four additional levels of penetration skill. In addition to these beneficial effects the target also receives a small fraction of the personality of the long dead magus. The target will have the personality traits of hurried +2 and hatred of secrets+4 for the duration of the spell. The target gains a point of warping each time the effect is used due to the powerful magical effect. Most magi feel somewhat disturbed by their experience after the effect fades but do not recall being bothered during the duration of the effect itself.
Base 15 +2 magnitudes duration sun, +1 magnitude range touch, +1 magnitude target part 1 use per day

Splitting the Hermetic Sheild
Perdo Vim 35
R Sight D Mom T Ind.

The target’s Parma magica is dispelled if this effect penetrates and the target’s parma magica skill times Ten is less than 40 + a stress die (No botch).

Any effect not protected by parma and that is lower than level 40 + die will be dispelled unless sustain. In such cases, they will be supressed for a moment & if they have a charge to be re-activated, can be.

This spell is not well seen within the order as it can counter the Parma magica on which the order is based but it is tolerated for it's other usefull applications.

Base level General(20) + 3 magnitudes for sight range
Modifications +21 for +42 penetration, +3 for linked trigger, +2 for 3 activations per day
NB: Similar spell is Wind of Mundane Silence
Total level of the effect is 61

This post has been up for over two weeks without drawing any critisim so I've transferred it here.

Magic items for market crossroads:

Over the years the covenant of market crossroads has created and obtained devices that aid their mercantile ventures and items that assist the covenant in maintaining its anonymity. The covenant of market crossroads is primarily concerned with its mundane neighbors, as a result none of these devices have any penetration bonus. Most of these items are lesser enchanted devices

The floating anchor
A small wooden anchor that when touched to any part of a ship while the holder speaks the word “endure” prevents that ship from sinking at all until the next sunrise or sunset regardless of the condition of the ship’s hull.
Rego Herbam Base 3 +1 range touch +2 duration sun +3 target structure +1 level 2/day level 26

Adze of seaworthiness

An adze that when slammed headfirst on the deck of a ship while the holder growls “arrrr” restores the hull of the ship to pristine condition, until sunrise or sunset whereupon all of the ship’s damage reappears.
Creo Herbam Base 3 (equivalent to create wood in an unnatural shape) +1 range touch +2 duration sun +3 target structure +1 level 2/day level 26

Wand of the spotless memory
A wand with one instilled effect, any knowledge that the target has concerning the covenant of market crossroads is removed from the target’s memory.
Base15 range voice+2 duration momentary +0 target part +1 6x/day +3 levels level 33

Pendant of insightful diplomacy
A pendant of carved hazel with a rock crystal set into it. This enchanted device has two powers.
Posing the silent question at range sight 6x/day level 33
Sight of the transparent motive at range sight unlimited uses level 30

Wand of lumber
A wand with one power, to make a plant reach full maturity in a single diameter.
Creo Herbam 30 +1 touch +5 levels 24x/day level 40

Bell of silence
A bell with no clapper, when the holder brings the bell to their ear and “rings” it four times that person will be unable to create sound until sunset or until they hit the bell with their left hand.
Base 2, +1 duration concentration, +1 range touch, target individual, +5 levels item maintains concentration, +2 levels 3x/day level 11

2 Cloaks of invisibility
These cloaks make their wearer invisible when their hood is up and they are drawn tight. The wearer’s shadow is still visible.
Base 4, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +1changing image, +5 levels item maintains concentration, +10 levels unlimited uses level 30 each

The ivory doves of peace
A carved ivory dove that in enchanted with one power: when activated no person in the room with the dove is able to feel any anger. The covenant has two of these items. They have lent these devices to the managers of the covenant’s taverns.
Base 5, +1 range touch, +2 target room, +1 duration concentration, +5 levels item maintains concentration +3 levels use restricted to members and employees of the covenant level 33 each

The Skull Staff

Moulded from human femurs (using a spell found in the net Grimoire, the name escapes me - serfs parma, likewise for effect levels). All rules are 4th ed.

Item is a talisman with three effects.

MuIm 10 - Conceal staff
This effect works twice a day and has sun duration. Upon command, the staff changes its image to resemble a black hawthorn walking staff. This avoids those inconvient witch burnings and such like.

MuCo(Te) 15 - Bones of Stone
Changes the bone that the staff is made of to have the hardness of stone. This is a continuous effect.

ReCo 30 - Mighty swipe of the menancing Ogre
A variation on mighty fling of the menancing knight. This effect is identical to the spell in all ways except one, it is target group. Inspired by Saurons nasty mace at the start of the Fellowship of the ring Movie.

Major Magical objects (5)
Lance of Light
1st Effect: Final level 65
DEO 50 (Base effect; +5 50 Times per day, +10 Pen 20 Penetration)
2nd effect: 22
WC 20 (Base effect; +2 6 Times per day)

These lances were all created magically by the great Arch Mage Angus of Flambeau as one great weapon that could be spliced into 5 lances. He gave those lances to his retenue during his eternal war against the Infernal forces that would, eventually, lead him to his final demise.

His retenue spent quite some time learning the activation ritual that allowed them to combine their strenght to vainquish evil. This allowed them to vainquish foes worth of legend telling.

Each of the lances were instilled individually but as if part of the same mundane item. As separate entities, they can slay the average demon in one swift blow but if they are combined, it is said they can slay even the most powerfull of dark lords.

5 lances combination = +40 penetration = 64 penetration total

Unfortunately, since the demise of Angus, we have only found four of the lances. As such, the ability to use the true power of the Lance of Light is lost for the time beeing.


Enchanted items of Torpid Serpent Keep

Torpid serpant keep is concerned with keeping up it's mundane relations and with keeping its dragons confined.

Chandelier in the Great Hall, an enchanted device is an enchanted device that keeps the great hall free of poison[color=darkred]
Destroy Poison ( all of the poison in the room) Perdo Aquam (herbam, animal) (base 10, +2 requisites, +1 range touch, +2 duration, +2 target room (+1 size), + 1 complex effect, +1 level 2x’s/day, +3 levels environmental trigger) level 59

Boulder wand, this is an invested device that can create a huge rock at any location that the wieldier can see. It is the hope of the covenant that this item might be an effective weapon against the dragons should they ever escape.
[color=darkred]Creates a large (10 cubic paces in volume) roughly sphereical rock Creo Terram (base 3 range touch +1 Duration diameter +1, target individual (+1 size), +1 unnatural effect, +40 levels penetration) level 50

Wizard's persistence (terram) increase the duration of target spell base level 25, +1 duration diameter, linked trigger + 3 levels level 33

Wizards reach terram base level 25, +1 duration diameter, linked trigger + 3 levels level 33

Wizard's incrementum (as wizard's reach but affecting target) base level 25, +1 duration diameter, linked trigger + 3 levels level 33

this item has been disputed viewtopic.php?t=319&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Painting of Guernicus kept in conference room. The eyes of anyone who tells a lie while in the room with this picture appear to turn jet black for a matter of seconds. The speaker will not be able to notice this herself unless she happens to be looking in a mirror or observing herself in some other way.
[color=darkred]InMe (base 10, +2 room, +1 touch, +1 concentration, +5 levels item maintains concentration +2 levels 3x/day, black eyes are a cosmetic effect) level 37

Enchanted Infirmary A room in the keep has been enchanted so as to assist any inhabitants in their recovery from injuries or disease.[color=darkred]
Creo Corpus, grant a +15 bonus to recovery rolls (base 10, range personal, +1 duration concentration, +2 target room, +5 levels item maintains concentration, +1 level 2x’s/day) level 31

Circle of Evacuation; a Circle that when stood upon and the command word spoken teleports anyone standing upon it to a church some 1 league away
Rego Corpus base 25, +1 range touch, duration momentary, target circle +5 levels 24 uses per day, level 35

Whip of equine terror, This horse hide whip has a single effect enchanted into it; to create unreasoning overwhelming fear in a group of horses and force them to flee the area as fast as their bodies will take them.

[color=darkred]Rego Animal base 5, +3 range sight, +2 duration sun, +2 target group 1x/day level 40

The Iron Doors. The main gate of torpid serpent keep is enchanted to be as strong as steel.

