Asterpax ex Tytalus

For discussion and development of the aforementioned magus

For quick Reference the Titanoi section starts on p94 of HoH:Societes, the possible initiations through the Titanoi are listed on the next page.

I still need to stat him up to gauntlet but the initiations he would be interested in during CharGen are Hermetic Theurgy, Theurgic Spirit Familiar, and Student of Magic Realm. Do these seem acceptable? What sort of "cool down" would you recommend between initiations?

He also has a Magical Spirit Companion (story flaw) and I was wondering if you wanted to stat that up or if I should and if I should what the stuff specific to The Levant are like Power level and whatnot.

Another question: Arabic (Levantine) would be the language of most commoners of whatever religion in the Levant or Antioch, correct? Are there other useful living languages in this area such as if the rulers of Antioch speak Norman or something?

I'm including all languages which are spoken with some degree of frequeny in the region- ones with * indicate languages which are either mainstream or spoken by a ruling class- the ruling class of Antioch is Norman (franco Lagues d'Oil) and a large potion of its population speaks Greek or Armenian.
Other languages spoken in or around the Levant: Kipchak, Western Iranian, Berber, Coptic, High German, Tuscan, Neapolitan, franco-Provencal, North Itallian, Occitain, Sabir*, Arabic*, Aramaic, Hebrew*.

regarding initiations- there are fundamentally two sets of paths "public' and"private" depending on how open he wants to be about participating in the Tiatanoi.

What are the public vs. private initiations offered by the Titanoi? I was imagining that it was more of a separated & competitive Mystery Cult where you almost always were initiated by your parens.

fundamentally "public" initiation means you go to a known Titanoi for your initiation and don't hide your involvement- it tends to move things more quickly since you don't have to find someone who is hiding from the quaestors and the order in general what they are ad taking a public stand counts itself as part of the initiation as an ordeal. You will however be inviting all the social penalties associated with the Titanoi if you take this path, as opposed to initiations which may be more quest based, for example, if you go with a private initiation.

Ok, I think he'd be public about it. No shame in ones lineage...

Those would definitely be acceptable. Cool down for a public Titanoi will be fairly short, measured more in terms of favors you do for the mystagogue than in years.