Bashir ibn Kamal - Development

Absolutely no need at all to be sorry. Everyone makes mistakes all the time :wink:

Although be conscious that Formulaes are difficult to develop on your own. You might want to take more, or... Petition the covenant to buy more texts for you :smiley:
Also, you made a slight error: You wrote Hyacinth Plaster correctly everywhere (calculations charsheet...), save in the description, where you have it as lvl 05

Hmm, that's good to know. I may fiddle with things a little bit to get some more formulae. Let me take a look.

Also a very good option!

Cut and paste error. I'll fix it in the final version.

Oh, and any recommendations for what city he started out in would be greatly appreciated.

Why settle for anything other than Baghdad? :laughing:

I sought your area lore for inspiration, and found Al-Mansur. Is that a town? A quick search gave only names, so I'm at a loss. If this is a placeholder, I suggest you change it to your hometown

Someone else suggested that. I can't recall who.

Basically I need a town in Southern Spain that has recently been recaptured by Aragon.

Valencia in 1238, or Palma right now :smiley:
Before that is Saragossa in 1118. Castile has been the driving force as of late, but Aragon-Catalonia is on the move nowadays. Castile, Arago, Navarre, and others all particiated in Las Navas in 1212. Badojaz was captured by Castile the same year.

Okay, as suggested, I skimmed a few points from Abilities to buy a few more theriacs. Not that I won't petition the covenant to fund the acquisition of more theriacs (:-)). But this should give him a good start.

[size=150]Bashir ibn Kamal[/size]

Bashir ibn Kamal was born in Valencia in the dying days of the Moorish conquest of Spain. His early life was one of privilege and education, his father wanting nothing but the best for his boy. He was educated at a fine school in Granada, learning languages, philosophy, and the Koran. When he was twenty, he travelled to Mallorca to study medicine. There he found his true calling, in healing the sick and tending to the injured.

The next few years were good years for Bashir. He had his work, and he had his faith, and he knew he was doing a lot of good for a great many people. That ended when he heard that Saragossa was overrun and his family was forced to flee to Africa. At first he was despondent. But over time he began to accept that it might be a great deal of time before he ever saw his family again.

Two years after that, Mallorca was invaded by forces from Aragon. Bashir was not a fighting man, but he was kept busy tending to wounded soldiers. Unfortunately, for the Moorish residents, however, the attacking force was too great, and the defending forces were ultimately defeated. Bashir was captured and ultimately brought to the covenant of Andorra where he was offered a position.

Confidence: 1 (4)

[table][tr][th][left]Characteristic[/left][/th] [th]Value[/th] [th]Cost[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Int[/td] [td][center]+3[/center][/td] [td][center]6[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Per[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Str[/td][td][center]0[/center][/td] [td][center]0[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Sta[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Pre[/td] [td][center]-1[/center][/td] [td][center]-1[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Com[/td][td][center]+2[/center][/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Dex[/td] [td][center]+2[/center][/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Qui[/td] [td][center]-2[/center][/td] [td][center]-3[/center][/td][/tr][/table]

[table][tr][th][left]Virtue[/left][/th] [th]Value[/th] [th]Level[/th] [th]Type[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Good Teacher[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Educated[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cautious with Chirurgery[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Cautious with Medicine[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Puissant with Chirurgery[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Puissant with Medicine[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Self-Confident[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td][td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Privileged Upbringing[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Improved Characteristics[/td] [td][center]+1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr][/table]

[table][tr][th][left]Flaw[/left][/th] [th]Value[/th] [th]Level[/th] [th]Type[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Outsider - Moor[/td] [td][center]-3[/center][/td] [td][center]major[/center][/td][td][center]status[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Compassionate[/td] [td][center]-3[/center][/td] [td][center]major[/center][/td][td][center]personality[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Ability Block - Martial[/td] [td][center]-1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td][td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Lingering Wound - leg wound[/td] [td][center]-1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Fish Out of Water - cities & towns[/td] [td][center]-1[/center][/td] [td][center]minor[/center][/td] [td][center]general[/center][/td][/tr][/table]

[table][tr][td]Pious[/td] [td][center]+2[/center][/td][/tr]

[table][tr][th][left]Ability[/left][/th][th][left]Specialty[/left][/th][th]Score[/th] [th]Points[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Mallorca[/td] [td]places[/td] [td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Area Lore: Valencia[/td] [td]places[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]0[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Artes Liberales - Latin, Greek, Arabic alphabets[/td] [td]astrology[/td][td][center]3[/center][/td] [td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Animal Handling[/td] [td]healing[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Awareness[/td][td]assess patient[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Bargain[/td][td]medical supplies[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Charm[/td][td]looking harmless[/td] [td][center]2[/center][/td][td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Chirurgery[/td][td]bind wounds[/td] [td][center]6+2[/center][/td] [td][center]105[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Concentration[/td] [td]surgery[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Dead Language: Latin[/td][td]medical terminology[/td] [td][center]4[/center][/td] [td][center]45[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Folk Ken[/td] [td]patients[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Live Language: Arabic[/td] [td]classical[/td][td][center]5[/center][/td] [td][center]0[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Live Language: Spanish[/td] [td]Castilian[/td][td][center]5[/center][/td][td][center]75[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Live Language: Occitan[/td] [td]Catalan[/td][td][center]4[/center][/td] [td][center]20[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Live Language: French[/td] [td]Bourguignon[/td][td][center]4[/center][/td] [td][center]20[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Live Language: Greek[/td] [td]medical terminology[/td] [td][center]4[/center][/td] [td][center]50[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Medicine[/td][td]physician[/td][td][center]6+2[/center][/td] [td][center]105[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Music[/td][td]qanun[/td] [td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Philosophiae[/td][td]alchemy[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Ride[/td] [td]speed[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Swim[/td] [td]distance[/td][td][center]1[/center][/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Teaching[/td][td]Medicine[/td] [td][center]3[/center][/td][td][center]30[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Theology – Christianity[/td] [td]biblical knowledge[/td] [td][center]1[/center][/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Theology – Islam[/td] [td]knowledge of the Koran[/td][td][center]2[/center][/td] [td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr][/table]

