Background & History (with bonus trash-talking...)

I will be posting some background details of Andorra and environs here to stimulate ideas for Companions, grogs, stories and general interest.

In the meantime these generic links are useful:

In particular, this is a reasonable background:

A History of Aragon and Catalonia

*The Catalan Enciclopedia
(has a section in English for the Catalan-challenged among us...)



This one might help too. I am learning more about Andorra every day! We do have forests after all, and the principle agricultural industry is sheep hearding. Most food has to be imported. Nowadays they grow tobacco there, but they certainly didn't back in 1220!

We make wine in mythic Arans :slight_smile:

Who needs a legitimate income when you have a band of Flambeau Knights with little more to do than hang around being bored or going about collecting protection money throughout the region :wink:.

Be a shame if your shop caught fire! :wink:

LOL, that's what Tytalus magi do! Flambeau are the good guys. Well, usually. Okay, sometimes they are villains too.

Good is a relative term :wink:

Boxer, congradulations on making it to Sovereign Regant status!!


oh wow, didnt even notice :blush: .

I'm so honoured! :smiley:

The effects of not paying the protection money with this bunch of weirdos can only be guessed in awe (or terror). probably will be about your shop being trampled, heated, frozen, changed and turned upside down before getting some extra fancy effects like turning purple for moon duration.

I have created monsters !

Nah, I like people well enough so long as they arent cutting down my trees, drilling holes in my mountains or hunting my animals to extinction :wink:.

In short, stay in your cozy towns and pray to your daimons :wink:

Excuse me. Thoise smallish creatures might be yours, but the MOUNTAINS and PROPER animals are mine to play and do as I fancy, thank you very much.



Wrong thread. Still, Boxer is wrong. :stuck_out_tongue:


Protection money?

Well, it sure seems that people should be gratefull for us protecting them from all those threats out there... and those who aren't should pay for their lack of respect.
On the other hand, we should make sure our subjects are safe, and protect them from harm

I agree completely. We should take our duties as protectors seriously, and they should take us seriously because of it. 8)

Smallish? you seem to be mistaking me and mine for those of our fairy princess. I think you could find me an equally large adversary if conflict is what you truly seek :wink:

Just remember that you may think yourself commanding when striding the snow-covered peaks but let me remind you that I have BEEN the mountain and know its deepest heart. Rattle me and I might shake you off a precipice one day :wink:

See? See? A proper attitude for a deranged magus, I tell you all. I propose we expel him from Andorra right away with dishonor!

(the best thing about all this is that I still have to read your character profile, so in fact I have not much idea about his background or abilities. I feel our areas of interest might differ substantially in the end. Ranting is fun, though :stuck_out_tongue:.


[color=red]Oh well, eat yourselves out if you want, as long as you don't disturb me with your games.

LOL> poor choice of words in English, my friend! :wink:

I think you mean, beat yourselves up! (which I hope is not necessary at any rate). :slight_smile:

Somehow I get the feeling that extortion rackets and Protection money schemes would get quaesitors very interested in us for interference with Mundanes, get the jerbitons pissed and bring some knights templars hunting us as diabolists.

Sheep, wine, Fine quartz/Marble, gems and metals mined are also good.

We probably should set up some sort of portal though from a warehouse in lower lands to covenant to insure food supplies can get to us.

I see you have been digging though our archives :smiley: