Ars Magica Online Game

Salve sodalis!

I've been advertising everywhere for this, and now I've gained access to this forum here as well:

I'm trying to start an online, chat-based ArM5 game. This would have weekly sessions, or every other week at most, of anything between 2-4 hours each.

Study time and lab work could well be done in other times, I'm actually setting up a forum for that, so the sessions would be mostly problem-solution and adventuring.

I have already got 3 interested people I got from forums elsewhere, but ArM is a very exclusive game, and since I wanted 5-6 characters I thought I'd look in here as well.

Times for the session would be either Friday, Saturday or Sunday at 22:00 CDT.

If you are interested at all, please send me an e-mail at

Also, I unfortunately do now own most of the 5th edition books yet, only the base book, True Lineages, Mystery Cults and Guardians of the Forest. For simplicity sake, I would like to keep rules in books I do not own out of it.

Thanks for the attention,


I'm afraid I can't afford to join right now. However, if you're still lacking for players I just wanted to suggest using the big roleplaying internet forums to invite more players. I believe the largest general-roleplaying forum is has over 50,000 members, so although they are primarily interested in D&D-related games there are several Ars Magica fans there (including me), and posting there for recruitment may turn up players.

(The largest roleplaying boards, I believe, are probably, with over 240,000 members (over 50,000 active members). But these are fragmented and propriety forums that probably won't appreciate solicitation for ArM games.)

I'd liked it, but a chat-based game is sadly probably too demanding on me, without even considering the possible time zone problem.

I wish you good luck finding players :smiley:

I've already posted on the RPG.NET forum, but I think it was in the wrong place, I find their forum a bit confusing.

Thanks for the hints, I'll try to post there again and in EN World as well.

But if anyone else reads this and is interested, by all means, do send me an e-mail.



Only three players still. and we are starting to get organized.

People may join afterwards if they want..

Id love to but the time you've chosen makes it around 4 am for me. Ill still be sleeping. lol.

If you changed the time to earlier in the evening on Saturday (say 16h00 or 17h00) I could.

Speaking of online games, here's a question - does anyone here remember an Ars Magica MUSH called Tela Magica?

I will see with the other players about changing the time, but I'm not sure Boxer.

Aurelius, I would have to know what a MUSH is to even answer that I think. :wink:

Ok, thanks! If it isn't workable at another time then I understand.

This, by the way, is a MUSH...

If this game is still looking for players I would love to be involved.


Yes, if there are still openings, and I can figure out what time CDT is in a civilized country .... :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm definitely looking for people, specially cause the ones involved are not as active as I would have hoped for.

CDT is -5GMT I think.

Send me an e-mail at

Things are going really slow in my game so if anyone wants to join and help me push the others around it would be great...

Friday 9pm Central
Saturday 8pm Central
Sunday 6pm Central

These are the times a game session may occur, every other week.

The game is set in Poland in the 12th century and the players' covenant is a new attempt from the Rhine to take in land now claimed by the Novgorod, and also settle a few... points.

If the new times happen to interest anyone please drop me a line at