Aurelia Ex Verditus

for the creation and development of the title character

I would recommend replacing compulsion (wanderlust) with craving for travel. Compulsive behaviors tend to be continuous, while the craving for travel only kicks in seasonally, though it does have actual mechanical effects.

Why is the native language Greek? (FYI it should be Greek (Romaic) not Native Language (Greek)
also should be craft: cartography (specialization), maps is not a specialization of craft. Level for cartography should be 4(10), since you are over the minimum required amount for the level.

As a general rule what is posted in the wiki is official, attached spreadsheets are simply design notes, so you need to document where your xp in an ability exceed the minimum.

I do not see hurried step of the worried wanderer anywhere for reference, and by my calculation you do not have enough arts to learn sense the feet that tread the earth or touch of midas.

Okay, this all makes sense. Ill go through and make the changes mentioned.

I do have a question though, where is Craving for Travel? I assume its in one of the other books?

Anything with abilities thats weird, Imma chock up to not knowing everything Im doing, so Ill go and change those. also the xp stuff, Ill do that. Ill mess around with those and the spells and stuff rn.

Also, hurried step of the worried wanderer isnt one of the spells in the book Technically. Its in the book definitely, the level 20 example for rego corpus claims a distance of 500 paces, I took that recommendation and simply edited the spell Seven-League Stride which is the same thing but more distance at a higher level. Is there a different way I should go about spells like this? I didnt see what I want so I made it, is there a place I should put those for approval?

Its best to both discuss them in a thread like this one, and then when you include them in the character sheet spell out exactly what they do instead of just putting a name in. also a good idea to put the TeFo (technique Form abbreviation) with each spell.
Craving for travel is in Grogs.
The level 20 isn't an example it is a guideline for base effect. You have to combine it with target range and duration- if those are personal, individual and momentary then they remain the same for the level- spells however are generally more descriptive than simply listing the guideline. Note for example the difference between "seven league stride" and the ReCo level 30 guideline.

Duly noted. Ill go in and do some tweaking of those, and then... Ill probably create a page through my character page for spells (to both have them on there with casting scores, and to provide descriptions and such for them).

Ill add in spells and such things some time within the next 2 days. Ive been a tad busy cause of school work and catching up on missed sleep, so I havent finished yet.

A page contain all spells, TeFo combos, the calculation basics for spellcasting, what all my spells do, and my scores in each of the Arts, has been made.

I swapped out a few spells, and all the ones there are now copied straight from the book, verbatum (AFAIK)

I expect it is a typo, but sight of the transparent motive is InMe, not InIm.

Other than that this character is ready to go- they appear to be 1 year past guantlet- what would they have been doing during that time?

Also I am going to have her parens give her a gift of a mobile lab:
The lab itself takes up a 10'x10' area inside a tent, with items designed to be packed away so the lab can be set up or taken down in a standard configuration within a day.
mobile, uneven floor, lesser feature: desk, lesser feature:map, lesser focus:map, poorly insulated, undecorated, magical lighting (superior), magical heating (superior), no stores, inexhaustible supplies, cramped, and a tireless servant made of metal instead of a skeleton.
final stats: size:-3, occupied size:-3, General quality:-1, upkeep:-5, safety:-5, warping:1, experiment:+1, Items:+1, texts:+2, Ig: +1, Im:+1, Te:+3
The bonus to items comes from the particular arrangement of being cramped and can be changed to any other specialization with 1 seasons activity, which could also include refining the lab.
note that at -5 upkeep this lab costs, depending on usage, between .05 MP and .15 MP a year to maintain. The personality trait associated with the warping is "ephemeral"

I fixed it to InMe and made note of the lab, as well as adding a little section with any equipment it would make sense to have (her cane, some stuff to make maps, clothes meant for travel).

I put them at 26 just because gauntlet is supposed to happen around 10-15. I decided 11 cause hey, lets put longevity rituals off for as long as possible. If you want apprenticeship to end at 25 I guess she probably would have helped her parens for a year, probably in the making of the mobile lab and tireless servant. That or she would have gone home and spent a year with her father just cause he'd be getting old now, and she wont be coming home for quite some time because she'll be traveling far away.