Atlas Hosts Free "Dragon's Heirs" Official Archetypes PDF

I'm glad this PDF is finally done and up on the Atlas site - nice to see it up there, and I appreciate the help from the co-author Jay and the other resources provided from other members here as well; I couldn't have put it all together without you all! I'll post my standardized blurb here:

Hey all, anyone interested might find the following useful, as Atlas Games has uploaded a free PDF which compiles brief summaries of each of their 59 official archetypes into one resource for players and GMs alike. I admit a vested interest in "plugging" this, as I'm the main author. Anyway, I hope it proves a handy supplement to FS players.

The Dragon's Heirs

That's boss. It's good to see it reach fruition. And it's really handy as a way of flashing all the options in front of someone without handing them a dozen books.


Great work and it will surely be an incentive for some groups to buy additional books and it will make it easier for new groups to find and create their "dream character".


Thanks, I hope so, and I enjoyed the sense of community helping out on it and providing info I knew nothing about, and giving their own insight into different aspects, and I feel like it contains a really good collection of the wisdom of the experience of the Feng Shui players that give to others for the sake of promoting the gameplay experience and fellowship, and it is much appreciated.

Great to see it up on the Atlas site. Had a lot of fun working on it. Looking forward to helping with the fan types compilation.

Thanks to Cowboy Hat's email the other day, I've revised the Dragon's Heirs PDF and Atlas now has the new corrected version up on their site for download, which fixes some typos, layout and border issues and other problems.

And of course now we are waiting for the "Dragons Bastards", the guide to the unofficial fan made archetypes ... if you need help ...



The only problem I have with that is Atlas already has a product with "Bastards" in the title, and it stands out pretty uniquely, and I'm not really "feeling" using that word, though I definitely see your reasoning for using it. Can you (or anyone else) think of any other wording? And I'm also not sure if I have the energy to do the fan one - I have... I think... all the fan types, or the ones I knew about, as of last year, but tDH was SO much work, though not having to run everything by Atlas (no offense) would take quite a bit of the bulk out of it. Still though...

It's traditional to use the title of a Shadowfist card for Feng Shui books. A quick search finds:

Netherworld Vet
Jane Q Public
Silver Band
The New Heroes
Friends in Low Places
Equal Opportunity Butt-Kicking

Which might be suitable.

I like Friends in Low Places as a name buy my vote has to go for Equal Opportunity Butt-Kicking.

Well, if Dragons Bastards cannot be approved, I support this vote. After all, equality and harmony in all explosions ...