Anyone that participated in the prelude story and Chapter I (Duresca, Doisettep, Valencia; and at the Covenant diuscovering the disaster) is awarded 2 points of Confidence. An extra point to Vibria for cool roleplaying and an extra point to Callen for being a clever sleuth. And an extra point for Fixer to allot as he wills, though Arachne started in chapter I, Fixer put in a lot of effort to get us going.
No xp though, as that was a prelude and mathmatically that last season (Autumn 1229) was part of your development.

Chapter II & III take place in Winter. I will award confidence for the council meeting when that finishes.
During the Drake Hunt Chapter, you may participate or do something else. I can run the season as two or more threads (IIIa, IIIb, etc). Adventure or Study xp will be awarded at the end, Confidence awards come after definitive segments (equivilent tp "sessions" in a table top game).

I'm doing both. :slight_smile: Bernhard will accompany Vulcanus on the hunt while Vocis helps get the grogs organized. Vocis would also like to tag along with Carmen to meet the dragon, but I can pass on that if it complicates thread bookkeeping.

Vulc will only go to meet the dragon if any of the little ladies say they need a big strong man to protect them.

That works, no problems.