Back on the boards with Ancient Magic questions

I've been gone a long while, but I'm finally making time to start a new game. So on to my question,

I need a clarification on Hermetic Rune Magic, I am not quite understanding the advantages of the enchantments "using the Rune Duration and Inscription Target... They can then make further modifications to the effect." p. 139. My confusion lies in how this effects, say, a wand of Ball of Abysmal Flames. The description of Rune magic says that the flames would be real, but with a target of Inscription how would one make a wand? And what does it mean by further modifications? If someone could make an example of the above wand and perhaps a Razors Edge sword it would be most helpful to my understanding of this rule set.

On the same note, would a rune inscription of Razors Edge penetrate Parma as if it were natural?

Thanks ahead of time for any help that can be given.

Serf's Parma, but from what I remember PoF isn't an especially good choice to work with rune magic due to the range problem. Your magus would likely require an AC to include in his "Inscription" or touch the victim with the wand. I know a vitkar could attack a target wthin 10 paces by including a suitable "Target" rune, but can't remember if hermetics have a similar capability.

As for RE, the answer is an emphatic yes. This, combined with the ability to create real, if temporary, increases to characteristics is one of the things that makes the Norse wizards as dangerous as they are.