Arthur (development)

The apprentice of a Tytalus magus who failed to develop the requisite Tytalus attitude, indeed he seems to have gone completely the other direction under the abuse of Nocturnus ex Tytalus. He was kept on as a lab assistant after Nocturnus had his gift stripped away as a punishment for his failure as an apprentice, though it is entirely probable that this was Nocturnus' plan from the beginning.

Arthur: Age [strike]36[/strike]29

Int 5 Per 1
Pre -2 Com 2
Str -1 Sta 2
Dex 0 Quick 0

failed apprentice(minor+1)
great intelligence(minor+1)
great intelligence(minor+1)
improved characteristics(minor+1)
improved characteristics(minor+1)
good teacher(minor+1)
cautious with magic theory(minor+1)
rapid covalescence(minor+1)
common sense(minor+1)

social handicap(minor-1)
poor concentration(minor-1)
weak willed(minor-1)
low self esteem(major-3)

English 5
Straford upon Avon area lore 2
Athletics 1
awareness 1
stealth 1
survival 2
magic theory 5
artes liberales 1
Latin 5
profession:scribe 5
profession: housekeeping 3
Philosophae 4
teaching 4

[strike]aging roll: 6+4(age)= 1 aging point in Int[/strike]

((Does this replace the Arthur the Assistant thread? And should I lock it or keep it open?))

yes it does, go ahead and lock Arthur the assistant

I keep coming up with you being 1 short on Characteristics. Essentially, your 4 Virtues pay for Int +5. Since Dwarf gives -1 to Str and Sta, that leaves Pre -2, Com +2, and Sta +3 to pay for. Pre -2 and Com +2 cancel, leaving only Sta +3. That costs 6 points. So that seems to leave 1 point that could be put into Per, Str, Dex, or Qui.

This, and I'm also getting him with 75 points to go on Abilities.

Ah- that's because I charged myself for the native language, since I didn't change that back from a magical human. Lets just shift his age to 31 (removing the aging roll), and make Per 1...

... which gives a max ability of for magic theory, or 5 if I go under 30... I think I'll drop it to 5 and bring Philosophae up to 4, for age 29.

To help me with bookkeeping, I'm just going to have Gavin pay Arthur the whole 5 Vim vis up front for his lab assistance. Not sure if that was what was negotiated, but that's what Gavin will do.