Ars Magica Line Back in Stock

We've been working on a big project to bring ALL the Ars Magica 5th Edition books back in print. We've finally gotten through the list! Here are the ones that you'll now find available on our website at Atlas Games | Ars Magica after having been out of stock:

AG0290SC (Realms of Power: Faerie (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0281SC (Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0285SC (Houses of Hermes: Societates (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0287SC (Art & Academe (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0288SC (Realms of Power: Magic (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0276SC (Guardians of the Forest: The Rhine Tribunal (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0303SC (Antagonists (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0302SC (Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0275 (Calebais: The Broken Covenant (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0277SC (Houses of Hermes: True Lineages (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0301SC (Grogs (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0300 (Apprentices (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0280SC (Covenants (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0283SC (City & Guild (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0293SC (Lords of Men (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0299SC (Hermetic Projects (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0305SC (The Contested Isle: The Hibernian Tribunal (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0284SC (Ancient Magic (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0304 (Tales of Power (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0307 (Hooks (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0312 (Thrice-Told Tales (Ars Magica 5E))
AG0205SC (Ars Magica Fifth Edition)


Any plan to make new supplements?
I'd like new adventures, new hibernia and rome tribunal and 4th editions tribunals to 5th edition standards, alternate setting, mesoamerica, China, alternate temporal settings, new middle ages lore.

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That's a nice list! We have a BIG project in the works, and hope to support Ars Magica more regularly after that. But it'll be a bit more until we're ready to announce it officially.