Babel and the Pit of Harut and Marut

I'm planning to use the fallen angels Harut and Marut (see the 4th edition Levant Tribunal book, pg 98) in my campaign. I've been thinking about a grand plot about these angels, with some inspiration from the story in the game Diablo II (if anyone remember those cut scenes, they were excellent). Anyway, are Harut and Marut based on Biblical mythology, or are they made up for Ars Magica? And what Divine (or Infernal?) might would angels have? Any suggestions?


From wikipedia: .

/Morten Kay

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Excellent! Thanks.


It's only a little longer until Realms of Power: The Infernal comes out...

And if I'm not wrong I think you might even be able to buy the 3rd ed. "Infernal" book as a pdf download on:


It is called the Maleficium and even though the mechanics might be outdated, I have it in print, and I think you might find it inspiring as well (while eagerly awaitening the lure of the upcoming 5th ed.).

Hey, please say that those two angels are detailed in Infernal? :smiley: