Art & Academe Artwork is Up

Very nice picture. I like it.


All I get is the AG "Image not yet available" JPEG.


Nice somber academic image. Me rikey! :slight_smile:

Very sepia toned!

cj x

Youpi! :smiley:

H0old down control while you hit your refresh button. Your proxy cahce has the old image, and you need to tell your computer to get a new copy from the source, not the proxy.

I'm glad a urine flask took central stage! An unusual piece of equipment, but emblematic of the medical profession. We also have a cathedral in the background to represent the Art. All in all, a fantastic piece of work.


Name that cathedral, and explain why it's particularly appropriate to the supplement. :wink:

:open_mouth: Is this an exam??? Gosh, I forgot to study!!!

Notre dame de paris, I'd say

You failed to answer the second part of the exam! :wink:

Yeah, its the western face of Notre Dame, making the image one from... the Prefecture of Police? Odd choice. The University was further south, wasn't it?



Fun fact: Notre Dame de Paris was under construction in 1220, at around the stage depicted on the cover.

I have no idea at all whether there was a lecture room that shape from which you could see it. And I don't care. :wink:

It would be very appropriate for the lectures to happen outside the cathedral, with only the university's graduation and religious ceremonies happening within.

It is a great piece of artwork.

(Really, I'm just trying to see how my new avatar looks. I'm a Luddite with Internet technology - even the really simple stuff.

Matt Ryan

The Atlas site says January - is this still on track and could one even hope for EARLY January (I happen to be visiting USA and it would be something to buy ....)

Hey Cornelius - nice to see you around :smiley:

And since I'm planing on maybe visiting Great Britain I'm curious too :wink:

(But not too early either... though you'd all love it, but my early January exams would suffer from it :unamused: )