Awakened devices vs. Automata

It is mentioned(in two places I can recall) that awakened devices, once discovered, can be incorporated into the automata mystery. I have searched this board from top to bottom and own all the books, and have read them front to back, and I can't figure out what automata do that awakened devices don't. What am I missing? Awakened devices seem to have access to all the automata powers, and more.

It's Friday and I'm bored. Give me some thought, people!

Imho after checking the books: Mechanicas encompass Automata.
Their creation uses different rules, is much cheaper (esp. vis wise) but they can do everything an automata can do. And them some.
Being sentient and more unlimited they are very powerful - and dangerous.

However you need two breakthroughs and need to improve a new ability to a higher score ... quite a challenge.

Edit: Corrected an error, also incorporating demands a third breakthrough (AM p. 80)

Thanks for your thoughts! Yes, I got all that, the question I can't figure out is "Why incorporate?". I don't want to have to improve another skill, and I don't want to have to keep repairing it. I don't see the point, but there must be one, otherwise why would the author mention it? It's driving me nuts......

Yes, an Automata needs to be repaired (if it fails its yearly check), an Anima doesn't.
Why melting the two together? The only two advantages I see would be to use your Automata skills (craft automata) within the Heron magic and awaken an Automata (myabe even an ancient one), which isn't really worth it imho. At least not for the cost of another breakthrough.

Right, but the author mentions what a great thing it would be. I feel like I am missing a piece of the puzzle......