Ars Magica T-shirts -- Grand Tribunal 2009 -- Contest


Anyone interested in an Ars Magica T-shirt, please head on over to the website for the US Grand Tribunal 2009 website:

Join us in Mythic San Francisco this summer!!

While you're there, check out our new "Enchanted Items" page:

We are starting to take pre-orders for t-shirts for any and all interested, not just attendees.

You'll also find that there's a T-shirt Caption Contest. All entries welcome, regardless if you're attending or not.

So get those creative juices flowing, and enter the contest! A free Ars Magica t-shirt awaits you!!!

Magnificent T shirt designs! Highly desirable!

Thank you!

The forum's "Belladonna" is the designer. She rules.


Cool! That'll be one XXL for me then.

Glad to hear it, Mark!

Please send the pre-order specifics as listed on the website to the email address indicated.


:smiley: Thanks, Eric!

Gotta get one too! 8)