Ars Magica Online

Nice to know. In fact I like this covenant layout a lot.

One thing we have never liked is the need for massive numbers of covenfolk to run a covenant efficiently. It does not fit well with our idea of magi wanting isolation and few disturbances to study. In fact we are only setting up, so no covenant as yet. I will suggest running a farm like this one in contraposition to our planned forest exploitation industry (requiring a team of 50-ish workers plus families). Since we have yet to negotiate with the local lords to get a location, setting up a villa seems a good move.

Do I assume right that the conversion would be late summer under ArM5/4?



Thanks. We inherited it from someone else's game. It's kind of neat having two seperate universes... the winery/villa above ground which has a public face to the world, and the hidden covenant below ground where all the non-Gentle Gifted magi do their stuff. Although our IC goal now involves making this the biggest, bestest winery in all of France. We've had enough of hiding.

I'm not sure what you're asking here. The situation was designed to be new magi in a Winter covenant, so we inherited a decent library, some nifty items and a handful of story hooks. This was started in Ars 4. When we converted to Ars 5 the covenant had moved into its new Spring, and we'd like to think our remaining two magi are bringing the covenant into a second Summer as we emerge from the trouble with the local crusades.

sorry about that my computer went bust. I have it working again but not shure how long its going to be. with that said i dont think that i could be relible enuff to be a constant part of the group but i wold like to see how it gose for you and if i get this straightend out join in at a latter date if that wold work for you

every week works for me, just let me know. if you can, send a link to my e-mail at

Right, then: time is set, we need to decide on SG and programs.

The problem with the commercial applications is that the SG needs to purchase the expensive server utility, and each player the client. Are we all up to investing 20$ to 35$ for Fantasy Grounds, for example?

I have zero experience with these things. I'll be asking around, trying to see what is the distance between the free and commercial applications, and which ones are best for Ars Magica. (Fantasy Grounds may have ArM support later on, or so Atlas hinted...)

I'm OK with buying software if we can agree on something. If we decide to use OpenRPG (1.7 is here) , I can probably whip up a die roller - it doesn't seem to difficult. Otherwise, I've tinkered a bit with both FantasyGrounds and Klooge, both have up and downsides.

As far as being SG myself, the few times I've tried my hand at it, the players got so bored that I'm a bit wary about volunteering. The spirit is willing, but the game is weak.

okay - my troupe just adjusted our regular play, which means we'll play every 4th Sunday (and wednesdays inbetween). If these sundays dont overlap with yours I'd kindly ask if I could join you.

I don't have the opportunity to Alpha SG, but I'd surely offer to Beta some sessions if possible. The medium would be all new to me, so I dont know how I'd manage.

I'd be fine with runing FG as I have a somewhat underway ARM conversion for it. (Need to enter more spells and virtues/flaws and making sure those are of the kind that doesn't give copyright trouble) It does howver contain a working character-sheet.

I'd also be fine with runing OpenRPG as it is free and that is ALWAYS a bonus, a charsheet in that one is pretty quick to add.

I don't know as much about Klooge and the others... but I am always willing to try something new.

Also... I'd be willing to run Alpha if nobody else wants to. Fair warning be given though that I tend to run more for feel than for historical accuracy. (Used to have a guy in my troupe who is aiming to become a prof in medieval history ... lets just say that I decided to go 'ughbuggerall' in trying to compete with his knowledge of detail :wink:

Alright then, let's build up the characters and covenant and get going already. Although I'm not the alpha-SG, I think I need to move this along. :slight_smile:

Instead of mucking about, let's build characters and construct the covenant and saga around them. I'd ask each player to present a main character (not necessarily a magus, just a character you want the main stories you're involved in to center around). Stats aren't very important, although you might want to sort them out before posting to get a better feel for the character. What's important are the Hooks (things for the SG to use to hinge stories on). Try to include,

  • At least one hook relating to background (not necessarily a story flaw, just some tangle in the past that may come to bite the character in the ass).
  • At least one hook relating to the character's desires (anything from the personality flaw "obessed with eradicating the Order of Odin" to "he is interested in Auram and Aquam spells").
  • At least one hook relating to a group of NPCs, covenant, abbey, or to a powerful NPC (and by extension his followers). At this point, feel free to have the group be generic ("the abbey", "a Bjornaer sept", "a powerful covenant", or so on).
  • At least one hook relating to items, unique or general (from "books on Magic Theory" to "he is cursed to die by his father's sword, which he shattered and hid in four corners of the earth").
  • At least one hook relating to game-mechanics. Anything from desired spells to wanting to uncover some Mystery.
  • At least two hooks in total. Since one hook can combine all of the above ("He seeks to fulfill his father's oath, to eradicate the Order of Odin from the earth and recover the stolen Eye of Odin..."), that's not asking too much. But it's better if the hooks are sperated and stand on their own. Having too many hooks is not an advantage, however - try to be concise, not to spill every concievable story!