[color=darkred] Muto Herbam base 4, range personal, +2 duration sun, target individual (+1 size), 1 level 2x/day +3 levels environmental trigger, level 19

The Cursed Tower
Inside a big mage tower lies a hidden chamber with the invested item, a small, golden tower which is a perfect copy of the original (pherhaps granting a form bonus). A Rock crystal is on the top of the tower and the tower itself is hold by a stone glove. The tower itself is opened with 20 pawns of vis, 19 are already used.
The Bad Mind(MuReMeTe50, Touch, Structure, Day, +1 Mentem req, base 5 (as turning dirt into an animal), +1 for stone, +5 levels for constant effect)
This effect gives the tower a simple intelligence but it obeys totaly to the enchanter or someone specified by the enchanter. The tower now learns how to speak and understand (but not how to write) latin or the language of the casters origin.
The Walls have Eyes(InIm25, Touch, Structure, Day, Base 2, +5 levels for a constant effect). With this spell the tower can hear and see everything within it.
Spooky Objekts (ReTeHe65, Touch, Structure, Concentration, +1 size, +10 levels unlimited uses, the device can concentrate, base 3, +2 for stone and metal, +1 Herbam req, +2 for high dexterity) The Item can move nearly any non-living object that is in it. Slamming doors, helping the mage in the lab, attaking foes with swords, writing a message to communicate with someone, animating armors, working in the kitchen or something else (ok the food will be bad because the cooking skill is 0 but this is another thing, and if he wants top aim something then he allways have only a stress die with 3 botch dices, but simple things he can do without rolling like any normal human).
Wisphers in the Dark(CrIm35, Touch, Structure, Concentration, +10 levels unlimited uses, the device can concentrate, base 2, +1 for moving objects, +1 for real looking images)
The tower is able to create illusions that affect hearing and seeing inside him.
This item was created by Cremus ex Tremere, a famous necromacer. According to his sigil the whole tower became a dark and misty place with long shadows, strange sounds and cold rooms. But this could also be because if the many ghosts which lives with Cremus in the tower...
This item qualifies for his full 175 points as an item that increases the lab of the magus (because it is like a magical helper, a servant, more security, it could help the magus as a timer, to avoid running in his lab, he can levitate boks from which the magus may wish to learn, he can make the whole alchemy thing in a safe distance from the magus, such a tower definitly is something that would increase the reputation of the magus or would grant a Mentem or Rego bonus and so on), but it also automaticaly adds 1 the the warping score of the lab, giving him the personality trait "spooky" +3.

Samual's Steelwarmer

A hearth that saves money on blacksmith's feul, sure to endear you to the local craftsmen or warlord. Simply insert the thing to be forged, take out and hammer away. No nasty fumes either.

Effect: CrIg5 Heat an object to glow red hot (+1 mag. touch, +2 mag. sun) = 20. Hearth gets shape and materials bonus of +7.

A magus with a Magic theory of 6, in an aura 5 (not too uncommon), Inteligence 3 would only need a Creo and Ignem of 10 each to do this in a season! It also heats stones for the sauna!

Simply put a sample of the mineral you're looking for in the pan, put on head and smell your way to richs!
InTe2 (+2 sun, +2 smell, +1 through intervening material, +1 level 2 uses/day) = 16

This item was discussed in the tread: Improving your grogs magically. You could look there to get different versions of the enchantment. (Thanks to all those who contributed to the improvement.)

Devastating Crossbow of Vetrenius
lesser enchanted item
ReHe 3 (Base: 3, R: per, D: mom: T: ind)
unlimited uses: +10, end level 13
Trigger action: trying to bend both ends of the bow bachwards. This could either be done with two hands or one hand pulling the bow string.
This enables the crossbowman to archieve a rate of fire similar to that of bowmen. The enchantment is rather easy to research and requires little vis. Thus it is especially useful for spring convents.
As the bolt is propelled by mundane force it ignores magic resistance. To aim the corssbowman uses the ability crossbows rather than finesse, which most grogs are missing.
A different Version of the enchantment is used for composite crossbows. This requires an animal requisite resulting in an endlevel of 14.
A metal bow, which are not in use by 1220, will require a ReTe effect of 4 resulting in an end level of 14.

this was a fouth edition major enchanted device, but it is legendary so I will still share it

Our flying viking boat with cloaking device, warp speed, polarizing hull plating and shields (we never got around to fit the phaser banks, and our very mundane ballista isn't really a photon torpedo)

First we had to steal the boat, this was done by me (Teleri, a merenita auram specialist who believed hersel a faerie) and Chris (Siffed, a lame criamon mind and illusion specialist), we got the idea drinking coffee, and next game night we boldly proclaimed we would steal a viking ship, our SG said "Oh yeah? let's see you do that", we scouted the area for a raid (spring around 910, wales, so there were viking raids) and landed there, invisibly. Our criamon put the guards to sleep and I made the ship light, we rego'd one of them aboard and with a nice blast of winds, we sailed the ship right out to sea. When it was a little calm, I tortured the hapless viking and then Siffed reversed his emotions so he would like us very much. We convinced him to sail to our covenant.

We enchanted it as a major enchanted device, and put in a chamber of invisibility(cloaking device), our Vim specialist gave it resistance 30 (our shields) and I put both flight spells in (one to get up and land, "impuls speed" and one to cruise fast "warp speed"). The boat was also enchanted to be as hard as iron (polarized hull plating). Sensor arrays proved extremely difficult, so we didn't make those, but at the time of my death I was making EVA possible (an item which made flight spells that lasted for sun, so other people could get out too) and was planning to make an incantation of lightning device starting next year (the phaser bank).

The flying boat stories did make the other Ars magica campaign envious (much more powerful characters, just less cooperation because of an overdose of tremere), just after we finished and did a "europe in a season" they stole a galley too and started their flying ship

Our SG did however stop us from using our code words during sessions, otherwise he would send in some Borg cubes (or at least he threatened)

Came up with what struck me as a very clever device, wanted to see what other people thought. It brings up some interesting rules questions as well.

Wand of Enduring Focus
At any point during the duration of a spell requiring concentration, the maga flicks her wand in a precise fashion to activate it. The wand will begin maintaining the spell on the maga's behalf, leaving the maga free to pursue other interests, or cast other spells without strain. At any point, the maga may concentrate on the held spell again in order to take control of it, or end it. At sundown and sunup, the spell will expire naturally, unless the maga concentrates for a moment to maintain the effect, and then activates the wand again.
[As per ReVi Gen Maintaining the Demanding Spell with Conc instead of Diam duration, +5 for the device to maintain it's own concentration]

In essence, this allows a magus to have one spell at a time cast at the very rare duration of "as long as I feel like", with the slight restriction that they must pay attention to it for a few moments twice a day. Armed with a device such as this, a wizard might very reasonably strategically learn all their spells at concentration duration.

My character uses his primarily along with with Image from Wizard Torn, to let him wander about in phantasmal form as long as he pleases, even days or weeks, as he journeys about the countryside intangibly. While at home, he could just as easily hold a boulder in the air for weeks above his sanctum door with Invisible Hand where it can be easily dropped on an intruder with only a moment's warning.

Our SG (very reasonably, I think) ruled that the device could only maintain one spell at a time, although admittedly, there's nothing I know of in the rules that clarify how many spells a device can have going at once, so other people may rule differently.

Also, there was a bit of a question over which ReVi base guideline to use, as the guideline is much higher to maintain a spell cast by "another." We ruled that normally a magic item in use by a maga was considered separate from the maga herself, and so would need to use the more general guideline (with the bonus that the maga could also use this to help her sodales just as easily). However, we also ruled that if the enchanted item was a talisman, than it would be counted as the same "caster" as the maga, being a part of her, and could thus use the cheaper guideline.

The Farmers Circle

CrHe25 duration 70 years
R per T Circle D sun
Once per day, every plant within the circle grows to maturity over the course of sun. The plants grown this way are sterile.

We use this thing to grow timber and food, the non-sterile plants we trade from a village nearby.

One low cost way by have animals (a dog in this case) like helps for some magi if you can't have familiar or only before of find one.
Pygmalion's Dog (MuTe(An)) (Level 19)[+Penetration, normaly between 6 and 20]
You can enchant a dog statue of size 0 (a huge object with multiplier of x5) of clay (with a base points of 3) that should be open to enchanment if the wizard haven't a really great total for MuTe(An), and he want a high Penetration (a thing under an enchantmen need Penetrate ever) and have intention to have a guardian dog. The dog still be affected by Terram spells, but too by Animal. The good thing is that isn't need give a modification for size, giving penetration, or others powers spaces, but withoiut need open mor enchanment spaces if you cant. The effect have a base of 5 (become dirt in a animal), Range: Personal, Target: Individual and Duration: Sun, with +1 for two uses by day and +3 Trigered. A "life" Talisman could be a good thing too (and a substitute for mages without familiar).
A version with Human body (if that is possible) should have a MuTe(Co)(Me) guideline and a base level of 15 (for the requisites and complexity, and finally have a level of 29), and the spell should call False Pandora or Pygmalion's bride. What do you think?

