Attrition rates for Magi

I see I didn't answer angafea's original question.

The assumptions:

  • 10% of magi train an apprentice in years 1-25 past gauntlet
  • 105% of magi train an apprentice in years 26-50 past gauntlet
    (assuming some train none, outweighed by some who train more than one)
  • 75% of magi train an apprentice in years 51-75 past gauntlet
    (frequently, not their first)
  • 25% of magi train an apprentice in years 76-100 past gauntlet

Given there are about 60 million people in Europe around 1200, that puts the tally at 6000 gifted persons, trained and untrained, Hermetic and Non-.

I think big cities at this time were still under 100, 000 so that's 10 in all of Milan, Paris, etc.; London has 3ish.

All of England seems to have a population of about 3 million which means there's 300 in all of England by this figure.

I'm not sure exactly what this means, except perhapse finding Apprentices is hard.

The consideration is whether characters generated using the Ars Magica rules are typical.
Are they the outliers or part of a normal distribution of people.

I would question this assumption in regard to House Tremere.
They would want the best possible Longevity Potion that was practical.
If they have a small lineage of CrCo experts working for the House to do so ,
they are probably not sitting back getting rich trading outside the House.