Bats of Mercille

Hey there,

sorry if this is not allowed... no time to really dig through posts.

Thing is, for the last 20 or so years I've been unable to find a group to play with in my area, and I'm finally giving up on Ars Magica. And now I'm selling my collection - you'll find it on EBay over the next week or so.

There are however three things I'd rather give into the hands of a real dedicated player/collector as they are rather rare:

  • A First Edition, first Printing, signed by Jonathan Tweet
  • The Bats of Mercille, second edition, in near mint condition.
  • The complete Mythic Perspectives fanzine, all 11 issues in near mint condition.

If you're interested in any of these item, please make an offer. I'm in Germany, so please keep in mind that shipping might be expensive and you might have to deal with customs.

Hope these items find a good new home...

Best regards - Varius

There are Ars Magica players in Germany!

Which area are you from?

Yep. Here for example :slight_smile:

@Pralix your from "near Durenmar" - where in the "Schwarzwald"?

Almost the Rhine Gorges here...


I've moved from Karlsruhe to near Heidelberg (I forgot to update my profile)

Trust a bunch of role players to derail a sales pitch. :smiley:

Thanks for the encouragement everyone, but while I'm keeping a few essentials, the collection is being sold. At fifty-something I think it's time to move on.

I'm currently somewhat north-east of the Black Forest, near a place once known as the garden of mares. My current home town is known for its horse fair and for a certain stutter on its street signs. (Let's see who get's it.)

Got it. The city with 4T. Good luck with your sale!

I lived there once too ^^

Really? I am active still with 60+ :stuck_out_tongue:

I did my post doc in Heidelberg, I flowed downriver to a former arch-bishopric afterwards, since we are doing riddles...

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@Medusa - home of the (western) inventor of the printing press, I take it?

@Ononius - age is not really a factor for the game itself. But when you have to drive 450km to play with your old buddies (and another 450km back home) it does become a problem eventually.


yep, meeting is a problem. with some of my old buddies i play via internet nowadays.
But I wonder, in TTT*T-City we had a lot of ars groups, over 30 peoples - are they all gone?

Hi Varius,

I'm a little late to the party, so maybe you have already sold all of these, but I'd definitely be interested in what you meantioned. Specially the Bats of Mercille, but maybe Mythic Perspective and the signed 1st Ed, if they're still available. It would all depend on the price and the cost of shipping, of course. I live in Spain, so at least it's the same continent.

Are they still available? If so, would you like me to contant you through a direct message?


Hello @Yirkash,

the bats have already found a new home - the best imaginable, I think.

MP and the first edition are still there. Shipping to Spain would be 18 Euros for both, I think. Insured and trackable. As for price... make an offer via direct messaging?

Best regards