"Eureka!" That could be heard in three differents Covenants. A way for a portable Magic resistance to other.
Thera are teh same by Arts and rules, but the difference is the process of those magi. From Great Forest, a Bonisagi called Callesia was studing Mercurical and Hermetical ancient traditions (she have Mercurian Magic Virtue, and his master too), and she found taht in ancient times the the greeks marked his roads and farmed lands with groups of rocks with a statue in the top with a strange form: the form of Hermes. Thinking about that she has developed and asked for make a experiment, have developed a way for extend the protection against the companions and others. Enchanting the rocks in a medallion, that conduct the spells against the statue under the protection of the Aegis. A unmovilized Mercere, Motis of Roman tribunal has directly (really proudly) reparted skin of his unsensed legs in his Redcap family with the form of parch in his Caps, proud of his strong Parma (he has Puissant and Affinity with Parma Magica) and thas by that his family is growing in fame and fortune (but have guarded this in secret). The last is a Ex Miskellanea theurgic wizard, Vespes; he had negociated Three protectioons with a powerfull Daimon, Nike, the victory for a few services. He had attached the true name in a gold pound.
The enchantment is a RegoVim that create a Conduict with Arcane Conection Range, with Duration of Sun and two uses and enviromental trigger. The Level of the spell that can protect all the things are 25 (casually being for all). Protection of Hermes Childs/ Gift of the Flesh/ NIke's gold Blessing (ReVi 55, Base effect 30, Duration: Sun +2, Range: Arcane Conection +4) Level 59 (Ambiental trigger +3, 2 uses by day +1). The owner must touch the object all time possible, becoming a thing like the clothes or likely. The base effect is for a spell that should be one magnitud lesser that the final level of the effect.
With this is possible the investigation of a portable effect that gives Magic Resistance like is presented in the HoH: True Lineages.
[That could work or not?]

Crucible of Builder of Ice [Invessted Object] (Level 39) (Base 3 To turn water into Ice, +1 Divides(Departs), +2 Size, +2 Complexity, +1 Effect extra form, Duration Give Him +2 Sun - Total 35; +1 of 2 Uses, +3 of Environmental Trigger, Penetration 0). [The base of this charm(spell) is a touchstone (formed(trained) of ice), that has a chunk of Jade connected carefully (+ 4 Aquam) very valuably, that really is the center of the spell. To extract it from his position it is necessary to annul the spell and to return to deposit it in a body of similar size of water. To annul the effect is an effect metamágico, of Perdo Vim or Rego Vim or similar. It would destroy the castle. The unique characteristics of this lake, it makes possible that the construction in any other place could be very much worse or at least, different. To study it the Laboratory of the magician has to move where this one is, in the central prop in the deepest of the castle. The Effect has been causing Corruption to the water of the lake; possibly creating elementary of the water throughout last century. The creator was the former Archimaga Bonafonta, Mater of one of the current magicians of the Alliance.]
How do you see that?

Version 1: "general"
Spell invested : InCo 30 (base 4, arc, sun)
Effects: permanent +4 [sunrise/sunset]
Level 34, can be designed as a lesser enchanted device
Version 2: "for one magus"
Spell Invested: InCo 35 (base 4 arc moon)
Effects: permanent +4 [full moon or new moon]
Level 39, designed as a charged item, with expiry depending on the time of the mission during which the magus take risks far away from his covenant.

When the magus with who the life card is linked die, the life card burns.

(from One Piece idea)

A cool item to know if your amicus is still alive. As he is volunteer, he knows when lower his parma to be "detected".

I've been thinking of making a warrior magus, and have his talisman be a sword. So, for this sword I wanted an effect to make it more practical to carry around, and came up with this:

Disappearing Blade
ReTe 25 (Base 5 + 1 Conc. + 5 Item maintains concentration + 10 Unlimited uses)
R: Personal D: Concentration T: Individual.

When activated, the sword's blade disappears into it's handle. Effectivly, the blade's shape is changed so that it would fit in the handle perfectly and not fall out, so that you have a handle, but no blade, making your sword easier to carry around.

I wasn't sure about the arts in this one. Originally I though of making it MuTe Base 4 (Make something grow to eight times its previous volume), but then decided on going with ReTe Base 5 (3 Control or move dirt in a very unnatural fasion + 2 for metal). Do you think it's OK?

Wouldn't this be an enchanted weapon, thus subject to pink dot defence?

As long as the effect isn't activated, the weapon is not magic. Enchanted maybe, but not magic.

That's why I made the effect so that it shrinks the blade, rather than making it out of thin air - so that it wouldn't be subject to parma... Is it OK by the rules?