[ARS] Replacement Saga/Player Finder

A while back I tried an experiment with creating a static HTML webpage to
advertise Ars players looking for games, and games looking for players.
It was not very successful, as I have had problems almost from day one trying
to get my FTP to talk to the free host.
I therefore plan to delete it, and
as we have an excellent Ars forum on the Atlas site
most such requests can be through this list or that site.
However just in case, I have created a
Player finder forum - sagalocator.myfreeforum.org/index.php which I am admin of.
If anyone else would like to help mod, or advertise your game
or search for one, have a look.
It's much easier to edit and allows direct pm'ing.
I should add a legal notice saying Ars Magica is a trademark of
Atlas etc, and some more links, but I have not had a chance yet.

Anyway this with immediate effect replaces the old site.
Do register if at all interested, and advertise your game.
And can someone post this on the Atlas Forum for me too --
I can't log in, probably need to reset password??

All the best

Cj x