Basilus ex Bonisagus (VanSilke) - INACTIVE

Character sheet for VanSilke's magus.

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Basilus ex Bonisagus
Characteristics: Int 3, Per 1, Pre 0, Com 1, Str -2, Sta 1, Dex 0, Qik 1
Size: 0
Age: 25 (25)
Decrepitude: 0 (0)
Warping Score: 0 (0)
Confidence Score: 1 (3)
The Gift,
Hermetic Magus,
Puissant (magic theory),
Flawless Magic,
Affinity (Muto),
Affinity (Vim),
Affinity (Magic Theory),
Book Learner,
Inventive Genius,
Life Boost,
Study Bonus
Chaotic Magic,
Warped Magic,
Ambitious minor (become a renowned researcher),
Enemies (rival researcher),
Infamous Master
Personality Traits: Driven to research +3, Ambitious +3, Competitive +2, Christian +1,
Reputations: Shady meddling master who encouraged research theft (Hermetic) 3
Dodging: Init 1, Attack 2, Defense 3, Damage -2
Dagger: Init 1, Attack 3, Defense 1, Damage 1
Soak: 1
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, –1, –3, –5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1 - 5), -3 (6 - 10) -5 (11 - 15), Incapacitated (16 - 20)
German (Franconian) 5,
Frankfurt Lore (streets) 1,
Athletics (running) 1,
Awareness (searching) 2,
Brawl (dodging) 2,
Charm (first impressions) 1,
Folk Ken (townsfolk) 1,
Guile (fast talk) 2,
Stealth (hiding) 1,
Survival (cities) 2,
Swim (long distances) 1,
Concentration (spell concentration) 3,
Legerdemain (filching) 1,
Carouse (games of chance) 1,
Artes Liberales (grammar) 1,
Latin (Hermetic Usage) 4,
Magic Theory (inventing spells) 5+2,
Parma Magica (Vim) 1,
Profession: Scribe (Elegant Script) 1,
Finesse (Vim) 1,
Order of Hermes Lore (Important figures: senior magi of Rhine) 0 (1),
Code of Hermes (Tribunar procedures: establishing new covenants) 0 (1),
Magic Realm Lore (regiones: finding openings) 0 (1),
Philosophiae (metaphysics) 1
Arts: Cr 1, In 1, Mu 11, Pe 1, Re 1, An 1, Aq 0, Au 0, Co 1, He 0, Ig 0, Im 0, Me 1, Te 0, Vi 11
Sigil: Oscillation and fractal patterns
Twilight Scars: None
Equipment: Wizardly robes.
Encumbrance 0
Spells Known:
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk MuAn 15 Still Casting
Maintaining the Demanding Spell ReVi 15 Adaptive Casting
Disguise of the New Visage MuCo 15 Still Casting
Preternatural Growth and Shrinking MuCo 15 Penetration
Wizard's Reach (Corpus) MuVi 20 Adaptive Casting
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand ReCo 5 Still Casting
Rise of the Feathery Body ReCo 15 Still Casting
Wizard's Boost (Corpus) MuVi 20 Adaptive Casting

Place of Origin: Frankfurt
Nationality: Lower Lorraine
Parens: Homer Bonisagi
Primus: Avarret
Covenant of Apprenticeship: Triamore
Personality: Ambitious (hermetic status) +3, Busybody +3, Competitive +2, Christian +1
Story Flaw: Enemies (rival researcher Angela)

Basilus is a young man in his mid- twenties, although even now his eyes seem darkened from many sleepless nights, and his posture appears as though he just rolled off bed, seemingly groggy and unfocused on the surface. He wears a long cloak hiding most of his unsightly figure underneath folds of black fabric. His black hair and a hint of a beard are slightly too long and mostly unkempt. Underneath this visage shine mad blue eyes, darting around the environment, ever watchful, compulsively analysing patterns as if that's what he'd been doing with his life for the past dozen or so years.

Basilus is an exceptionally driven person, following the steps of his parens in a quest to better the Order by improving the Hermetic Theory, bit by bit, until eventually he comes across a breakthrough to shift the current balance of the Order; it is why his expertise is Muto, for focusing on change and hopes of making this change for the better, and permanent in the long run. On the flip side, he seeks betterment of everyone, but doesn't trust them all to do things right alone - he must be with them to see things through and help however he can.

Young Friderich was a son to a small merchant family, but as a second son, he was spared the graces of privileged upbringing. Instead, the kid took a liking to wandering the streets of Frankfurt even at a young age. Over time as the boy grew, it led to a healthy number of fights, which he couldn't win due to his frail body. His parents would diffuse these issues time and time again, and didn't forget to scold the confrontational brat. Friderich stayed this way until seven years of age, still a child, when things started to change. The streets became more dangerous, the fights more often caused by others' reaction to the kid rather than him causing trouble, even his parents ended up turning him away. Who would've known how his life would go if not for a chance encounter with Antonio ex Jerbiton, a gentle man who showed the kid compassion, and his first master.

Friderich's apprenticeship under the Jerbiton was short-lived, lasting only the first few years - when it was time to learn a few Arts properly, to everyone's surprise, Friderich exhibited incredible potential in a particular mixture of Technique and Form, and yet a chaotic, unpredictable method of working magic, something Antonio attempted to correct. Eventually the word of Friderich's curious case reached the ears of Homer ex Bonisagus - an old researcher infamous for his unreasonable experiments who took great interest in young talents and other curiosities. Exercising his right to request an apprentice, Homer took young Friderich from begrudged Antonio, despite the latter's pleads. Being a weaker magus, Antonio could only relinquish his apprentice.

