Azura's Entourage

(Character sheets to be made later, because I am lazy. Err. "Busy.")

Avram, vellum maker, skill 8 (bought with build points)

Binyamin ben Avram, the atheist shield grog
Sarai bat Avram, the OCD accountant
Tevye the Milkman (yes, I went there)
Motel the Tailor (yep, still there)
Lazar the Butcher (...still there!)

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Whatever happened to Laserwolf? :smiley:

As discussed with Johnathan, not only is this quite out of period (you'll notice these guys still don't deny the existence of god), possibly suicidal.
An historical atheist (to the modern sense) would probably be quite quiet about it.

It is also, if you'll permit, quite delusionnal in an europe were there are really miracles, demons and magic, especially when working as a shield grog for a magi (which means you'll see your share of the above)

What do you want exactly? A character that's hostile to the church? One who's hostile to god? Both?

He thinks the Divine realm is no more good nor holy than Faerie. He believes that the god of his people is an ancient mythology, that it is the power of human belief that fuels all Divine and Infernal creatures, just as belief fuels Faerie. He believes that Magic alone is special because it is fueled not by belief, but by will.

And no, he's not obvious about it-- people are already willing to burn him alive for being ethnically Jewish; he doesn't add fuel to those flames :slight_smile:

It'd be out of period for medieval Europe, but I am surprised I don't see more of it for Mythic Europe, really :slight_smile:

This is the set of beliefs that I give anyone with a Faerie Upbringing. It is otherwise a freakishly nuanced belief set to develop in isolation in a world without published aethiest works. ~shrug~ Maybe he heard a fae-raised satyr espouse these beliefs at a bar or something.

Oh, and for the record, these beliefs (which Viscaria shares) are wrong, in this saga.

Oh, I assumed they'd be wrong :slight_smile: I intended to represent it with a Delusion.

You can have Cygna' appears she won't be needing it anymore :laughing:

Oh contrare, mon ami. You two have a very symbiotic relationship. I'd be worried about what's going to happen to you if the delusion ever goes away.

Ah, okay :smiley:

A kind of pagan, then, perceving the Divine and the Infernal as different "flavors", but with the same mechanics behind. These are just other gods.
Mind you, I fail to see why the exception for Magic. IMO, given this point of view, wouldn't it be more logical if he saw everything as similar?

A slight note, btw: This point of view is very educated and analytical, akin to what a bonisagus would say. Not that it ain't possible for him: He might have picked it on such a magus. But from an opinion forged by himself, I would think he'd be more "down to earth", such as "these are all gods, they're all the same, the dominion is just more successfull, but me, I prefer Zeus" and drop the "belief" part.

Another option, if you want him to be more antagonistic towards the Dominion, is to have him having served through House Tremere, and see them as all gods, and thus all potentially treacherous, undeserving of human respect and worship. As far as I can see, Tremere is about as close to secular as you can get in a setting like ME.

Yet another possibility, if he has learned about faerie near an "analytical character", is for him to be both Jewish and Heretical: He may very well believe the god of old times was the one true god, but that, for some reason, it left us alone, and is has since being replaced by a kind of faerie impersonator, one he doesn't respect of believe in. Say, for him, Christ was a faerie attempting to usurp god, and most of humanity followed it, so god turned his back on us. Since then, he no longer answers the jew's prayers (those miracles people talk about are instead the work of demons), and the christians worship a faerie usurper.

Age: 21
Binyamin (or "Ben" as he is most usually called) grew up as the son of a mundane scribe at Fengheld. He has some odd beliefs about G-d, and was cursed for his impertinence by a minor angel, only reinforcing his distrust of the Divine. He has been friends with Azura since their childhood.

Int +1 (bright) Per +1 (sharp-eyed)
Str +1 (strong back) Sta +2 (long-winded)
Pre -3 (unassuming) Com +1 (friendly)
Dex +2 (adept) Qik +2 (nimble)

Virtues: Warrior, Educated, Lightning Reflexes
Flaws: Delusion (G-d has withdrawn from humanity; the Divine is an impostor, an aspect of human belief), Covenant Upbringing, Lesser Malediction (touch of silver causes pain)

Speak Middle Low German 5
Awareness 3 (30)
Brawl (dodge) 4 (50)
Speak Latin 3 (30)
Order of Hermes Lore 2 (15)
Speak Hebrew 4 (50)
Artes Liberales 2 (15)
Theology (Torah) 3 (30)
Rabbinical Law 1 (5)
Single Weapon (Hammer and shield) 5 (75)
Animal Handling 1 (5)
Athletics 2 (15)
Folk Ken 1 (5)
Music (lute) 2 (15)
Ride (battle) 2 (15)
Stealth 2 (15)
Survival 2 (15)

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