Assistance with Spell Guidelines

I'm about done adding in all the guidelines from the books I have, which is far more than I had several years ago when I compiled the list. Some of them, like Dies Irae, have quite a few, while many have no new guidelines. But there are still a few books I don't have. Rather than waiting a long while on me getting my hands on these books, maybe someone who has them and is willing to put in a little time could check them for new guidelines? Then I could get them to Atlas to update their site much sooner. If you can help out, reply here and say which book(s) you'll look through. It's probably easiest if you have electronic copies so you can use a computer to search the text. I'll PM those who volunteer an email address to send the guidelines and page numbers to. These are the five books I don't have yet:

Lands of the Nile
Tales of Power
Mythic Locations
Through the Aegis
Thrice-Told Tales

Thanks for any help!

I'll note that I might have a slight delay with Transforming Mythic Europe. There are two notes on guidelines created off of ReCo guidelines on p.112. However, these say +1 for extra speed, while the ReCo guidelines they refer to have +2 for extra speed (going from 5 to 15). So I'm submitting these spells' errors for the ArM5 errata. I guess for now I'll just correct them in the guidelines, assuming the submissions for the errata will be accepted.

There also seems to be some inconsistency on p.107, as animal products and plant products need to be transported via ReTe, but meanwhile they can be moved and manipulated with ReAn or ReHe. That one may be a bit much for errata without a line editor any more.

Hi, I'm willing to go through Lands of The Nile and Tales of Power. I have the pdf of the latter. If I finish up and there are still books to go through, I can help with that as well.

Currently I have access to all of these books, in the following formats:

Lands of the Nile - Physical
Tales of Power - pdf
Mythic Locations - pdf
Through the Aegis - Physical
Thrice-Told Tales - Physical

I’ll do one, not fussed which all mine are PDFs.

I’ll do through the aegis. I am not sure if there are new guidelines, but i’ll explore it for you.

I’ll do Mythic Locations.

Thanks for the help! I'll PM people.

AericExMiscellanea, many books don't have new guidelines. I just can't find out very easily for sure without the books.

The first place to check is the listing of inserts in the table of contents. That usually contains "New [Form] Guideline" or something similar. But sometimes they're not set aside that way.

That will just leave one book left: Thrice-Told Tales.

I have checked Through the Aegis and I didn’t found any new guideline. It has new spells but they use standard guidelines.

A quick browse over TTT didn't show any new hermetic guideline either (there are some non hermetic guidelines, as saxon runes', but are you looking for hermetic guidelines only, or for any kind of guideline, hermetic or not?). As for spells, I can do a second scan looking closer tomorrow trying to see if their bases are coming from somewhere else or made up in there, but on a first scan I hadn't found anything new.

Atlas had asked that only regularly available Hermetic guidelines be published. Nothing requiring a breakthrough, a Mystery Virtue, nor similar gets included.

That's a relief, otherwise things could be messy quite soon.

Then let me do another deeper review tomorrow, but at least explicitly there are no new guidelines on TTT.

I think that the ones that appear are non-hermetic.