Friderich's stay at Homer's covenant was longer and more fruitful in events. It was then that he met soon-to-be Angela ex Bonisagus, a female apprentice of another researcher, a few years ahead of him. She was the greatest friend and enemy to Friderich in that period - a playmate, someone to open a heart to, a kind personality to spend time with. And yet, their relationship developed into a tense rivalry. Angela envied Friderich for the privilege of being taken apprentice by Homer (overall more skilled than Angela's master at the time, and known for his picky attitude when choosing apprentices) while Friderich envied Angela for having a normal apprenticeship, rounded knowledge and open mind while he himself felt experimented upon, as Homer proceeded to focus his teachings around Muto Vim and prepared the boy for a lifetime of commitment, something that broadly talented Angela tried to mimic. At a certain point, encouraged by his master, Friderich began prying into Angela's apprenticeship, leading to various antics that - despite his best intent - would land both of them in hot water. This meddling ranged from minor, to very serious, like insisting on cheating and disturbing her lab activities.

In a mental coin flip of chance, by the end of this conditioning Friderich eventually grew to like the research and the longer he studied, the greater his drive to research became, something Homer had been aiming for all along. However, nearing the gauntlet his replication of Homer’s unwelcome ideals became increasingly aggravating for everyone near the apprentice.

At the young age of 25, Friderich was gauntleted and named himself Basilus, a name crudely taken from the greek Basileus - an indulgence to be sure. Despite nailing Magic Theory, he just about passed the examination of his Arts, and only on a technicality. In addition to this, right before swearing the Oath, he was dragged before the primus - the man was furious. Basilus’s antics with Angela were uncovered, so were his master’s shady practices. The primus scolded them both, Homer for teaching the youth such practices, and Basilus for listening to the old fool and not letting his own morals shine through. He was spared the consequences, but should he try anything like that again, his case would be harshly scrutinized and his career as a Bonisagus would be over before it even truly began. Avarret’s words stuck with Basilus and served as a wake up call, a shock to be sure, but a welcome one.

His relationship with now accomplished Angela turned from healthy rivalry to becoming sworn enemies, and the battleground was a field of research. He stays in contact with both his pater, and although he's not in training anymore, the young man still heavily relies on Homer's teachings, making him feel like it's them against the world that doesn't understand the importance of dangerous experimentation and exhaustive research (and yet, Homer’s authority has been brought into question). His relationship with Antonio worsened as well when his misadventures were uncovered, but not beyond the point of rebuilding.


What Basilus thought:

  • Tried to help Angela with her private affairs.
  • Wanted to broaden his horizons by seeing what a senior apprentice is studying.
  • Decided to help a fellow in their research.
  • Wanted to amend the mistake Angela blamed him for, in not entirely honest ways
  • Continued to make attempts at fixing her personal issues.
  • Couldn't help but use this to his own advantage.
  • Had some of his research stolen by Angela.

How Angela saw it:

  • Pried into her affairs
  • Frequently 'borrowed' her study materials without asking.
  • On two occasions copied her research notes without asking.
  • Blames Basilus for failing her first try at gauntlet because of a combination of stress, sleep deprivation and sub-par education due to stolen books.
  • Made Angela fail her second try due to Basilus' insistence on cheating, which had been uncovered mid-exam.
  • Continued to pry into her private magus life post-apprenticeship, at one point even entering her sanctum.
  • Took back research that was likely rightfully hers.

Both sides:

  • Developed a habit of one-upping each other on the field of research, sometimes on coincidentally similar subjects.
  • Sometimes steal research from one another, now more difficult and heated due to the two being full-fledged magi.
  • Can, on occasion, talk like old friends and debate academics, but if the conversation so much as nears the subject of research, it devolves into a small fight.

Basilus is delegated to a new covenant to go and make a new, better name for himself. Despite making grave mistakes right up until the gauntlet, Basil was given a grace period to figure things out for himself - in a new environment, free from Homer’s toxic influence.


Antonio ex Jerbiton
Age: 70 (45)
Compassionate +3, Generous +2, Christian +1
Basilus' former master who took the boy in, saving him from life on the streets - at first from pity, then to train the boy in Arts. He tried to oppose Homer's decision, as even though Basilus wasn't Gentle-Gifted, Antonio was aware of Homer's antics and didn't want the boy to just become another experiment. They maintained contact throughout Homer's apprenticeship.

Homer ex Bonisagus
Age: 120 (60)
Driven +6, Ambitious +3, Mad +2
Mad mix of traditionalist and dabbler, hell-bent on improving the Theory by experimenting to his heart's content. Frequently abuses his right to 'borrow' apprentices and turns them into his test subjects, and was nearly charged with a low crime for suspected intentionally imparted Deficiencies upon one of his students, but skirts the Code just on the edge of technicalities. His less than ideal approach to research - that being ‘borrowing’ the research of others and finishing it himself, meddling with fellow magi and similar wrong deeds had landed him and his apprentices in hot water before.

Angela ex Bonisagus
Age: 30(30)
Ambitious +3, Envious +2, Vengeful +2, Competitive +1
Young woman driven to be the best in the field of research, Basil's colleague raised in the same covenant. Hates Basilus for his repeated attempts to meddle and dabble with her apprenticeship, which left her worse off almost every time - nearly to the point of an accident that nearly cost her a gauntlet. At the same time, she envied Basilus for having a powerful teacher, despite Homer's flaws.

She's a generalist leaning strongly toward Creo, Rego, Mentem and Vim. She primarily seeks to incorporate hedge traditions into Hermetic Theory but doesn't shy away from stealing research from someone else if it means getting acclaim. Her target is usually Basilus, as revenge for years of unwelcome meddling.