Also try to write about the stories you see that character participating in. Is he fighting demons? Manipulating the local clergy? Adventuring in Arcadia?

We'll see if we can sort out a common saga out of that mess. :slight_smile:

OK. I'm onto it. Decisions, decisions...

Do we want to arrange a chat soonish?

Just throwing this out there, in case anyone finds it interesting:
I made my own chat client that we've been using in our Ars Magica campaign for several months now. It's not fancy at all, but here's what it does have:

  • A main "story window" that's a full HTML browser pane, so it can display anything a web page can (images, videos, music)
  • Several small player windows that lets everyone see what the others are typing right now
  • Storyguide controls how the player's contributions are incorporated into the story window
  • Secret messages can be passed between players and to the SG
  • Integrated Ars Magica die roller
  • Ars Magica character sheet in separate window, with some automatic formula calculation.

It's done in C#, so it requires .NET. Only verified in Windows XP so far; might work for other .NET platforms. Somewhat sensitive to network instability.

Sounds quite interesting. :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to I could Demo a FG version later as well.

What's the status so far?

How many (and who) are joining? How many is there -practically- room for? Is there room for me to join?

Is the schedule set - and if every 2nd sunday, what will the cycle be (since I'm playing with my regular troupe every 4th sunday)?

Who'll SG and who'll take the reins/initiative on making this project airborne?

What discussions need to be had prior to lift-off?

Sorry for all the questions - it is not to ask away but to get the ball running.

I'd say we have a liftoff. If nobody else voulenteers for first SG I'll take that role.

And here is what I'd like to see for characters :

Aprentices, about the age of 10 perhaps... giving an oportunity to grow into the characters nicely, and then we can do the first few seasons quickly if that is what you wish for.

I'd also want each char to be detailed with a few hooks, a description of the paren and their relation with eachother. Are there any sibblings to be considered? Where does the char come from? Etc etc.

And of course... :slight_smile: We need to get down and create a Grog-pool. :slight_smile: Somehow this always strikes me as one of the FUN parts covenant work.

I'd also suggest that each of us detail a room/chamber/laboratory so that the covenant will be as diverse and interesting as possible. :slight_smile: Creating a sense of wonder for each aprentice.

We have settled on time [Sunday 16:00 GMT, bimonthly], and making characters towards building a saga out of them. :slight_smile:

We have

  1. Iwakari - Asked to be contacted, I guess we should do that to tell him to build a character...?

  2. Oberoten - the first (and alpha?) SG

  3. YR7 (Me)

  4. Fruny

  5. Furion - likes to beta

Ranald also expressed interest, but didn't commit.

spun_zombie bailed out, Xavi is just a tease.

I think we're at the limit of how many would it be reasonable to accommodate (6-7 players).

I think we can be flexible with the cycle. I can.

Oberoten will be the alpha SG, with others chipping in as beta-SGs according to his needs, their desires, and so on. I'm looking forward for your own SGing, Furion :slight_smile: I wouldn't mind SGing a bit too.

Since Oberoten is the alpha SG and appears to have asked for characters, I suppose he has the reins. Oberoten, I'd recommend we set up a site (Google Group?) to manage our affairs at this point.

I think we should a) do the characters, which may involve some discussions and mutual changes, b) design the covenant and choose the setting around the characters (unless Oberoten wants to decide that). These two discussions are a bit related, so may mix.

Bad news so far : I work evening this sunday, but I will give pretty free reins for the character / covenant area. :slight_smile:

Anyone who wants to set up the pages? I am afraid I am rather unfamiliar with the google-groups.

Never made one, so let's be clear: starting apprentices (at most two years or so into their apprenticeship), full characteristics allotment, design adult's V&F, remove "adult" ones (like Extra Spells), and make sure you still have enough flaws to cover the virtues remaining. No spells known (as these are learned towards the end of apprenticeship), probably know some Latin and perhaps some Magic Theory (and opened Arts), very little if any Art XP.

Is that right, or did you have something else at mind? (Never made one, plus serf's parma...)

My character is going to be a Bjornaer, just to place dibs. :slight_smile:

That's fine by me. Potponing things by a week isn't too bad. :slight_smile:

I can set one up.
I created "Virtusaga",
Send me an email address (I recommend via private messaging) for me to invite you.

Sound JUST about perfect to me. :slight_smile:

And Done. ... I am using WAY too many smileys so just on general principlpe, have a frowny instead. :imp:

How about shared spreadsheets to manage covenant resources? For example: ... PjeA&gid=0

A suggestion for library management too: ... MpRurwBhdw

Damn you. Goes back to the drawing board. :stuck_out_tongue: