Ars Magica PoD Update

Hi there. I thought I'd update you all on the status of our print on demand conversion for Ars Magica…

Most sourcebooks in the Ars Magica 5th Edition line were originally published in hardcover. As those printings sell out, we've been converting to softcover, which allows us to print on demand in small quantities to keep the entire line available for fans. We're only producing and selling softcovers after the hardcovers have sold out. The following titles were originally in hardcover, but now are available again in softcover after having sold out their print run.

AG0205SC Ars Magica Fifth Edition
ISBN 9781589782457
MSRP $34.95

AG0276SC Guardians of the Forest: The Rhine Tribunal
ISBN 9781589781696
MSRP $29.95

AG0277SC Houses of Hermes: True Lineages
ISBN 9781589781702
MSRP $29.95

AG0280SC Covenants
ISBN 9781589782242
MSRP $29.95

AG0281SC Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults
ISBN 9781589781177
MSRP $29.95

AG0283SC City & Guild
ISBN 9781589781184
MSRP $29.95

AG0284SC Ancient Magic
ISBN 9781589782280
MSRP $29.95

AG0285SC Houses of Hermes: Societates
ISBN 9781589781191
MSRP $29.95

AG0287SC Art & Academe
ISBN 9781589781917
MSRP $29.95

AG0288SC Realms of Power: Magic
ISBN 9781589781719
MSRP $29.95

AG0289SC Hedge Magic Revised Edition
ISBN 9781589782273
MSRP $29.95

AG0290SC Realms of Power: Faerie
ISBN 9781589781726
MSRP $29.95

AG0293SC Lords of Men
ISBN 9781589782259
MSRP $29.95

AG0299SC Hermetic Projects
ISBN 9781589781924
MSRP $29.95

AG0301SC Grogs
ISBN 9781589782235
MSRP $29.95

AG0302SC Against the Dark: The Transylvanian Tribunal
ISBN 9781589781931
MSRP $29.95

AG0303SC Antagonists (Ars Magica 5E)
ISBN 9781589781948
MSRP $29.95

AG0305SC The Contested Isle: The Hibernian Tribunal
ISBN 9781589782266
MSRP $29.95