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We could form a sept :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard gentlefolk, sodalis of all houses and bloodlines.

In this humble first post I believe that we should put down some grounds about the covenant... What DO we want?

My suggestion would be starting with a Winter-Covenant where the old masters are dying and you as the aprentices is the last breath of hope. From there we might go through a short spring and move into summer proper if that is your wish.

But there will be a few aprentice-incidents just to let you all get a feel for eachother and eachother's characters.

... beware that most of these incidents might have to do with somewhat senile older masters. :wink:

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Do we want a webstite too? Perhaps something like this...

(text is pretty nonsense, just wanted to show how it would look like)

(Answered question above on the group. Come see & join!)

Just confirming that I will not be playing in the saga (as Yair pointed out, teasing :stuck_out_tongue: but not for my desire, since it looks cool). Constraints on my ability to promise a consistent attendace to the sessions forces me to do just that.

However, i would like to be a lurker if that is not a problem. Is everybody OK with having a non player reader of your logs and sessions?



The Google Group as it is now is set to allow ANYONE to see the stuff there. If that's not alright with anyone, now's the time to say so! I can change it.

For my part, I would certainly be OK with it. :slight_smile:

Okay, I am about to leave for Copenhagen. I'll be back in town for the weekend - just so you now why my answer at this moment will be short and that if you dont hear from me in a few days it is not due to lack of interest, but lack of internet.

Dates: As I told you I'm playing with my regular troupe every 4th Sunday (18. Marts/15. April/13. May/10. June/8. July) so I hope we can steer clear of those. Secondly I have to add, sorry about all the conditions, that once awhile it'll clash with my on-call duties with the Fire & Rescue service. The odds are slim, but it is possible that I might get alarm during a session (my duties or appr. every 3rd week) so I hope you'll understand that if there is an emergency I might have to dash off. I'll make sure not to SG on any such occasion.

Character: It is no must to me that all make characters from different Houses - I think same-House characters can add some interesting features to a game. Personally I'm not yet fixed on my character - and I won't have an opportunity to work on it untill I get back in a few days. I am considering bringing out and finally getting on with an old character concept. Some of you might have heard bits about it because I've from time to time discussed some of the details on the forum. Basically it is a quaesitor - he is not intended to be a 'big Q' quaesitor but rather an advocate or mediator. He is of Jewish origin and out of Prague. His (broad) foci would be on Intellego, Rego, Imaginem, Mentem, Terram and Vim. A very important feature -and one that might need some talking over and the troupe's/SG's acceptance- is that he is either blind from the outset or is planned to become it eventually.

I'm really glad that this looks to be moving forward!

I'll be back on sunday, so if you're planing on some non-session meet'n'greet I should probably be available then.

And just for the record - I'm at GMT +1.


I'll be tossing in my companion concept, since that's what I had been working on based on Yair's hook post.

She's a gentlewoman who was fostered with faeries as part of a pact that guaranteed the prosperity of her family's lands. She came back a generation later, to the embarassed resentment of those in her family who would rather have her conveniently tucked out of sight while they enjoy their prosperity. Paying a covenant to care for her is much preferable to having her around on a daily basis (Who would marry her? What convent would have her?), though she still visits both her foster family and those few relatives that don't mind her excentricity.

Tentative V/F set: Gentlewoman, Strong Sidhe Blood, Enchanting Music, Animal Ken, Alluring to Animals, Alluring to Faeries, Skinchanger (swan); Compassionate (Major), Black Sheep (reputation as a changeling), Faerie Upbringing, Lesser Malediction (Vulnerable to Iron), and Mutable Lycanthrope (swan, duh).

And that gives us an excuse for having a bunch of [size=75]weird[/size] faerie-touched grogs, if we needed one. :wink:

Thoughts? Now, time to do some work on my future magus...

Behold the bite (peack?) of the wereswan! :laughing: The fae-grogs sound like FUN


Darn - I cant help tossing in a lame comment before running for the hills (the train that is):

Knowing the sentiments of the Bjornaer, whenever you see the magus you'd better duck and cover! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

See (talk to) you all in a few days!!

Well, having to spend three consecutive days every season as a swan could happen to anybody. It doesn't necessarily mean they're weird or anything. Sure, her brother may think differently, but where she comes from, people do that kind of things all the time and nobody ever bats an eye. :stuck_out_tongue:

Her mother was very drunk and needed the money?

On a more serious note... Yes, it sounds like a nice character. :slight_smile:

Just let those of interest know - earlier this day five Hermetics (although two of them Germanic Bjornaer..) succeeded in a Wizard's Communion followed by a grand InMe convocation called "Solemn Kettledrums Yowling Promisingly Expressively*" which allowed them to share their thoughs across great distances...

In other words muted mouths of this forum has now been given voice to explore the wonder of online voice-chat Ars Magica!

Yeah - now we'll see what lies beyond the horizon...

*Affectionately known by certain Archmagi as S-K-Y-P-E