[table][tr][th][left]Formula[/left][/th] [th]Type[/th] [th]Strength[/th][th]Cost[/th][/tr]
[tr][td]Tonic of Gold[/td] [td][center]theriac[/center][/td][td][center]Weak[/center][/td] [td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Mustard Plaster[/td] [td][center]theriac[/center][/td] [td][center]Moderate[/center][/td][td][center]5[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Hyacinth Plaster[/td] [td][center]theriac[/center][/td][td][center]Moderate[/center][/td][td][center]10[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Soporific Sponge[/td] [td][center]theriac[/center][/td][td][center]Mighty[/center][/td][td][center]15[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Ointment for Healing Crushed Flesh[/td] [td][center]theriac[/center][/td][td][center]Moderate[/center][/td][td][center]20[/center][/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Ointment for Congealing Blood[/td] [td][center]theriac[/center][/td][td][center]Moderate[/center][/td][td][center]20[/center][/td][/tr][/table]


Hyacinth Plaster
Theriac Level 10
Potency: Moderate
When applied to a wound, this linen cloth smeared with ointment containing ground hyacinth (among other things) grants a +3 to the patient’s next Wound Recovery rolls for all Heavy, Medium, and Light Wounds by drawing out accumulated choler, which causes inflammation.
(base 3, +3 Strong)

Ointment for Healing Crushed Flesh
Theriac Level 20
Potency: Moderate
This compress of hyacinth and comfrey reinforces flesh and heals compression injuries; it cures a Medium Wound caused by a crushing weapon over the course of a month.
(base 10, +2 Moderate)

Bringing Bashir up-to-date:

Train in Teaching (20 xp in Teaching)
Age: 31(31)

Train in Teaching (20 xp in Teaching)
Age: 31(31)

Train in Teaching (10 xp in Teaching)
Teach Teaching (2 xp in Teaching)
Age: 32(32)

Train in Teaching (20 xp in Teaching)
Teach Teaching (4 xp in Teaching)
Age: 33(33)

Train in Teaching (10 xp in Teaching)
Train in Latin (10 xp in Latin)
Teach Teaching (4 xp in Teaching)
Age: 34(34)

Train in Latin (15 xp in Latin)
Train in Teaching (5 xp in Teaching)
Teach Teaching (2 xp in Teaching)
Aging roll for 1239: 1D10+2 = [9]+2 = 11
Increase age; gain 1 aging point in
Age: 35(35)

Train in Teaching (20 xp in Teaching)
Teach Teaching (4 xp in Teaching)
Aging roll for 1240: 1D10+2 = [6]+2 = 8
Increase age
Age: 36(36)

Train in Folk Ken (15 xp in Folk Ken)
Train in AL: Arans (5 xp in AL: Arans)
Aging roll for 1241: 1D10-1 = [3]-1 = 2
Age: 37(36)

This changes the following:

Age: 37 (36)
Decrepitude: 0 (1)

Raised Skills

  • Area Lore: Arans (people) 1 (5)
  • Dead Language: Latin 5 (75)
  • Folk Ken (patients) 3 (30)
  • Teaching (Medicine) 7 (140)

Advancing companions has always been a bit odd. Sometimes I've seen them raised as normal characters (reading summa, learning from teachers, getting exposure xp); other times I've seen them get a straight 5 xp/season in the abstract. I've always given Bashir the 5xp/season. But now that I want to have him do some tasks (write a summa, brew some theriacs), I realize that its hard to account for that. Does he still get 5 xp/season abstract even if he performs these tasks? Does he get nothing? Does he get exposure xp? In the latter case it seems a bit unfair - a companion only gets 5 xp in a season even if they perform a task that would get more xp (like reading a summa), but gets less or no xp if they perform a task that would get fewer xp (like writing a book or brewing a theriac). I'm not entirely certain how to manage.

In any case, here are my plans for 1242 and 1243. I'm just not sure how to account for the xp.

Winter: Write Medicine Summa [8 writing points, 8/15 total]
Spring: Brew Ointment for Congealing Blood [5 doses]
Summer: Write Medicine Summa [8 writing points, 16/15 total]
Autumn: Brew Ointment for Healing Crushed Flesh [5 doses]
Aging roll for 1442: 1D10-1 = [8]-1 = 7
Age: 38(38)

Winter: Write Q11 Apothecary tractatus
Spring: Brew Ointment for Congealing Blood [5 doses]
Summer: Write Q11 Apothecary tractatus
Autumn: Brew Tonic of Gold [4 doses]
Aging roll for 1443: 1D10-1 = [4]-1 = 3
Age: 39(39)

This changes the following:

Age: 39 (38)
Decrepitude: 0 (1)

Raised Skills

  • Apothecary ???
  • Dead Language: Latin ???

If you are actually doing stuff, then you follow the rules for doing stuff. The abstract of 5xp per Season is a way to avoid any consideration of what they do and say they did (whatever) and presto three years later.
In detailed advancement, you have two Seasons of labor as usual (2xp Exposure for each season); then you have two "free" seasons do do whatever (study, make theriatrics, whatever). In that season, you get the xp for the study/teaching/adventure/etc, or you get the results of your "lab work" (plus the 2xp exposure).