Bastion of the North 1065 setting?

Hi, did anyone try the Bastion of the North setting from Peripheral Code #3? It looks pretty neat, and I may give it a try (some day, busy with the female Primarch 2nd Legion WH 20k game.....)

Wondering if anyone did, how it went for them. Thank you for your consideration!


In case anyone is interested, I of course switched to this as that is what I do when I get the bug.

Moved it up to 4 miles West of Loch Ness though.

Wifey is an Ex Misc. Folk Witch, with a NPC Verditius and Merinita for company. Picked up a half-dead Vikti as well.

The bandits were easy, as most aren't really bandits. One dead bandit and the leader losing an arm, and that settled that. The rest are now living at tiny fishing village off of the Loch (where the freaking food is.....).

Vanora (wifey) decides to go visit the great wyrm to have a talk. Because that is her character, so good roleplaying. Wyrm is amused by bird (shape-changed wifey) who wants to chat. Wyrm told her about the portal stone he has and is open for negotiation.

2nd portal stone for opening the old covenant is a cornerstone at a church being built. Casual comment from person who donated the stone and hearing voices, leads to the locals happily replacing said "cursed" stone with some nice non-cursed blocks.

Encountered the magic trees (daimons) and plans in mind to wake them up.

Resolved the silence curse on the dogs, so they can go back to scaring off the fairies taking the King O'Cats tribute from the villagers.

Encountered some other interesting creatures, like the Great Goose who led them to the portal location. She's enjoyed it a lot, so thank you to the creator. Felicia will definitely notice her Fae plans being interfered with. Haven't decided the actual year yet, as not sure I want to have the Norman Conquest start next year, but being higher up in Scotland, perhaps it's moot.

I like it. I'd recommend it for an earlier game, and in the middle of nowhere Hermetic speaking, with 20 maga in Stonehenge and Loch Leaglan completely dark.


Keep us posted! Always interesting to see what kind of games other people run.


We finally talked for a bit, so providing an update. Two fae encounters.

In this setting there is a Fairy Hill, who are the fae who are being chased by the Cu Sith. Well, they went and talked to the fae and offered to try to get the women of a different nearby village to leave them offerings to help them out, which King Dilriada was quite happy with. There are three folk witches in that village, and my wife's character is the daughter of a folk witch, and picked up some abilities without training, so she associates with them. Felica Half-Elven, the daughter of said King, will not be too pleased, as she has her own plans. Edit - she also has convinced the magic hounds to carry some of these offerings to the fairy hill to stop the fae from roaming around. The hounds were not to thrilled with the idea, but it does NOT interfere with their geas. We shall see.

While roaming around in raven form, Vanora (wifey) found an interesting valley, as well as a number of crows who were interested in her. Especially the one that spoke Gaelic, tells stories and likes to play dice. (Valley of the Mists from Faerie Stories). Well, she met up with Cierella and agreed to come back the next day to play in their games. Without asking what would happen if they lost. I love Carefree.

So, after being suitably chastened by the Merinita, they show up the next day. ! Ex Misc, 1 Merinita, 1 Verditius (who didn't participate), 1 Viktir, a magic Fox and a Fae best friend of the Merinita.

The Merinita jousted with Cierella to ensure that nothing bad would happen, and encountered the fake Cierella, who really is not good at impersonating her.

Beast masks were provided to the party. Vanora was a Raven of course. Birna (I did not remember the name of the Bjornaer founder at the time), the Viktir had the head of a Canadian Wolverine, which was confusing to Vanora of course not having been to Canada.....Finney, her magic Fox, had the head of a baby which was determined to be very creepy.

The Merinita got to pick the first contest, and she picked storytelling, something she actually has a profession ability for . It went over very well, as the opposing team was not ready for that.

Their giant blood member picked wrestling, which the fae groaned at. Normally, there is no competition and he wrestles a fae, and wins easy. Vanora picked up on that, and smartly realized that the fae wanted to be entertained. So she pulled one out of left field, and reminded me of why we game. Birna, is also giant blooded, but did not appear as strong. Birna is also proud and has Fury, so Vanora was concerned that this contest could easily turn bloody. So she asked me "Do we have an oil"? I replied, you are a mage, make some. So this resulted in the 7 foot Birna removing all of her clothes and being greased up by the 4 foot nothing maga. Protest was made, but Cierella ruled nothing saying it couldn't be done. Birna lined up against her opponent, and questioned how well his mother had been known sexually by the men of his village. Hillarity ensued resuling in her on top of him demanding he agree with said comments or she was going to take his arm with her. The fae were highly entertained. You get the idea from that, as the poor other team was totally out-matched, with a contest of flight, running getting an acorn and carrying it back in your mouth and the more staid archery. The good guys one, got some vis and headed home, after being threatened by the servants of the Sorcerers. Now to decide how angry there are about that. So far, they have not had reason to think the party is much of a threat, and frankly probably still doesn't, though Felicia is getting annoyed.....