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Wizard's boost spells can increase the range duration or target for a targeted spell by one step, they can also increase a spell's power as if the base level of the spell were five levels higher.

Would you allow a similar spell be created to lower the level of the target spell by one magnetude but have the spell keep the same effect (ie. cast a level 20 spell as if it were level 15)?

Is there a timing issue involved? By the time the target spell is a valid target, the casting of the spell has already been completed. ... &msg=710.1


These are two threads on the subject.

I personally still am not satisfied with the outcome on this topic but finally decided that if you want to augment penetration through a spell, you need to use Wizard Communion.

Basically, only vis, auras, wizard communion & Arcane connections can modify your penetration total.

I could see a CrVi effect to act as a penetration shell for another spell but I prefer to leave that avenue alone also.


Yes, I remember them well but the idea that I posted was not brought up in those threads.

Rather than a spell to increase penetration directly, a spell to lower the base level of a spell as it is being cast.

I'd allow MuVi spells to decrease a spell by a magnitude, but I wouldn't make that increase the penetration (i.e. calculate penetration before applying the MuVi spell.) Actually in many cases it would decrease the penetration, as I'd require the MuVi spell to penetrate as well...