Balaurega ex Tremere

For discussion of the creation and advancement of aforementioned character

Posted version at Gauntlet

This character by my spreadsheet has 5 points left to spend, otherwise the only issue is that magical blood gives the character a feature of an animal where you have chosen 3- so long as 2 of these are vestigial (having no game effect) this is fine, but you need to select which feature is useful.

I meant for the wings to be the useful feature if that's ok.

Added 5 xp to Penetration.

That is fine, approved to guantlet, when she is shipped to Transylvania- do you want to pursue further advancement from there, or is the assignment as administrator going to be largely figurehead reporting to his superior (the older and more reputable the character the more independence she will be given)

Was planning to advance, to whatever age makes sense, I guess +20 for the administrator rather than +35 which would be a researcher? (I'm planning her to be the administrator)

regarding that, I take it I'll need to dedicate a certain number of seasons to service for the house; is it 1 per year or less than that? Also, are there any particular skills that would be necessary?

one season per year, given the way advancement is being handled for transyvania you do get exposure experience for those seasons. Given your heritage you were likely sent to maintain relationships and diplomacy with dragons towards maintaining the pax draconis.

Does the quality of book available improve at all for a Tremere?

Can the invention of spells or items to be copied for the benefit of the house count? (ie spells to deal with dragons, or a ritual to create a magical animal)

The rules already select for higher-quality mages for their age, so they remain the same for a Tremere.

Want to ask again about the creation of topical spells etc. as house service, sorry for nagging.

Also, from the generic lab bonus, are we allowed to consider some of the bonus as Safety, or Form Spec, for studying vis?

Or are we allowed to build a laboratory; and if so how much access would there be to non-Gifted Magic Theorists to install virtues, etc.?

If you were to build a lab it would not transfer to the new setting. You may apply the +8 bonus, or some portion of it, to vis study or safety as you wish.

So I will take my service seasons as Dragon Lore; can I ask for practice instead of exposure? Would be cool to become the Tremere dragon expert.

Is there any way to swap mmf certamen for mmf dragons? Or will that be something for the cult?

you may develop it as a potent magic focus in the cult, but you won't be able to swap the house virtue. And you are to busy for it to count as practice instead of exposure...

Tremere have a lot of downside. But I'm just complaining a little, I like this character.

Couple of questions about talismans. Saw you have standards for compound objects, how do you feel about a chainmail glove made of different metals? Would that count as Armor? I take it a bauble attached (like a sphere of cinnabar with mercury inside) would not be allowed?

Also, is it possible to buy a glove that's an item of quality (+4 manipulate things at a distance) and enchant it as a talisman? Allowing the IoQ bonus to apply to finesse rolls for spells cast while wearing it?

To qualify as a talisman you have to invest all magical properties yourself, including it being an item of quality.
Different metals would be fine, as would regular embellishments used for decorative armor. Mercury inside the cinnabar bauble would not (note: cinnabar is an ore of mercury, so this just hurt my brain). Cinnabar was used for decoration in the near east (levant) and china, so it isn't entirely impossible for it to be a decorative element of the glove/gauntlet. but it is fragile so it would not be appropriate to be part of the structure of the armor itself- likely a carved figure on the wrist or back of the hand.

I knew it was an ore of mercury, imo makes it neater to have mercury inside a sphere of its own ore. I may do it as a magic orb/wand instead, since the glove thing won't work.

Can a glove item of quality (not a talisman) add to finesse rolls for magic?

No- an item of quality is an item used in a trade and gives bonuses when used "in an appropriate manner", which is not generally casting spells (exceptions might exist, but they would not be a glove)

So I'm inventing a spell that shoots a metal object at max force (+25). I want to create an effect that grabs onto the thing I shot and pulls it back, along with any material (usually blood). Should be covered by Co/An req, right?

But my other question is about the range, does an item need to have sight to use sight range? What would constitute an arcane connection to a piece of metal? If the object gets teleported back via arcane connection, does it also teleport back the blood etc if the req is built in?

Generally, though depending on how it winds up it may need to penetrate magic resistance to pull it back- there is no way to argue that the initial force for retrieval is non-magical.
as to an arcane connection, a piece of metal shaved from the object would be the obvious option. If the req is there then the material will return as well...