arts, crafts, labs, and texts

WRT this thread, all I have stated is that the game needs written rules on this subject, which have been repeatedly neglected. The idea that this somehow means things must be taken to extremes or ad absurdum positions like bonuses in the hundreds for lab equipment are not what I am trying to argue, and trying to argue against straw men does not really address the point being made.
Jerbiton, for example, live in cities with generally low powered small magic auras, and tend to support the arts. If a Jerbiton magus discovers a number of talented artists and craftsmen and wants to commission works from them to enhance their labs, should there not be rules for how the quality of those artists and craftsmen can impact the lab?

You see it as an area of neglect, well, that's an opportunity to fix it.

I don't disagree that this area (mundane craftsmen with respect to magic) has been ignored or can't be improved or fit more congruently within Ars Magica. But I don't think it is a big issue, either. So far I see you proposing a problem, and in this thread wanting someone to agree with you and fix it, and in the other thread where we discussed something similar, you proposed something that could grant bonuses far in excess of what would be possible than from the magus himself.

In your proposed scenario of a Jerbiton magus living in the city, I think this is already well covered by the rules in covenants. But if it is truly an exceptional work, I can make a bit of an allowance for that and improve the bonus it provides to the Jerbiton's lab, slightly more than standard.

They are not taking submissions for unsolicited books, so I'm not sure what the opportunity you speak of is here...

Well, you can submit an article to Sub Rosa. I know they are always looking for articles.